EXCLUSIVE: Sayantani Ghosh showers praises on Sanjivani co star Surbhi Chandna, opens up on her role and more

Sayantani Ghosh opens up on being a part of Sanjivani 2, Surbhi Chandna and experimenting with her roles. Read her exclusive interview.
EXCLUSIVE: Sayantani Ghosh showers praises on Sanjivani co star Surbhi Chandna, opens up on her role and moreEXCLUSIVE: Sayantani Ghosh showers praises on Sanjivani co star Surbhi Chandna, opens up on her role and more
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The 2000s popular medical drama Sanjivani is finally making a comeback on television with an ensemble cast. The show which is tentatively slated to go on air by August will see Surbhi Chandna, Namit Khanna, Mohnish Bahl, Sayantani Ghosh among others in pivotal roles. The medical drama has been in the making for the past few months and the makers have already begun shooting for it. In a candid chat with Sayantani, who was last seen in Karn Sangini, Pinkvilla asked her about her role in Sanjivani 2, the vibe amongst the cast members, if she is nervous and of course, her conversation with Surbhi. 

Sayantani did not divulge much about her role but shared, "It is Sanjivani. So, we all know it is the world of doctors and the first season has already had a strong and successful run. Hence, we are taking if off from there itself; it is is a show about doctors, interns and romance and inter personal relationships. The cast members are fabulous and I am really looking forward to shooting. I am playing one of the top doctors in Sanjivani and she is today’s woman who has many face to her. I am too excited for it."

When did she first receive a call for the show? Ghosh revealed, "They approached me sometime around January when the show was mentioned casually, but I think serious discussion began around end March or early April. Of course, there was a lot of process before it got locked. It is such a big cast so the makers and the channels took a lot of time to form the team, putting everyone together." She also mentioned that she had seen the first season of Sanjivani, and hence, it all the more excited for the second part. 

Sharing her nervousness, Sayantani exclaimed, "I am nervous before any project, whether it is coming with a second season or a fresh show because whatever be it, you can’t define what is in store (for the show). To come back with a show which already has a recall value has its own plus and minus. The positive thing is the instinct connection because people know that there is complete relatability with the characters, be it the fandom, or actors, so that is obviously an advantage, but at the same time, the expectation is obviously going to be there because I think all of us are taking that up as a positive challenge. Whenever we have had story narration or workshop, everyone has been showing excitement. And, of late, we have seen that the shows that have returned as reboots are doing good and are connecting with the audience so we are also hoping to it with this one."

Not just that, sharing how she has hit it off well with co-star Surbhi Chandna in particular, Sayantani mentioned, "We have really connected well in whatever time we have met. It is at a very nascent stage but even then we have hit it off. Obviously, I loved her for her role in Ishqbaaaz, we have all loved her as Annika. There are different actors who are value adding in different ways in this show and Surbhi definitely is going to be an asset. I think in her league, she is obviously a very strong contender when it comes to being an actor and having a star value. She is an extremely sweet person. When we met for story narration, it just didn’t feel like we are meeting for the first time, a huge comfort zone was there. Something very sweet she did, she walked up to me and she said, 'okay how do I address you, do I address you as ma’am or didi.' That was very very sweet of her. She paid respect to my seniority. I found her cute and sweet and told her that she can call me by my name. Both of us have been in touch with each other since then."

Having worked in the industry for 13 years, Sayantani has managed to work the maximum with Star network. When asked does it help instil confidence in her as an actor, she said, "It kind of instills a certain kind of confidence in your capabilities because when you see a leading network is repeatedly working with you, not only this show, but even before that, in a humble way, I feel that they have faith in my skills. They are offering me all different roles."

Sharing how she tries to keep a balance between monotony and versatility, Sayantani added, "Within the given universe of Indian television we belong in, there are those many number of shows only been made. Given that scenario, my aim is to take up something which is different from something I have done before. Otherwise, as an actor it becomes monotonous. After working in the industry for over 13 years, I always try to look for that one challenging factor in any role. But again, I would like to humbly add that I do also get offered similar roles. If there is any mythological or period show, I heavily get offered that maybe because of the way I look and my personality which is very Indian. That is not something which everyone can pull off. At the same time, when it comes to drama, I think I am one of the few actors who gets offered all kinds of role, be it an antagonist or protagonist. Like Naamkarann for me was the most positive show I did and I have done so many negative characters too. This helps me to show my versatility as an actor and it is interesting for me also."


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