EXCLUSIVE: TV heartthrob Vivian Dsena on completing 11 years in TV, his biggest achievement and personal life

Vivian Dsena recently completed 11 years into the industry. In an exclusive chat, the actor opened up about his biggest achievement, if he has any regrets, what would he like to change in TV and his personal life among other things. Read on.
EXCLUSIVE: TV heartthrob Vivian Dsena on completing 10 years in TV, his biggest achievement and personal life EXCLUSIVE: TV heartthrob Vivian Dsena on completing 10 years in TV, his biggest achievement and personal life
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Entering the small screen with Kasamh Se, Vivian Dsena recently completed 11 years into the industry. The actor, who is currently playing Harman's role in the popular show Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki, rose to fame as Abhay Raichand from Pyaar Ki Yeh Ek Nayi Kahani followed by another hit show in the form of Madhubala: Ek Ishq Ek Junoon and more. With such diverse roles and characters, Vivian has managed to build a fan following for himself which is unparalleled. The actor is hardly active on social media but that doesn't dent his popularity even a bit. As he completes a year over a decade into the industry, we caught up with Vivian on his journey so far, his favourite character and what keeps him going. Over to him:

From Kasamh Se to now Shakti, you have explored many roles, each different from the other, have done reality shows, dance show, what more do you aspire to achieve? Do you have a to-do list?

I don't have any to-do list. I believe in the journey and I am just following the path. I am just doing my work and giving the best of my efforts towards it. I don't plan my future. I live one day at a time. It is nice to be important but more important to be nice.

Usually, actors get saturated after doing so many roles that too for years. Do you sometimes feel it gets monotonous? Do you feel you should explore other avenues now?

No, I don't think so (about getting monotonous). I am open for exploring new avenues, but at the same time, I am content with the way my career has shaped up. In fact, I was offered a few web series, but I didn't like the script. If the subject and the character is good, then I am very much open to the idea of doing it. 



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Abhay Raichand (PKYENK), Harman (SAKEK), Rishabh (Madhubala), your favourite character from these and why?

All of them are close to my heart as they created an image in my heart as well. However, Rishabh Kundra from Madhubala is my favourite as he had a lot of shades to him and he stood for what is right. 

If you could change anything about your career, what would that be? What according to you has been your biggest achievement and regret in 11 years?

I thank God for each day he has given me and also thank my fans for it. I will not change anything in my life. I believe in the journey so as somebody who believes in the journey, one should never regret anything otherwise he or she will never move forward. Hence, I don't have regret as well but my biggest achievement is making my mother extremely proud of me. She always wanted to see THAT day when people will recognize her as my mother. Somehow, every parent has similar dreams. She is somebody who will not express the pride in many ways but you can feel it in her actions. That's my biggest achievement. She brought me in the universe and I made her proud, that according to me is my biggest achievement.

What would you rather choose, money or a potential character role?

I would choose the potential role.

Do you have any aspirations to join Bollywood like many other actors? What is the one thing you would like to change about TV?

As of now, I have not got any offer from Bollywood, but if I get a character then I will do justice to it. I am happy doing TV. I would like to change the hectic schedules though. The work time should be for 8 hours and not 12. Technically, if you see people work for 12 hours and travel for 4 hours as the set is far away. I also travel for 3-4 hours and sometimes more because of traffic. So we spend half of our day at work and thus we don't get time for personal life.

What makes Vivian Dsena stand out amongst his contemporaries on TV?

I am just the way I am, no pretense and my competition is with myself only. 



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You have always kept your personal life in wraps, hardly spoken about it. Where you do stand currently when it comes to personal life too?

I don't talk about my personal life. Personal life is supposed to be personal. Everything of an actor can't be for public consumption. 

Congratulations, Vivian!



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