Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update, Feb 24: Abhira acts drunk; Dadi throws her out of Poddar house

In today's episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Abhira acts drunk and misbehaves with Dadi Sa in front of the guests and other family members. Dadi throws her out of the house.

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai written update of February 24 (PC: Hotstar)

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 1209: The Episode starts with everyone decorating the pots. Manisha says that it feels good that they decorate the pots and send them to NGOs, and they sell and earn money. Dadi Sa agrees and says nothing feels better than being of help to other people. She also adds that how sunmers in Rajasthan are cruel, the earthen pots help to keep the water cool. Everyone claps. Dadi urges everyone to use their hands to paint rather than clap.

Dadi’s friends ask her why her elder daughter-in-law is not present. Ruhi says she must be tired as she worked all night and suggests that she will go and fetch her. Dadi stops her and says, it’s 10 am, and if Abhira wanted, she would already have been there helping them.

At the office, Armaan makes one mistake after another. He wonders why he is so distracted today and says he feels that something wrong is going to happen. 

At home, Abhira stumbles as she comes downstairs. She greets the guest in a gibberish tongue. Everyone is shocked to see her. One of the ladies says that Abhira is drunk. Abhira denies it and says she is fine. She wouldn’t have been able to walk straight if she was drunk. She rests her hand on Ruhi’s shoulder and tries to find her balance.

She asks them what they are doing and picks up Vidya’s pot. She dips her palm in the color and applies it to the pot. She asks what it is. Manisha says it was Vidya’s pot before she ruined it. She says she will help everyone to decorate the pots. Ruhi asks her to stop it. She replies that Ruhi should stop it; she is only trying to help.


Abhira goes to Dadi and says she is trying to help everyone, and Ruhi is asking her to stop it. Dadi screams and says enough; she asks her to go to her room. Abhira cones down, hides behind a sofa, and acts scared. She says Dragon Sa is so scary and laughs. 

Ruhi thinks something is wrong as Abhira is making fun of Dadi sa. Others look shocked. Ruhi says to Abhira that Dadi has asked her to go to her room. Abhira gets up on the table to match Dadi sa’s height, leans on her shoulder, and says that Dadi sa hasn’t asked her to go to her room; she always calls her ‘aye ladki’ as if she doesn’t have a name. She tells Dadi sa that she has such a cute name, Abhira, whether she doesn’t like the name or not?

Armaan signs the wrong papers and thinks to himself that he will have to create them again. He hopes that Abhira doesn’t make any mistakes at home.

Dadi says to Abhira that she has crossed the limits today. Abhira continues to joke on Dadi and laughs. Dadi gets angry. Abhira says Dadi always scares and controls the other family members; they just smile outside, but they are shaken within. She says no one loves Dadi. She shouts enough. She scolds Abhira and pushes her out of the door. Abhira falls. Dadi says there is no place for Abhira in the Poddar house; she should forget this house and Armaan; she is dead for them from now. She shuts the door. Abhira cries.

Dadi asks Vidya if she scared them. She replies no. Dadi cries. She says she didn’t like Abhira, but still, she accepted her and gave her many chances; she thinks this about her. 

Outside, Abhira says she knows that Dadi is not her big fan, but she has a big heart, and if she disappeared all of a sudden, then she would have sent someone to find her, but she can’t see them in tension, and create more trouble for them. She says sorry to everyone. 

Ruhi thinks of Abhira and says she isn’t perfect, but she is not bad at heart; then why did she do all this? Abhira recalls the moments in the Poddar household and goes away. Before turning away, Abhira says sorry to Armaan for going like this. 


Armaan is on the way. He comes home. Ruhi gets Abhira’s phone and reads the messages sent by Yuvraaj. She gets shocked.

Yuvraj waits for Abhira. He says don’t act clever, it won’t be good for anyone, come soon. Abhira comes there. He smiles seeing her. 

Ruhi runs to the room and cries. She says Abhira is sacrificing so much to save Vidya from this goon and thinks she has to tell everyone. She sees her inner self stopping her. Ruhi says that Madhav is in the police; there are big lawyers in the family, and they will handle it. On the other hand, she also thinks about Armaan’s mom as her life is in danger, but the other self tells her to think about Abhira’s life, too. Her inner self says to think about yourself; she will get close to Armaan; what will she do then? She can get happiness; maybe fate wants this.

Yuvraj dances with Abhira. He says he will cheer her up. He gives her a rose. He showers rose petals on her. He shows her the wedding venue he has booked. He says he will love Abhira so much that he will forget Armaan and the Poddars. 

Armaan returns home and says no, Abhira can’t do this; she is hiding something from us; she respects Dadi a lot, and she can’t misbehave. Dadi says he is taking Abhira’s side. Ruhi comes there. Dadi gives Armaan a choice: to decide between her respect and Abhira. Ruhi sees the phone. The episode ends here.

The episode was watched on Hotstar.

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