Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update, Feb 23: Abhira refuses to answer Arman, leaves latter worried

In today's episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Abhira refuses to answer Arman when latter confronts her. She leaves notes and gifts for everyone as she prepares to leave.

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai written update of February 23 (PC: Hotstar)

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 1208: Today’s Episode starts with Ruhi following Abhira in the kitchen and asking her why she has been acting so distracted since morning. She says her hand is severely burnt. Abhira argues with her and asks why she is caring so much for her. Ruhi applies ice to her burn. 

She asks her what happened if she fought with Armaan. Abhira replies that now she is trying to interfere in her personal matters. Ruhi says that Abhira made it clear she has been a family member for one year, and family members ask each other personal questions. Abhira says Ruhi can continue asking her questions, but she won’t answer. Ruhi holds Abhira’s hands and Abhira pushes her.

Dadi comes and holds Ruhi. She scolds Abhira and says now she has started fighting with the family members. Everyone gathers. Abhira says sorry to everyone and asks them to leave her alone. In her room, she cries and says sorry to Ruhi, Dadisa… She gets a voice note from Yuvraaj and gets scared.

Upon playing the voice message, she hears Yuvraj saying that he is happy they are finally getting married. He warns him not to double-cross him and stay silent just like she did in the kitchen a minute back, he is keeping an eye on her. Abhira gets scared and cries.


Dadi asks Armaan to control his wife, the family members cannot even sit and enjoy their meal for her. Armaan says sorry to Ruhi. She asks why he is saying sorry. He defends Abhira and says something is bothering her, it’s either at her workplace or her college. Abhira gets another audio message. Ruhi asks Armaan to stop making excuses for her and says that he is always ready to fight for her.

Abhira plays the next voice note by Yuvraj. He says she has only 12 hours left till they tie the knot. Then they would have their happily ever after and Abhira should finish all pending work at the Poddar household as after this day, she won't ever see them.

Abhira sees the file and recalls the day Dev assigned her the case. She puts the file in Charu’s purse and says the case is now yours, Charu, work hard and become a big lawyer one day. She leaves a note for Krish and says he doesn’t need to prove anything to anyone and only needs to follow his heart. She touches Vidya’s feet and says she got a badge for Madhav from her first salary but didn’t get the time to give him. She says Vidya has a lovely heart and Abhira has nothing to give her, she has accepted Armaan as her own and she hopes her second child also returns. She keeps Madhav’s badge on the table. 

She goes to Dadi’s room. She keeps the money in the locker and says thanks for keeping me in your house. Manoj and Manisha get ready to sleep. Abhira looks on and smiles and says if she had time, she would have got the cutest couple trophy for them. Then she places an evil eye protector on their table and says it would protect them from evil eyes. 

Armaan says Abhira’s mood will lift when she eats her favorite ice cream. Ruhi sees him and stops him. She asks if he is planning to treat Abhira to ice cream. Armaan says this is Abhira’s favorite ice cream. Ruhi says Abhira only knows how to fight, she can’t calmly sit and talk like elders. He says that he knows her well, and even his patience also ends sometimes. He knows she only opens her mouth to eat and argue with Armaan, but she listens to him, and he stays with her. He goes, leaving Ruhi shocked.


Abhira sees the clothes and jewelry in her cupboard. She gets Yuvraj’s call. Armaan comes there and sees her on the phone. Yuvraj. He plays the song Badri ki Dulhania and dances. He says baby, we will reach Dubai and get married. Armaan shows the icecream to Abhira. Yuvraj talks about the marriage plans and their future. He adds it’s less than 12 hours now, sleep well, dream about me, good night. 

Armaan says ice cream has become ice cream shake. Abhira says she doesn’t want to have it. He stops her. She asks him to let her go. He says no, she was talking on the phone for so long, she is stressed, and worried and asks who she was talking to. Abhira replies he is not her real husband and that he cannot doubt her. He says it's about the right to question. She argues.

He asks her again. She says she is moody, and her mood was bad today. He says, tell the truth. He holds Abhira and assures her that he will fix whatever is bothering her. She recalls Armaan rushing to the mandap to rescue her from Yuvraaj. 

He says he is asking for the last time. She asks what he will do. He says Akshara ma’am used to say the truth always, and today, Abhira proved she is nothing like her, she is a spoilt brat. She says yes, go away from me. Armaan says if he leaves, he won’t return to her. He leaves. She sits crying. She says sorry.

Abhira takes out a diary from the cupboard and writes an apology letter for Armaan. He says he can see she is worried, and why she changed suddenly. She keeps the diary under the bed and hopes Armaan will find it after she leaves. She sees his family pics and smiles. She says we didn’t know our strange story would end before one year. Armaan sees the dream catcher and thinks of Abhira. The episode ends here.

The episode was watched on Hotstar.

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