Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update, May 27: Madhav finds a way to stop Armaan and Ruhi’s marriage

In today's episode (May 27) of YRKKH, Armaan gets restless thinking why Abhira has become a wedding planner. Meanwhile, Abhira decides to keep aside her feelings and concentrate on work.

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai features Samridhii Shukla as Abhira (PC: Hotstar)

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, May 27, 2024, episode: The episode kicks off with Kaveri lecturing Abhira. She claims that Abhira has entered the Poddar house with wrong intentions and that she will never let her get Armaan again. Kaveri vows to shatter Abhira’s confidence and assures that she will not let her break Poddars. Abhira clarifies that Poddars are not important to her and she has no plans to ruin the family.  She asks Kaveri to stop troubling her and wasting her time as she has to plan Armaan and Ruhi’s wedding. Kaveri gets stunned.

Ruhi spots Abhira and Armaan together

Armaan, who is confused with Abhira appearing as his wedding planner, pulls her aside and questions why she came back. Abhira asks him to leave her hand and let her plan the wedding peacefully. 

She clearly tells Armaan that she is seeing him as a client only. Armaan keeps on asking the reason for her return and even assumes if she came back to hear Kaveri’s bitter words for her. He scolds Abhira for pretending to be a wedding planner. 

Ruhi feels insecure as she finds Abhira and Armaan together. Armaan questions Abhira if she is destroying Akshara’s dreams. He advises her to focus on becoming a lawyer. Ruhi, who is witnessing Abhira and Armaan, interrupts them. 

She reminds Abhira of the fake marriage and Armaan of their relationship. Ruhi states that she will not let anyone come in between her and Armaan. She shows confidence in their love. Armaan comes to Ruhi and comforts her. They decide to go for lunch together to Armaan’s favorite restaurant. On the other hand, Abhira is hurt. But she doesn’t want to shed tears for Armaan anymore.   


Manish takes help from a relative

Manish meets his relative and asks for his help in Ruhi’s wedding. The man shocks Manish with the deal that he proposes. He asks Manish to mortgage the Goenka house and secure his family’s future. The relative also explains how his offer is not unfair. Manish decides to ponder over the deal before reaching any conclusion.

Manisha brings food for Abhira. She refuses to eat it. Krish says that the groceries were ordered from his hard-earned money. Manisha requests Abhira to not get upset with her. Abhira turns emotional as they feed her the food. Madhav watches them.

Kaveri announces Armaan and Ruhi’ wedding date 

Armaan and Ruhi come back home. Ruhi feels Armaan is getting affected by Abhira’s presence. She tells him to keep his focus on themselves. Armaan says he is worried about Abhira changing her profession and not fulfilling her mother’s dream. Ruhi asks him to let Abhira do this job. Armaan remains adamant on finding what led Abhira to take up new work. Ruhi tries to convey that at this time, Armaan should just prioritize their wedding and he agrees. 


Kaveri arrives to share the good news with Armaan and Ruhi. She stops Abhira and taunts her with her impolite comments. She even asks Abhira to complain to her boss if she finds it difficult to work for them.

Kaveri then says that she received a call from pandit and he has given the mahurat. She declares the wedding will take place after 8 days. Abhira feels dejected. Kaveri wants to get the marriage done quickly. She orders Abhira to arrange everything in the best possible way. 

Vidya and Kajal meet Goenkas

Vidya and Kajal go to Goenka house to discuss the wedding plans. Manish asks Vidya why she is always in a hurry. Vidya says that they should stand by Armaan and Ruhi’s love. Kajal says sorry to Manish on Sanjay’s behalf. She further reveals that Abhira will be planning Armaan and Ruhi’s wedding. Manish calls the Poddars insensitive for hiring Abhira. Vidya says that Abhira has herself decided to work for them. 


Abhira’s boss gives her accommodation. She informs Abhira that she tried giving another client to her, but Kaveri wants only Abhira to arrange Armaan and Ruhi’s wedding. Abhira feels devastated thinking about handling Armaan and Ruhi’s wedding festivities. She decides to be done with the arrangements quickly.  Abhira weeps while thinking about losing her love.

Madhav learns that Armaan and Abhira’s divorce has not been finalized.  He sees it as an opportunity to stop Armaan and Ruhi’s marriage as Armaan is still married to Abhira. Kaveri calls Armaan and Ruhi a perfect match in an attempt to make Abhira feel sad. She takes Abhira’s help in making arrangements for Armaan and Ruhi’s big day. Madhav feels bad for Abhira. The episode concludes here.

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