Ben Napier Weight Loss: How HGTV’s “Home Town” Star Lost 95 Pounds

HGTV star Ben Napier’s weight loss of 95 pounds has been quite inspirational for his fans. Read to learn how he improved his diet and got fitter than ever!

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Ben Napier Weight Loss
Ben Napier Weight Loss


When you’re a loving husband and father, caring for your health is pivotal to showing your family that you care for them. And, the fitness journey of Ben Napier — one of HGTV’s most beloved stars — is a testament to that! Ben Napier’s weight loss has been quite inspirational for his fans, especially considering that he managed to shed those pounds without doing anything too extreme, normalized his blood pressure levels, and optimized his overall health. This article entails detailed insights about the same. 

Who Is Ben Napier?



If you’ve been a die-hard fan of HGTV’s Home Town, then you’re definitely not unfamiliar with Ben Napier, an expert home renovator, woodworker, and the show’s co-host along with Erin Napier. He is not only loved for his state-of-the-art furniture constructions and dextrousness but also for his warm relations with his clients and the fact that he is an amazing family man. 

Napier’s romantic dynamic with his wife Erin has its own fan base — and they can’t get enough of it! Moreover, the power couple has often opened up about Ben’s weight loss transformation and how he managed to “revamp” his own physique. 

Ben Napier Profile:




Age: 40

Occupation: Woodworker, author, entrepreneur, and TV personality

Birth Date: 24 September 1983

Birth Place: Laurel, Mississippi 

How Much Weight Did Ben Napier Lose?

Napier was always conscious about his weight and believed that he needed to shed some pounds. However, what kickstarted his weight loss journey was this one time on a TV interview, when he noticed that his shirt buttons wouldn’t stay in place and things were getting embarrassing. He realized that this was a bad sign, and he had to do something about his weight very soon. 




The next motivator came in when Napier underwent shoulder surgery back in March 2023, when his doctor believed that he should be put on blood pressure medication. Napier wasn’t even 40 at that time and was quite alarmed about the fact that he needed to take medicine to stabilize his blood pressure. 

To prevent that, he thought that it would be a good idea to lose some excess weight first and see if that helps. Study proves that high blood pressure is directly linked with obesity and a higher BMI, suggesting that maintaining a normal and healthy body weight helps reduce one’s blood pressure (1).

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After Ben successfully lost 95 pounds on his milestone birthday and achieved his health goals, his wife and co-host Erin delightfully admitted in an interview that his blood sugar levels were perfect, and how that’s an extremely attractive thing about him! 


Moreover, considering that his daughters (Helen, 5, and Mae, 2) are quite dear to him and he wanted to be in good shape to be there for them, Ben started taking his health seriously and his wife Erin couldn’t have been prouder! 

More than Ben himself, Erin Napier turns to Instagram to share his health updates and how dedicated and hardworking he has been on his weight loss journey, to maintain good health for his family. 

The following are some details about Ben Napier’s diet, which enabled him to get in better shape. 

Ben Napier’s Weight Loss Diet:



To lose weight, Ben didn’t make very drastic changes to his food intake and refrained from subscribing to any crash diet. As Erin revealed in a couple of interviews, he simply adopted the way she had been eating. 

His diet comprised balanced proportions of complex carbohydrates, lean proteins, fats, fresh fruits, and vegetables. Having a balanced diet like this helps one maintain good health, an optimal body weight, and also keeps diseases at bay (2).


Instead of more high-caloric carbohydrates, Ben started consuming healthy crackers for two meals a day. Along with that, he would have charcuterie, some cheese, fresh fruit, and crunchy vegetables, ensuring that he consumes all kinds of nutrients and feels full for long. 



With a light breakfast and dinner, Ben would have a big meal for lunch, which ensured that he felt full and satiated for most part of the day. He says that he consumes a “girl dinner”, indicating that it is usually light and low-caloric. According to research by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, consuming a high-energy meal at lunch is more favorable for weight loss than a high-energy dinner (3). 

Besides, many people feel lethargic after having a large breakfast and are more likely to feel hungry throughout the day. Hence, they prefer having a light meal in the morning, which has also been the case with Napier. Moreover, he loves eating dates and often has a couple of them for his supper. 

Date fruits are extremely nutritious as they are rich in flavonoids, polyphenols, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory properties. Plus, they are a great source of energy, have an anti-tumor and anti-diabetic effect, and satisfy one’s sweet cravings (4), (5).




Reportedly, Ben has also adopted intermittent fasting briefly and prioritized portion control in his diet, instead of cutting out on any foods. If he did cut back on something, it was overly processed foods, as they have many downsides for health other than weight gain (6). In addition to having a healthy diet, Napier also incorporated exercise in his regime to support his weight loss. The following are some insights about the same.

Ben Napier’s Exercise Regimen:

As a professional woodworker, Napier has always worked out and not shied away from physical activity. However, in order to transform his physique, he optimized his workout regimen in a way that proved to be favorable for his weight loss journey. 



Napier hits the gym habitually and does a combination of cardiovascular and strength training, five days a week. Such balanced workouts are scientifically proven to be favorable for weight loss and optimal weight management (7). While he bench presses better than most people, pull-ups are a struggle area for him. 

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Moreover, he starts most of his mornings with a game of basketball, something Napier believes he would never get bored of. In fact, he has even claimed that if he had the time, he would play basketball for several hours every day. Engaging in sports is an excellent way to incorporate exercise into one’s routine to release endorphins and maintain an optimal body weight (8).




With the information that we managed to curate, it is evident that most of Ben Napier’s exercise routine involves resistance and endurance exercises with heavy weights. We didn’t learn anything about him incorporating aerobic training, dance, or pilates into his workouts. However, what’s clear is that Napier definitely not only doesn’t dislike his workouts but also looks forward to them and prioritizes time for physical activity — something that his fans can gain inspiration from. 

Ben Napier Weight Loss Photos: Before And After








Ben Napier’s weight loss journey of shedding 95 pounds hasn’t been easy, which is why his perseverance, dedication, and commitment to fitness stand out. An excellent strategy he incorporated in his diet is that he distributed his meals evenly throughout the day, so he never felt low on energy and focused on portion control, so he successfully went on a calorie-deficit diet as intended. 

Another impressive aspect about Napier’s physical transformation is that he gave importance to all essential macros or micros, and didn’t cut out anything or do anything radical to his digestive system. He also didn’t neglect working out and incorporated a balance of cardio and strength in his regime. Hence, his fans or people looking forward to getting in shape should take inspiration from his diet and fitness routine. 



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In how much time did Ben Napier manage to lose weight?
While Napier lost 55 pounds just one year after his daughter Helen’s birth, he lost more weight by November 2023, after his shoulder surgery earlier in March. In all, Napier managed to lose 95 pounds.

What is Ben Napier's height and weight?
Ben Napier is 6 feet, 6 inches tall, and used to weigh about 300 pounds back in 2021. He lost 95 pounds in 2023, but his exact current weight is not known.

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