Shay Mooney's Weight Loss: How the Dan + Shay’s Singer Shed 50 Pounds

Find out the secrets of Shay Mooney’s weight loss and how he achieved an incredible 50lb transformation with dedication and healthy habits. Tap to know more!

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Shay Mooney Weight Loss
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Shay Mooney, one half of the dynamic duo Dan + Shay, has stunned fans with his incredible transformation, shedding over 50 pounds in 2022. Embracing a healthier lifestyle, Mooney shared his journey on social media, showcasing dramatic "before" and "after" photos that left jaws dropping. But it's not just about the physical change; Shay Mooney’s weight loss has impacted him mentally and spiritually too.

In a heartfelt message to fans, Mooney spilled the beans on his weight loss secrets, keeping it refreshingly simple. He attributed his success to clean eating, ditching the alcohol, and adding daily seven-mile walks and some weightlifting into his routine. It's proof that sometimes the simplest changes can yield the most significant results.

Mooney's transparency and vulnerability have struck a chord with fans worldwide, inspiring many to embark on their own health journeys. His journey serves as a beacon of hope, reminding us that with determination and a few lifestyle tweaks, anything is possible.

Scroll to learn more about the country singer Shay Mooney and his approach towards shedding the pounds one day at a time!


Who is Shay Mooney?



Shay Mooney is a prominent figure in the country music scene, known for his exceptional vocal talents and captivating performances. As one half of the Grammy-winning duo Dan + Shay, alongside Dan Smyers, Mooney has carved out a remarkable career marked by numerous milestones and achievements. Born in Natural Dam, Arkansas, Mooney's passion for music blossomed early, eventually leading him to Nashville, Tennessee, where he pursued his dreams of becoming a musician. 


Dan + Shay skyrocketed to fame with hits like Tequila, Speechless, and 10,000 Hours, collaborating with artists such as Justin Bieber and Kelly Clarkson along the way. Mooney's powerful voice and heartfelt lyrics resonate with audiences worldwide, earning the duo a dedicated following of millions across social media platforms.

Beyond his musical accomplishments, Mooney's journey, including his recent 50-pound weight loss, inspires many, showcasing his determination and commitment to both his craft and well-being. Through his music and actions, Shay Mooney continues to leave an indelible mark on the world of country music.


What Was Shay Mooney's Approach to Losing Weight?

Shay Mooney, one half of Dan + Shay, recently stunned fans with a 50-pound weight loss transformation, thanks in part to the unwavering support of his wife, Gabrielle Mooney. Amidst rumors of Dan + Shay's breakup and personal inquiries, Gabrielle remained Shay's rock, helping him prioritize his health amidst a hectic schedule.

Shay Mooney's impressive 50-pound weight loss was achieved through a combination of disciplined dietary changes and consistent exercise. Mooney openly shared his journey on social media, emphasizing the importance of a healthier lifestyle for his overall well-being. 


He focused on a balanced diet, cutting out processed foods and refined sugars while incorporating more whole foods like lean proteins, vegetables, and fruits. Additionally, Mooney committed to regular workouts, including strength training and cardio exercises, which significantly contributed to his transformation.



Mooney credited his wife, Hannah Billingsley, for her unwavering support and encouragement throughout his journey. By sharing progress updates and motivational posts on Instagram, Mooney inspired many fans to pursue their own health goals. His transparent approach and dedication to a healthier lifestyle underscore the effectiveness of combining proper nutrition and consistent physical activity for successful weight loss.


What Was Shay Mooney's Weight Loss Diet Plan?

In October 2022, Shay Mooney revealed via Instagram Story that he had lost nearly 50 pounds over a little more than five months. Mooney focused on eating clean, which involved cutting out processed foods, and alcohol, and chose healthier, whole foods. His getting sober for better health and well-being was widely recognized and appreciated by his fans. 


Later that year in December, Mooney posted an Instagram carousel, giving his followers a glimpse into his health journey. In the caption, he mentioned how it matters what one eats, who they spend time with, and on what they spend time on — a philosophy that Mooney still stands by. 

With Gabrielle's encouragement, Shay embarked on a diet and fitness improvement project, shedding pounds and gaining confidence. Despite the frenzy of the music industry, the couple found the perfect timing to focus on wellness.



Portion control likely played a role in Mooney's weight loss strategy, aiding in calorie management. Sources indicate he embraced clean eating, cutting out alcohol and processed sugar, and possibly quitting cold turkey. These lifestyle changes contributed to his journey toward healthier habits and achieving his weight loss goals.

What Kind of Exercise Regimen Did Shay Mooney Follow?

Shay Mooney’s workout routine is an integral part of his healthy lifestyle, contributing significantly to his overall well-being. He enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking, which not only help him maintain a healthy weight but also boost his energy levels and improve his body composition. 

Moreover, he dedicates time to sports like football and basketball, not only for leisure but also for their health benefits. Engaging in these activities aids weight loss, improves cardiovascular health, and promotes overall physical well-being. He dedicated time to walking 7 miles a day to keep his workout routine set and clean for the day. 


Hiking is an excellent exercise that burns calories, builds muscle, and enhances cardiovascular health. This low-impact activity is suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels, making it an ideal choice for Mooney's routine. It impact mental health by reducing stress, improving mood, and boosting creativity (6).

Fans speculate that Mooney also incorporates weight lifting into his workout regimen to build and maintain muscle mass, further aiding his weight loss and fitness goals. Mooney’s dedication to these activities showcases his commitment to a holistic approach to health, blending physical exercise with mental well-being for a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Did Shay Mooney have Professional Help during his Weight Loss Journey?



Shay Mooney did not rely on professional help during his weight loss journey. Instead, he achieved his impressive transformation through personal dedication and lifestyle changes. He focused on "eating clean," eliminating processed foods and alcohol from his diet, and maintaining a consistent exercise routine that included walking seven miles a day and weight lifting. Mooney also credited his wife, Hannah Billingsley, for her support and encouragement throughout the process. 


What Motivated Shay Mooney to Lose Weight for Good?



In December 2022, Shay Mooney shared a pivotal moment in his health journey on Instagram. Posting photos and videos documenting his weight loss journey, he reflected on what motivated him to make such significant changes. "My journey was fueled by what I ate, who I surrounded myself with, and how I spent my time," he wrote.


 Shay expressed gratitude for the supportive individuals who stood by him, emphasizing the impact of his choices on his transformation. Through each image and video, Shay's message resonated with followers, highlighting the power of choice and the importance of positivity and support.

Shay Mooney's motivation to lose weight stemmed from a deep desire to improve his overall health and be a better role model for his family. He wanted to ensure he could keep up with the demands of his career and be present and active in his children's lives. The realization that he needed to make a lasting change hit him hard, prompting him to adopt healthier habits. 

As Shay's physical transformation garnered a slew of compliments and even caught the attention of stars like Jennifer Lopez, he remained grounded, crediting Gabrielle for her constant support. Their journey serves as a reminder of the power of love and determination in achieving personal goals.

Here are Shay Mooney’s Before and After Weight Loss Photos:




Shay Mooney’s Before and After Weight Loss

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Shay Mooney’s Before and After Weight Loss

(Image Source: Getty Images)


A positive and supportive environment was the biggest key point in Shay Mooney’s weight loss journey. By focusing on clean eating, regular exercise, and the unwavering support of his wife, Mooney achieved a remarkable 50-pound weight loss.

His commitment to a healthier lifestyle was driven by a deep love for his family and a desire to be a positive role model. Mooney's story is an inspiring reminder that significant and lasting health transformations are possible with dedication, the right mindset, and support from loved ones.



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How long did it take for Shay Mooney to lose the weight?
It took Shay Mooney a little over 5 months to lose the weight. He mentioned this journey on Instagram, sharing his progress and inspiring others along the way.

How has Shay Mooney’s weight loss impacted his life?
Shay Mooney's weight loss has had a significant impact on his life. Not only has he improved his physical health, but he also feels more energetic and confident. His newfound vitality allows him to engage in both his personal and professional life fully.

Has Shay Mooney shared his weight loss journey publicly?
Yes, Shay Mooney has shared his weight loss journey publicly, particularly on Instagram. He has been open about his struggles and successes, offering encouragement and motivation to his followers.

What advice does Shay Mooney give to others trying to lose weight?
Shay Mooney advises others trying to lose weight to focus on clean eating, regular exercise, and finding a supportive community. He emphasizes the importance of consistency and patience, acknowledging that progress takes time.

Can you tell me Dan Shay Mooney's height?
Dan Shay Mooney, from the country music duo Dan + Shay, stands at approximately 6 feet 3 inches tall.

What’s next for Shay Mooney after his weight loss journey?
After his weight loss journey, Shay Mooney is looking forward to continuing his music career and spending quality time with his family. He aims to maintain his healthy habits while pursuing new goals and challenges in both his personal and professional life.

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