EXCLUSIVE: Nausheen Ali Sardar REVEALS Sima Taparia refused to find her a groom because she was a Muslim

In an EXCLUSIVE candid chat with Pinkvilla, Nausheen Ali Sardar made the shocking revelation of how Sima Taparia of Indian Matchmaking fame refused to find the Kkusum star a groom because "she did not cater to Muslims or Catholics."

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Nausheen Ali Sardar prays there never comes a day she has to do Bigg Boss just to be in the limelight.
EXCLUSIVE: Nausheen Ali Sardar REVEALS Sima Taparia refused to find her a groom because she was a Muslim


As much as a 'subtle damsel in distress' she might have looked on screen, Nausheen Ali Sardar is nothing of that sort in real life. The fierce and fiery Nausheen believes in calling a spade a spade and is absolutely unapologetic about it. The actress, who is now looking forward to settling down, is in the search of a suitable companion.

As destiny would have it, the lockdown proved to be a major hindrance in her spouse-hunting process and which is why her family insisted on enrolling her on a matrimonial site. The actress' family got in touch with one of the top matchmakers of the country - Sima Taparia. Yes, the same Sima Aunty who made headlines in 2020 for her web show, Indian Matchmaking.

Nausheen and her family hoped that Sima would definitely be of great help in finding Nausheen her suitable better half. But to their shock, Mrs. Taparia refused to even let Nausheen enrol with her agency and the reason being - RELIGION! Talking about her bitter experience, Nausheen elaborates, "My family was insisting on getting me enrolled on a matrimonial site since the lockdown was going on, and I wasn't even going on dates or anything as such. So they thought of approaching Sima Aunty, the famous marriage maker from the show Indian Matchmaking. We were in for a shock when she blatantly told us on our face that she did not cater to Muslims or Catholics."

The shocked actress further stated, "I couldn't fathom the fact that such a mentality existed even in today's era. I mean it's 2021! Yes, I am a Muslim, so what? I have an equal right too in the society. Her show that was a hit on OTT never portrayed that she is a woman with such a mindset. I had gotten so annoyed at this that I put this entire bitter experience on her social media page where I had asked her to broaden her mindset. But my family feared for me and they got me to pull the post down. They feared that somebody would harm me because of my venting out."

"I am very blunt but my family gets worried whenever I speak my heart out. My siblings are quite older to me and they are literally like my parents and my parents are more like my grandparents. My siblings are very active on social media and the moment they see something that I have posted and can cause me trouble, they are behind me to get it down. I too obediently listen to them and don't create a fuss because I understand their concern for me," added Nausheen.

Well, that's not it! The fearless actress also stated how she has faced the wrath of many people in the prevailing society just because she is a Muslim. "I was refused houses by a lot of people staying in various localities before I finally managed to lock in my current house. They straight away told me that they do not give houses or flats in their building to Muslims. I was shocked! It's so important to respect every religion and if any society is going to be so rigid in their thoughts, it will be extremely difficult to survive there," said Nausheen.

"I remember how they would refuse houses blatantly on my face. I simply would tell them that I am an open-minded Muslim and moreover a human being first. Having said that, I absolutely will not bring my religion down because of all this. I respect it with all my heart and it would be so wrong to degrade it for whatever reasons. You know, I believe in humanity a lot and tomorrow if I am to get married, my criteria of selecting the guy will be based on how liberal and open-minded he is and not depend on whether he is a Hindu or a Muslim," said Nausheen.

The actress believes that the society fakes progression whereas, in reality, it still is miles away from truly being progressive. "If you are a Muslim, or an actress or single or you have pets, then it becomes tough for you to find a normal and basic house. It's like if you are a Muslim, they have a problem because of the religion. If you are an actress, then they feel that she definitely must be characterless, or will only party, be into drugs or will commit suicide someday. I have seen people talk about actresses like this. This is unfortunately how the state of affairs is. Also, I also got to know from a friend how Hindus too are not allowed in some society somewhere in Yari Road (Mumbai). We say that we have progressed but, no! Look at the hatred prevailing in the society, especially for actors."

Nausheen, who is undaunted by people's perception towards her, stays true to her own opinions and views. She elaborated as to why she thinks a major chunk of the society, at times, tends to look down upon the entertainment industry. "I personally feel that, somewhere down the line, shows like Bigg Boss and all have made actors lose their value and respect. They have made it, even more, dirtier and difficult for actors, like literally tarnished the image. However progressive we believe the society is in 2021, the reality is far from it. Even today, families, outside the entertainment industry, are hesitant to welcome an actress as their daughter-in-law. Befriending a star is acceptable by people but getting them into your family officially is still not accepted in many families. The perception of people towards our industry has become very negative but surprisingly this is the same industry people are crazy about. I don't understand the double standards of people. People like Hiten Tejwani, Rajeshwari who were in Bigg Boss were very sweet but then the good and pure ones do not sustain for long in the show. The whole idea of the show is to get loud people/celebrities to create that much-needed drama and just because of a few, outsiders who don't know anything about the entertainment business feel that the entire industry is like that," stated the actress.

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Now that Bigg Boss is a huge craze amongst audiences and even the stars, almost everybody is seen trying to jump into the game show at the very given opportunity. So does Nausheen see herself in the BB house?! Ask her this and she subtly rules out the possibility of her giving a nod for it.

"I have been offered the show multiple times but I feel I am just not meant for it. I can't do the drama required," said Nausheen. "I had once almost come close to signing the show but I had my own set of rules, and I conveyed it clearly to the makers that I will not be cutting my hair or doing XYZ things for the tasks, etc. in the show. Also, there were a few more conditions after which I believe the makers thought I was being too difficult," laughed Nausheen. "You know in my prayers, I just wish that there never comes a day where I will have to do a show like Bigg Boss just to be in the limelight," she added.

"On another note, there is no doubt about the fact that Bigg Boss is a cupid's nest where people do find their soulmates. If nothing materialises in the outer world, will definitely want to go in the house to find my better half. At least there I will definitely get him," giggled Nausheen.

Nausheen ruled the roost as Kkusum back in the early 2000s. She was just a young teenager when she entered Tinseltown and 20 years later today, the actress is grateful to her fans and well-wishers for their unconditional love and for accepting her as fierce and spirited as she is.

If you know someone in crisis or feel the need to reach out, do not hesitate to contact a suicide prevention centre or helpline.

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