EXCLUSIVE: Bigg Boss 14 runner up Rahul Vaidya’s sister Shruti on Disha Parmar: She’s genuine & a good person

Rahul Vaidya’s sister Shruti Vaidya open up on the singer’s wedding with Disha Parmar, opting for live concerts over playback singing and why he isn’t planning to venture into acting as yet
EXCLUSIVE: Bigg Boss 14 runner up Rahul Vaidya’s sister Shruti on Disha Parmar: She’s genuine & a good person
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After a run of five months, Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss 14 came to an end last night. Actress Rubina Dilaik bagged the winner’s trophy, while Rahul Vaidya was announced as the runner-up for this season. Rahul won many hearts for his stint inside the house, and Shruti Vaidya exclusively revealed to Pinkvilla that the singer is quite an entertainer in real-life as well. “You know there are people who can be intense and funny at the same time, Rahul has that perfect combination. Whenever there is an occasion at home and if Rahul is not around then it gets very boring. He is the one who keeps everyone entertained,” Rahul’s sister had earlier told Pinkvilla. 

Shruti adds that Rahul’s entertainment is not only limited to the Bigg Boss residence or their own house. “He doesn't even shy away from doing anything outside. I remember when we used to travel in the local trains while coming back back home from class, he would just start screaming loudly ‘Mujhe bhukh lagi hai, mujhe bhukh lagi hai,’ (I am hungry, I am hungry) and we used to be so embarrassed. But it wouldn’t matter to him at all, and in fact people would start speaking to him instantly. He was always an extrovert,” informs Shruti. 

Rahul has also been in the news for his relationship with Disha Parmar. Prod Shruti on Rahul and Disha’s marriage preparations and she says, “The initial wedding preparations have already begun. Rahul and Disha are very happy with this relationship, so we have also got a clear green signal,” she smiles adding that the Vaidya family is extremely happy about Rahul and Disha’s pairing. 

“Rahul is doing well in his career, and we really wanted him to settle down. Our first criteria was that the girl should be a nice person, and we noticed that in Disha. Earlier too when she used to come home as a friend, we noticed that Disha is a good person and is very genuine as well. So as soon as we got to know his decision, we were really happy that he has chosen the right person for himself. Our blessings are with them,” Shruti asserts.

Why doesn’t Rahul take up more playback offers? “One of the reasons is that he has his own ideas to generate. He is not entirely dependent on someone else to give him a composition, he has the capability to create a song for himself. So I think it’s because of his talent that he has made a choice to do more individual projects than playback singing,” informs Shruti. 

Does Rahul plan to take up acting offers? “I don’t think so. I don't think he has given any thought about venturing into acting,” Shruti signs off. 

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