EXCLUSIVE: Deepshikha Nagpal to play Lalitha Mishra in show ‘Ranju ki Betiyaan’: Not a typical saas bahu story

Remarkable actress Deepshikha Nagpal talks exclusively about her role in Dangal TV's new show Ranju ki Betiyaan. She told about her preparation for the role, chemistry with her co-star, and acting in the 'new normal' post-COVID-19.
EXCLUSIVE: Deepshikha Nagpal to play Lalitha Mishra in show ‘Ranju ki Betiyaan’: Not a typical saas bahu story
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Deepshika Nagpal is a very popular name in the Indian television industry for playing negative characters on TV shows. The remarkable actress will be soon featuring in a new show on Dangal TV, named ‘Ranju ki Betiyaan’. She will be essaying the role of a housewife in the show. In an exclusive interview with Pinkvilla, the actress revealed her role in the show and acting in the new normal post-COVID-19.

On being questioned on her role she told that it is a realistic and modern housewife role, where she loves her husband dearly. She explains, “In Ranju Ki Betiyaan, my character Lalita is of a glamorous, fun-loving family person. She loves her husband Guddu Mishra and would go to any lengths to save and protect her family.”

When asked about what made her say yes to the role, she said that she has been essaying negative roles for a long time. Hence, she wanted to do something different now. She also liked the show for its realistic storyline and the fact that it is sans typical saas-bahu drama. She told, “The roles which I have usually played are strong negative characters. When this show came to me, I liked the relationship between Guddu and Lalita, the mature story. It is not a typical saas-bahu story but a real-life story. Lalita is full of life, caring if she has to manipulate someone to protect her family she will do so. And I haven't played such a character for a long time. After the lockdown, I got a lot of offers but I found Lalita's character and story very interesting and I am glad to be a part of this show.”

Regarding the preparations for her role in the show, she said that it was not so difficult as she has been acting for more than 20 years.  But she added that it is essential to understand what role the director has in mind. She told in the interview, “I have been working for two decades in the industry I understand the craft. However, it did take a day or two as I needed to understand from the creators what they wanted Lalita to be like. Her way of talking, her tone. Lalita talks differently with her husband like she says 'My Sona Babu' and is very lovey-dovey with him. But when she is in society, she is kind of a show-off person.”

Talking about her chemistry with co-star Ayub Khan, Deepshikha Nagpal is very happy about it. She told, “Ayub and I have known each other for almost 20 years now. We have done the show Karishma Ka Karishma together 16 years back and since then we are the best of friends. My children are fond of him and we celebrate festivals together. I have very few friends who have stood with me during hard times and Ayub is one of them. He is my bestie, a fantastic actor and a very good human being. When I came to know Ayub is playing the role of my husband I was very happy as there is a level of understanding. Sometimes, Ayub would even pick and drop me and we have lunch together and it's been fun on the sets.”

Deepshikha also shared her experience of working post-Covid-19 situation, she feels she is prepared. She says, “I feel post-Covid-19, it is the new normal. I was never scared of anything because I took care of myself, wore a mask, took multivitamins. I didn't want to risk anything as my children are still young and need me. When we are shooting, we can't wear masks but we make sure the entire unit is wearing masks and taking the needed precautions. In a way, it is good, as there is hygiene and it good to keep a safe distance.”