EXCLUSIVE: Rati Pandey on Shaadi Mubarak, breaking typecast for playing a mother onscreen & replacing Rajshree

In an exclusive chat with Pinkvilla, Rati Pandey opens up on Shadi Mubarak, why she was apprehensive about playing a 40-year old and comparisons with Rajshree Thakur which is mentally prepared for. Read.

Updated on Oct 27, 2020  |  11:13 PM IST |  1.3M
Rati Pandey replaces Rajshree Thakur in Shaadi Mubarak
EXCLUSIVE: Rati Pandey on Shaadi Mubarak, breaking typecast for playing a mother onscreen & replacing Rajshree

Rati Pandey has taken over the reins of Shaadi Mubarak now as she replaced Rajshree Thakur as Preeti Jindal. The first episode starring Rati went on air on Monday and the actress is slowly and steadily getting into the world of Preeti. In a candid chat with her, we asked Rati on replacing Rajshree, her apprehensions, fear of getting typecast and the comparisons which are bound to happen. Rati also revealed that her endeavour is to ensure people accept her as Preeti. Over to her:

You have played many different characters. This, however, is a replacement. How challenging will it be?

Each character that I have played before, every character was constrast. I have always attempted new roles in all my shows and maintained that consistency. This is a new thing for me and an experiment. The reason I am calling it an experiment is because it is a replacement. The character has been already established for at least two months and people have accepted it. Now, I have come as a replacement but it is my forte now. I know there are a lot of expectations and there will be a lot of comparisons, so I will have to face all of it. I would not say it is challenging but it is a huge responsibility for me as an actor. 


You had mentioned before about your apprehensions of playing an elderly role...?

I have always been apprehensive for all my shows which I have done, even if it went on to be trend setters. For MJHT, I remember I went for 2-3 look test and was apprehensive because it was an ensemble cast and I was like what will I do but gradually the character went on to become iconic. I have seen that as an actor too I have gradually grown and my state of mind and though about myself as a performer has changed over the years. Same here, I was apprehensive about Preeti as well because it is an elderly character, and I had not played a 40- year old as yet. Then I thought why not make a revolution on TV by doing this. People might accept me as Preeti. 

I should feel like a heroine when I take up a show, irrespective of whether it is a mother’s role or a lover

Rati Pandey

The storyline of the show is intriguing for sure... what do you think?

The storyline of the show was such that I got excited. I earlier did not know the storyline, I was only told that there will be a love story between these two characters and that excited me because on TV, if you don’t have a love story, somehow masses don’t connect with it. It’s been years that I did not do a love story so it will be refreshing. I did mythological show last so what happens is you get calls for similar roles especially on TV, but I never did a similar character again. I like to feel new when I take up a new project. 

How has the first few days on sets been?

I won’t say I have got into the skin of Preeti already because I take my time to understand her graph and her journey in the last 50 episodes. I am always nervous to face the camera on a new show. Everyone is very supportive on set, they are making me understand her journey before and help me as much. 


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Usually actors have their apprehensions about playing mother onscreen because they get typecast. Did you face any typecast? How did you break it?


Yes definitely. I have also felt this typecast on Television. People are very judgemental within the fraternity. If I entered the industry 15 years back, they will consider me old. Why? When I saw that in a couple of shows youngsters are playing bahu, mother on screen, I had actually thought I won’t do it because they will typecast you. But I experimented it in Porus where I played a mother but I was a warrior, I was the heroine of the show. I got lot of appreciation for that show. I should feel like a heroine when I take up a show, irrespective of whether it is a mother’s role or a lover. People give up when they get typecast, but work for me is passion and not majboori. So I think I have been able to shatter those typecast.

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