EXCLUSIVE: Shilpa Shinde on quitting Gangs of Filmistan, Sunil Grover: Was treated like a junior artist

In an exclusive chat, Shilpa Shinde opens up on why didn't want to work with Sunil Grover, Gang of Filmistan, quitting the show and more. Read.
EXCLUSIVE: Shilpa Shinde on quitting Gangs of Filmistan, Sunil Grover: Was treated like a junior artistEXCLUSIVE: Shilpa Shinde on quitting Gangs of Filmistan, Sunil Grover: Was treated like a junior artist
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Shilpa Shinde, who won Bigg Boss 11, has recently made headlines after she decided to quit Gangs of Filmistan, midways claiming production issues. She has reiterated that she does not want to work with Sunil Grover and that she feels cheated. We reached out to Shilpa to understand where her problem lies wherein she mentioned why she wasn't comfortable working with Sunil and accused the producers of using her name for publicity but instead of highlighting her talent, only focused on using her as a prop, an eye candy. Over to her:

Shilpa, we read about your grievances with the producer of Gangs Of Filmistan especially with Sunil Grover being a part of the gag. Tell us what really ticked you off?

Initially when Neeti Simoes (producer) had called me for the show, I had asked categorically if Sunil Grover is a part of the show and they had assured me that he is busy with other projects, hence he isn't. So I said, let's do masti on the show. Then they apprised me of the concept and the artists who will be coming onboard as well. I was very happy with it. 

Later, I got to know from outside that Sunil is doing the show. I asked the producers then and they told me that he is doing the show and that's when I  confronted them and said that I had made it clear that I did not want to work with Sunil Ji as I have worked with him before and he doesn't let anyone else get limelight. I cannot work with him. In the previous show we did together for Jio, I was used as a eye candy. But it was right after Bigg Boss and hence I did not want to take anything very serious too and Reliance paid well, I was a fan of Sunil Ji, so I did it. But, not now. Then, I was told that I would be doing a different gag and that he won't be part of it. I trusted them and started working. 


I was not happy with the promo as well but I was okay because I thought Sunil ji is a senior and has earned that place so, it is okay if it was focused on him. But, then I had nothing to do in another promo too and that was when I was irked. 

We were sent the script on mail initially but then the entire script was changed and altered
Shilpa Shinde

You mentioned about scripts not being sent?

We were sent the script on mail initially but then the entire script was changed and altered. We were shooting from morning 8 AM to 11 PM, what is this? When the promo was shot, those two days all procedures and SOPs were followed and there were people from the channel on sets but once the shooting started, nothing was there. I caught cold and cough in two days and my boy had headache, fever and cold and I asked him to take rest. Later, the last straw for me was when Sunil Ji joined us in gag as well. The gag was altered, where roles were changed and everyone else was sidelined. Every actor on the set is so good. I saw Upasana (Singh) Ji was made to be in a scene of 10 pages, where she had only two dialogues. It is so annoying to see that. 

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But, as far as I remember, Preeti Simoes wanted you on the show. She was really looking forward to it...

They used me to get the initial buzz, making it around my comeback. They wanted Shilpa so that they could highlight Sunil Grover. I am sorry but Sunil Grover has not given any hit in a solo show. Tell me what hit show he gave? These people got me onboard and have wasted me. 

They got me onboard because of my popularity post Bigg Boss
Shilpa Shinde

Have you spoken to them though? Did you share your worries with them?

I don't care and told everyone to tell her to not contact me because I don't know what I will do. I don't want to see them again, after they used me. When I knew that Sunil Grover has joined the gag, I knew I was done there. He has treated me like junior artists. You should see the telecast to see how much of a role I have. Sunil Ji just needs a prop, a beautiful girl standing beside them and that is why they used me.

But we thought you share a good camaraderie with Sunil since you worked on the Jio show with him...

Even when I was doing the Jio show, I had no proper scene, I was simply used. They got me onboard because of my popularity post Bigg Boss. They did one song sequence with me. They wanted to shoot more such dance with me but Sunil Ji forced his comedy in it and ruined it. He is a very complex person, he is very insecure. He feels only he can do comedy, he is the comedy King. 

What next? Are you coming back? 

After watching the first episode, I made it clear that don't expect anything from me on this show. Many people called me to ask If I was even there on the show. I told them that I have already quit the show.

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Anonymous 3 months ago

She is a big drama Queen..... Nothing else That's why she is Jobless

Anonymous 3 months ago

The show is so bad,that even school dramas will look epic compared to it.Saw half of first yawn inducing show and hoped second will have some traction.Waste of time. Bye Bye GOF.

Anonymous 3 months ago

It's not big boss, or not vikasgupta in the show to show old grudge or arrogance, just don't think negative..

Anonymous 3 months ago

That sunil gobar only knows how to get sympathy from people and enjoy running down kapil. Everyone knows how insecure that fellow is. He has left comedy nights and then Tkss only because he wanted all the limelight but still all his shows flopped badly. Shilpa is right here.

Anonymous 3 months ago

How can you even compare yourself with Suneel , he has achieved big by his hard work , not a big mouth like you who tries to be in news by throwing wrong allegations. Stop pretending like a big shot you are a nobody .

Anonymous 3 months ago

She is a quitter! Big mouth but when, comes to prove herself she simply quits !! No one cares bout u Shilpa so stop behaving like a big time heroine .

Anonymous 3 months ago

Sbilpa is very good actress with beautiful queen. I would not tolerate anyone badmouthing her ok

Anonymous 3 months ago

please you are not a big celebrity no one cares about you until your controversy with vikas happened. you should be thankful that you are even getting work after what you did in bigg boss

Anonymous 3 months ago

But you are a junior. Live with it.

Anonymous 3 months ago

you r nowhere near Sunil Grover's popularity