Anupamaa Written Update, May 17: Dimpy confesses her past; Titu hides from Vanraj as latter follows him

In today's (May 17) episode of Anupamaa, Dimpy tells Titu about her past. Meanwhile, he gets worried because he is hiding his past from Dimpy.

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Anupamaa Written Update, May 17
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Anupamaa Written Update, May 17: Yashdeep clicks Anupama's picture for social media. Anupama advises that they click more pictures, including their staff members and dishes, to increase social media engagement. Rahul miffs thinking that Anupama wants to promote her son on social media and show the world that her son is working as a waiter. Rahul gets angry thinking about nepotism. 

Yashdeep then shows Anupama that the Gulati restaurant's owner is in their restaurant as a customer. Yashdeep says his restaurant has not been working since their main chef left. Anupama informs Yashdeep that she got a job offer from Gulati restaurant but didn't reply. 

Dimpy decides to inform Titu about her past:

Titu and Dimpy are in Adhik's house. Dimpy decides to inform Titu about her past. Adhik goes into another room and worries about their marriage. When Dimpy tries to tell Titu, Titu refuses to listen, saying that they shouldn't discuss their past as they are soon going to get married. However, Dimpy requests him, saying that she wants to confess something.

Shruti finalizes wedding venue:

Aadhya and Shruti chat with Anuj. Anuj asks Aadhya about her health. Aadhya informs Anuj that she is feeling better after drinking kaadha made by Anupama. Shruti gets extremely happy after receiving a message. Anuj asks her what happened. Shruti informs him that their wedding venue is finalized. Shruti and Aadhya get happy. Anuj gets uncomfortable. 


Yashdeep and Gulati discuss business. Yashdeep introduces Anupama to Gulati. Anupama apologizes to him for not replying to his mail. 

Titu accepts Dimpy's past:

Titu gets angry after Dimpy informs him about her past. Dimpy apologizes to Titu and tells him he can leave her and cancel their marriage. Titu breaks his silence and yells at her for apologizing, even though it was not her mistake. Titu comforts Dimpy and assures her that he understands why she was unable to tell the truth. Dimpy gets emotional seeing Titu's love. Dimpy then says that they shouldn't hide anything from each other as they are getting married. Titu gets worried. 

Dimpy and Titu reach Shah's house. Titu suddenly dreams of Vanraj discovering the truth about his past, beating him, and canceling his wedding with Dimpy. Titu panics. Vanraj then sees them and scolds Titu and Dimpy for roaming before marriage. After Dimpy leaves, Vanraj notices Titu's hand is hurt and asks him how he got hurt. Titu lies, saying that he fell off the bike and left. Vanraj gets suspicious.


Anupama talks to Gulati:

Gulati praises Anupama's tea. Gulati tells Anupama that she would have got a bigger kitchen and more partnership if she had accepted his offer. Anupama shares with him that she loves Spice and Chutney and can't leave this restaurant. Vikram then tells Rahul that Gulati's restaurant dining area is big, but the kitchen is very dirty. Toshu overhears their conversation. Rahul tells Vikram that Gulati pays double the salary to his staff. 

Toshu arrives to serve Gulati, and Gulati taunts him for working as a waiter despite being an MBA graduate. He taunts Anupama for hiring her son as a waiter even though she is the owner. After Anupama leaves, Toshu praises Gulati and tells him he wants to learn from him. Vikram, Yashdeep, and Anupama notice Toshu talking to Gulati. Vikram informs Anupama that the staff members are getting insecure because of Toshu. 

Aadhya agrees to go to India:


Aadhya gets excited after Anuj tells her to go shopping for her birthday. Aadhya tells Anuj that she wants to shop for the wedding as well. Shruti tells Aadhya to get sarees for her. Anuj informs Shruti that she is unwell and can't come to India. Aadhya insists that even she will stay back with Shruti. Anuj tells Aadhya that she has to go with him to India. 

After Anuj leaves, Aadhya tells Shruti she doesn't want to go to India. Shruti convinces her to go, saying that she has to keep Anuj away from Anupama. Aadhya is surprised to hear this from Shruti. Shruti then says that she is joking. She tells Aadhya to go with her father to India. Aadhya agrees. 

Vanraj follows Titu:

Titu gets a call from someone and leaves to meet that person. Vanraj follows him in an auto. Titu notices that someone is following him. He reaches his friend's house. Titu hides from Vanraj. Vanraj asks the watchman about Titu. The watchman informs Vanraj that Titu's friends are staying here, and they are practicing dance. Vanraj leaves. Vanraj thinks about why he is unable to trust Titu.

Anupama sees Toshu flaunting his 50-dollar tip while talking to other waiters. Anupama asks Toshu why Gulati gave him a 50-dollar tip. Toshu tells her that he didn't do anything and walks away. Yashdeep leaves for a meeting. Anupama overhears waiters talking about Toshu's behavior. The episode ends. 


Disclaimer: This episode was watched on Hotstar.

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