Anupamaa Written Update, May 30: Dimpy wants Anupama to attend her wedding; Vanraj has plans against Titu

In today's (May 30) episode of Anupamaa, Toshu and Kinjal leave for India for Dimpy and Titu's wedding. Meanwhile, Anupama promises Yashdeep to find the culprit.

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Anupamaa Written Update, May 30
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Anupamaa Written Update, May 30: Anupama gets emotional, thinking that Yashdeep, Aadhya, and everyone are upset because of her. Meanwhile, Pakhi shouts at Ishaani as she calls Adhik. Pakhi is about to slap Ishaani, but Dimpy intervenes and slams Pakhi for misbehaving with her daughter. 

Dimpy warns Pakhi:

Pakhi then taunts Dimpy for being scared of her wedding with Titu getting canceled. She reminds Dimpy how her first husband left her and even blames her for Samar's death. Pakhi then tells Dimpy she is not lucky to have a life partner. Dimpy raises her hand on Pakhi but controls herself. Dimpy warns Pakhi to stay away from her life; otherwise, she won't spare her. 

Pakhi gets angry seeing Dimpy's behavior. After Dimpy leaves, Pakhi curses Dimpy, saying that even her third marriage should get canceled, and then she will see a downfall like Anupama.

Vanraj arrives at a location after getting information about Titu. He knocks on a door, and someone opens it. Vanraj asks if this is Titu's house. 

Toshu decides to leave for India:

Kinjal shouts at Pari after she fights with her friends in school who spoke badly about Anupama. Toshu arrives and supports Pari, saying that she has done right, and tells her that Anupama is wrong. Kinjal signals him not to teach Pari anything wrong. Toshu then advises Pari to pack her bags as they will soon travel to India. 

Pari gets happy. Toshu tells Kinjal they are leaving for India tonight and asks her to pack their bags. Kinjal asks Toshu whether he informed Anupama about their traveling to India. Toshu reminds Kinjal that Vanraj asked Anupama not to come. He tells Kinjal to pack their bags. Kinjal feels sorry for Anupama. 


Anupamaa prepares to leave:

Anupama packs her bag, and Anuj comes into her room. They get emotional as they pack her bags. Anuj asks Anupama where she is going, and the latter informs him that she will be going to Ahmedabad. Anupama mentions that people will taunt her and make her life terrible, but she wants to go to India because Dimpy wants her at her wedding.

Anuj says that Dimpy has also convinced him to attend her wedding, and so even he will go to India. Anupama states that despite all the hate she is getting, she has decided to attend the marriage for Dimpy and Titu's happiness. 

Dimpy and Kavya doubt Vanraj's intention:

Baa and the Shah family get happy as Kinjal and Toshu are about to visit India. Dimpy asks Baapuji whether Anupama will come for her wedding. Baapuji expresses her concern, saying that Anupama might not come. Dimpy swears not to get married if Anupama doesn't attend the wedding. Baa and Kavya try to explain, but she refuses to listen. 


Vanraj taunts Dimpy, saying that she shouldn't cancel her wedding because of Anupama, as there might be many other reasons for canceling the wedding.

Vanraj then tries to twist his words, saying he doesn't mind if Anupama comes for the wedding and assures Dimpy that he wishes her happiness. Vanraj mentions that he can tolerate Anupama for the sake of Dimpy's happiness. Dimpy, Kavya, and Baapuji doubt Vanraj's intentions. Vanraj thinks that Anupama should attend the wedding to see what he is planning to do. 

Shruti and Aadhya talk about going to India:

Anuj asks Shruti to come with him and Aadhya to India. Shruti refuses, saying she doesn't know anyone in the Shah family, and asks him and Aadhya to go to Dimpy's wedding. Anuj asks Aadhya to prepare to leave for India. After Anuj leaves, Aadhya asks Shruti whether she is sure not to come, and Shruti assures her that she will stay in the USA. Aadhya promises Shruti to keep everyone away from Anuj. 


Anupama meets Yashdeep:

Anupama arrives at Yashdeep's home and informs him that she is going to India for Dimpy's wedding and will return soon. Yashdeep gets furious, thinking about how Anupama still prioritizes her personal life. She meets Bijee and assures them that she will reopen the restaurant. 

Anupama explains to them that Dimpy wants her at the wedding so she is attending the wedding. Before leaving, Anupama promises Yashdeep that she will find the culprit. She requests Yashdeep to trust her and not hate her. 

Dimpy wishes to see Anupama:

Vanraj bumps into Titu as soon as he arrives at Shah's house. Vanraj talks nicely to Titu, which causes the latter to get suspicious. Later, after seeing Dimpy sad, Titu assures her that Anupama will attend their wedding. Baa asks Titu if his janeu ceremony happened, and the latter informs that it never happened. 

Baa tells him that they should do it before the wedding. Titu agrees and suggests that even Ansh's janeu ceremony should happen along with his. Dimpy expresses her wish to see Anupama at her wedding. 

Anupama meets Shruti and Aadhya:

Before leaving, Anupama arrives in Shruti's room to say goodbye to her. Shruti expresses her sorrow for Spice and Chutney being shut down completely. Anupama informs her that the restaurant will reopen again once she finds the culprit. 


She gifts Shruti Lord Krishna's idol and gives her good wishes. As Anupama is about to leave, Aadhya arrives. Anupama gets teary-eyed as she hugs her and blesses her. Anupama then leaves. The episode ends. 

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