Gods’ Game We Play Episode 13: Release Date, Where To Watch, What To Expect And More

Fay gained a powerful ally in the last episode, and now they face their latest challenge: defeating a dead god. Find out more in Gods’ Game We Play Episode 13; get the release DEETS and more here.

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Sazane Kei, Liden Films, Crunchyroll
Gods' Games We Play [Sazane Kei, Liden Films, Crunchyroll]

Fay seems to have gotten another ‘godly’ addition to the team as Ouroboros joined them in the last episode. With this new capable teammate, the players now face the unexpected twists and turns of the labyrinth as they attempt to find a way back to the real world. Don’t miss the season’s final episode as it drops. Get the release date, where to watch it, what to expect in Gods’ Game We Play Episode 13, and more here.

Gods' Games We Play [Sazane Kei, Liden Films, Crunchyroll]

Gods’ Game We Play Episode 13: Release date and where to watch

According to the official site and their Twitter/X page, Gods’ Game We Play Episode 13 is scheduled to release on Monday, June 24, 2024, at 9:30 pm JST in Japan. For international audiences, the airing times will vary depending on their respective time zones. The episode will first air on the AT-X channel in Japan, followed by broadcasts on Tokyo MX, Sun TV, KBS Kyoto, and the d Anime Store.


The above tweet from the anime's official Twitter/X page roughly translates to:

Thank you, Undefeated // // 

"It's time for my announcement!"

Special feature by Ouroboros (CV: #MiuToda)!
Bringing you the preview for the final episode!

◤ Player.13 ◢
Good Game Well Played

Fans worldwide can stream Gods’ Game We Play Episode 13 on Crunchyroll and Amazon Prime Video, although a subscription is required to access these platforms' anime libraries. Additionally, viewers in select countries can watch the upcoming episode on the Trakt TV streaming service shortly after its release.


Gods' Games We Play [Sazane Kei, Liden Films, Crunchyroll]

What to Expect in Gods’ Game We Play Episode 13?

Gods’ Game We Play Episode 13 will be titled Good Game Well Played. The episode will likely pick up where the previous episode left off, with Fay and the team having reached the deepest part of the labyrinth. They discover that, as expected, the final boss is dead. However, this labyrinth is known as the ‘Labyrinth of Death and Rebirth,’ if it's impossible to defeat the final boss in its absence, they realize they must revive it first.

Fay and the others will likely attempt to use the Bell of Revival to resurrect the dead god. However, according to the preview, nothing will happen initially. Fay will then notice a crucial detail or element they previously overlooked, which will activate the Bell of Revival properly. With the god revived, the team will face another climactic battle in Gods’ Game We Play Episode 13.


Gods' Games We Play [Sazane Kei, Liden Films, Crunchyroll]

Gods Game We Play Episode 12 recap

Gods’ Game We Play Episode 12 is titled Player.12 The "Labyrinth" of Death and Rebirth: Luceimia. The episode picks up from the previous cliffhanger, with Ouroboros landing on the Sleeping Lion raid boss, defeating it swiftly. Upon the boss's demise, an item materializes, allowing players to exit the Labyrinth.

However, Ouroboros remarks that leaving is futile, as re-entry into any Gods' Game would place them back in the same Labyrinth. Fay further reveals a significant flaw in this Gods' Game — a "bug" — since the god governing the game is dead, making it impossible to conclude without defeating the god.

Fay tells the other team members to inform Miranda in the outside world about their predicament, and sends them away. Fay, Leoleshea, Pearl, Nell, and Ouroboros proceed deeper into the Labyrinth in Gods’ Game We Play Episode 12 after Ouroboros receives a yellow card from the Gods’ Meep.


Gods' Games We Play [Sazane Kei, Liden Films, Crunchyroll]

The labyrinth also undergoes a gloomy transformation: items, monsters, and traps are now decayed, leading to the team getting dirty or ‘tainted’ multiple times. This also results in the Angel NPC killing them several times, as ‘purity’ is required to pass.

The girls realized that cleansing themselves was likely necessary to proceed. They split up with Fay and head to the waterfall they had found earlier in Gods’ Game We Play Episode 12. Here, they bathe and end up having some lighthearted fun as well. Afterward, they reunite with Fay.

The Angel NPC, now satisfied with their cleanliness, grants them access to the Treasure Room, and the group goes in. In the Treasure Room, they are greeted with abundant gold and crystals. Among the treasures, they find an item that increases their carrying capacity from two items to one hundred.

Elated with their new acquisition, their celebration is abruptly interrupted as Meep suddenly appears, announcing the arrival of ‘five customers.’ The ground beneath them suddenly collapses, and they realize too late it was a pitfall trap. Gods’ Game We Play Episode 12 concludes with Fay expressing disbelief at the absurdity of their situation.

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