Gods' Game We Play Episode 11: A New Labyrinthine Adventure Awaits Fay And Co; Release Date And More

With over 200 Apostles trapped in a Gods' Game labyrinth, Fay and his team embark on a rescue mission in Gods' Game We Play Episode 11. Don't miss it. Get the release date and more here.

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Sazane Kei, Liden Films, Crunchyroll
Gods' Games We Play [Sazane Kei, Liden Films, Crunchyroll]

After securing their win against the Bookmaker Gremoire that allows Nell to play with them in their next Gods’ Game, Fay and his team have found themselves in the middle of a worldwide crisis: a Gods’ Game has pulled over 200 Apostles in for a labyrinth style game, but none have returned so far.

As Fay, Leoleshea, Pearl, and Nell set off to rescue the players in this unknown god’s game, fans cannot wait to discover what happens next in their adventures. Don’t miss the upcoming episode and keep reading to find out Gods' Game We Play Episode 11’s release date, expected plot, and more.

Gods' Games We Play [Sazane Kei, Liden Films, Crunchyroll]

Gods' Game We Play Episode 11: Release date and where to watch

According to the official website and the Twitter/X account, Gods’ Game We Play Episode 10 is set to premiere in Japan on Monday, June 10, 2024, at 9:30 pm JST. For viewers outside Japan, the airing times will vary according to their respective time zones.

Following its debut on the AT-X channel in Japan, the show will also air on Tokyo MX, Sun TV, KBS Kyoto, and the d Anime Store. The episode will be available for viewers worldwide to stream on Crunchyroll and Amazon Prime Video. Furthermore, fans can catch Gods’ Game We Play Episode 10 on the Trakt TV streaming service in select countries shortly after its release.


Gods' Games We Play [Sazane Kei, Liden Films, Crunchyroll]

Expected plot of Gods' Game We Play Episode 11

Gods' Game We Play Episode 11 will be titled ‘Player.11 The Labyrinth of No Return, Lucheimea,’ continues the perilous journey of Fay and his companions in the dungeon where death results in infinite respawns. The labyrinth is filled with various monsters, deadly traps, and vicious mechanisms.

As they explore, Fay and his team collect and craft key items crucial for their progress. According to the gods’ assistant, Meep, defeating the final boss at the deepest level is the only way to return to the real world. However, the path is fraught with danger, and the team must overcome numerous challenges.

Gods' Games We Play [Sazane Kei, Liden Films, Crunchyroll]

Gods' Game We Play Episode 10 recap

Gods' Game We Play Episode 10, titled The Three Cheats the God Brings Forth, begins where the previous episode left off, with Fay, Leoleshea, Pearl, and Nell finding themselves on a giant roulette table. The Bookmaker, taking the form of another Apostle from years ago, explains that the Elements game world changes according to the challenger.


She introduces the game they would play, called The Three Cheats, involving Coin Toss, Poker, and Old Maid. She adds that as a god, she would use the same cheat to win each game and provides a hint by telling Leoleshea, Pearl, and Nell the cheat.

Leoleshea laughs upon hearing the cheat, while Nell and Pearl are surprised and find it absurd. The first game, Coin Toss, begins with Nell as the tosser, and Fay loses, unable to detect any unusual moves by the Bookmaker in Gods' Game We Play Episode 10.

The second game, Poker, follows with Leoleshea as the dealer. Fay discards all his cards to check for any control by the Bookmaker but finds none. The Bookmaker reveals a straight flush, and Fay loses again, still puzzled by the cheat. In the final game, Old Maid, with Pearl as the dealer, Fay carefully watches the game.

As the game concludes, he realizes the cheat: the game is actually four-on-one, with his friends helping the Bookmaker. Fay challenges her to another round of Old Maid, claiming he will beat her cheat. After much stalling for time thinking, they play, and Fay wins in Gods' Game We Play Episode 10.


He reveals that he knew Pearl's Arise power had a time limit and stalled to exploit this. Fay also notes the Bookmaker’s mistake of not shuffling her cards after getting the Joker. Satisfied, the Bookmaker removes Nell's losses, allowing her to participate in the Gods' Games again. Fay then reveals that their coordinated wins were part of a plan to reach ten wins simultaneously as a team.

Returning to the real world, they report to Miranda, finding her amid an emergency. Apostles worldwide had been taken to play a Gods' Game, with none returning. A rescue team is organized in Gods' Game We Play Episode 10, and Fay's team is selected.

Miranda explains the labyrinth game they must play, where they must reach the end and defeat the boss to win. Players cannot exit until the game is won; dying results in respawning at the start. Additionally, a save item allows players to exit.

Fay, Nell, Pearl, and Leoleshea enter the Gods' Game, choosing the PMD (Player Must Die) difficulty, and find themselves in a beautiful grassy area with an apple orchard. As they approach the apples, Pearl is attacked by one, and they respawn at the beginning. Gods' Game We Play Episode 10 concludes in Bookmaker’s Elements realm, where Ouroboros breaks in and asks for Fay’s team.


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