Biggest K-pop fandoms in the world

Let’s find out the biggest K-pop fandoms in the world that constantly transform and influence the music landscape.

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BTS (BIGHIT Music), BLACKPINK (YG Entertainment)
BTS (BIGHIT Music), BLACKPINK (YG Entertainment)

Have you ever wondered what has propelled K-pop to reach incredible heights of popularity, even in the global music scene? Yes, it is the fans who shower love and affection to the artists, bringing them success and fame. In this listicle, we discuss some of the biggest K-pop fandoms in the world that constantly shape the global music culture. 

From BTS’ ARMY to BLACKPINK’s BLINK, these fandoms have consistently supported their favorite artists and taken them to new heights of accomplishments. Without further ado, let’s check out which K-pop fandoms are some of the biggest in the world. 

9 Biggest K-pop fandoms in the world



BTS’ fandom named ARMY, is not just one of the biggest K-pop fandoms but one of the largest in the world. You will be surprised to know that the South Korean band has more international fans rather than from their own country. From Asia and Europe to America, ARMYs accumulated up to approximately 40 million fans globally. However, ARMY is the acronym for Adorable Representative M.C. for Youth, which makes them even more lovable. 

Moreover, the group is known way beyond just for their support to the group as they have also participated in multiple fundraisers and donations to help out people in need. The fans truly represent the band which constantly advocates for mental health well-being and spreading love across the world.



Another fandom that is extremely popular around the world is BLINKs. They are officially the fan club name of BLACKPINK which is one of the most successful girl groups in the world. Similar to ARMYs, their fans are from all around the world and have a total of around 38 million members.

The fandom continues to grow steadily even after so many years of the group’s debut. With their love and support, they have taken the group to incredible heights of success. 

3. EXO-L - EXO

If you want to learn about loyalty, learn from EXO-Ls. Without a doubt, the fandom has gone through the most of all. From EXO's highs to lows, the fandom has truly been with the group through thick and thin.

The L in EXO-L stands for Love and it is also in the alphabetical order which links the letters K (EXO-K) and M (EXO-M). Moreover, the fandom is also called Aeris, which means stars in Korean. 



SEVENTEEN’s fandom CARAT is another fandom that is extremely huge in number and took the group to tremendous heights of success. However, the group gave the name to the fandom by making them choose from between TINKER BELL, TINVELY, WISH, SAME, WENNIE, and CARAT.

The most votes went to CARAT and the group made the announcement at a concert that it is the official fandom name from there on. The name is derived from the unit of diamonds as they make the group shine bright with their support.


The official fandom name for BIGBANG is V.I.P., derived from their song V.I.P. featured in their second single album. The acronym stands for Very Important Person, chosen by BIGBANG to emphasize their fans' significance.

V.I.P.s are unlike any other fandoms and quite arguably the most mature of them all. They are more focused on the music and activities of the members and are not bothered by any dating news. With their unwavering support, BIGBANG has solidified its status as one of the greatest K-pop boy groups ever.



ONCE, the official fandom name for TWICE has garnered a reputation as one of the largest and most devoted K-pop fandoms worldwide. Established shortly after Twice's debut under JYP Entertainment in October 2015, ONCE reflects the group's name perfectly—ONCE, then TWICE.

Thanks to ONCE's unwavering dedication and enthusiastic participation in voting, streaming, and attending events, Twice has risen to prominence as a dominant force in the K-pop industry. 

7. Stays- Stray Kids

Founded in August 2018, Stays proudly supports Stray Kids, one of the most popular 4th-gen K-pop boy bands under JYP Entertainment since their debut in 2017. The slogan "You make Stray Kids STAY" showcases the deep bond between the group and their fans, emphasizing that fans are the foundation and reason for their existence.

With unwavering support from Stays, Stray Kids has gone on to become a global phenomenon.


If you want to belong to a fandom that makes everything fun and happening, NCTZEN is the right place for you. The name cleverly replaces the first half of ‘citizen’ with NCT, indicating that the fans are citizens of NCT (NCity).

The fandom shares a special relationship with the band where they constantly tease each other and also shower constant love. 


9. MOA - TXT

Formed under BIGHIT Music in March 2019, TXT quickly garnered immense popularity, announcing their fandom name, MOA, on August 22, 2019. With millions of dedicated fans worldwide, MOA has played a pivotal role in propelling TXT to the forefront of the next generation of K-pop groups.

Their unwavering support and enthusiasm have solidified MOA's reputation as a powerhouse within the K-pop community, contributing significantly to TXT's rapid rise and ongoing success in the industry.

The above-mentioned biggest K-pop fandoms in the world are only a handful of the names that are known for making their favorite artists extremely popular not just domestically but also internationally.

As fans continue to celebrate and promote their idols through social media, concerts, and fan projects, they contribute significantly to the vibrant and dynamic K-pop landscape. 

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