EXCLUSIVE: Deepika Padukone will not only star in but also co produce this Ranveer Singh film

Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh are reuniting on screen again. Kabir Khan's 83 will be their fourth project together, but DP is also co-producing the film.
Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh team up for 83Deepika Padukone will not only star in but also co produce this Ranveer Singh film
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In a previous interview with Pinkvilla, Deepika Padukone had complained about how she and Ranveer Singh have never had a happy ending in any of their films. While they both die in Ram Leela and Bajirao Mastani, the real-life couple were at opposite ends in Padmaavat. That's going to change now. 

Says a source, "Deepika has been locked for Kabir Khan's next film '83. The film that revolves around India's 1983 World Cup victory, will primarily focus on Kapil Dev's story. The film has an ensemble cast being lead by Ranveer and now, DP too has given her go ahead to the film." While many might think DP has just a cameo in the film, we hear it's quite different. The informer adds, "Deepika has a good role because she plays Kapil's wife Romi Bhatia who was also a pageant winner. In fact, as far as the story goes, she had left the stadium after India started losing the wickets. But when she heard that they are on the verge of winning the World Cup, she came back to the stadium. That part is extremely dramatic. Also, the film will delve into the relationship between the husband and wife, their love story."

But that's not just it. DP will not only be credited as the leading lady in the sports drama. "Deepika has just ventured into production with Meghna Gulzar's Chhapaak. When she was narrated the story of '83, she loved it because it's not just inspirational but also extremely emotional. She and Kabir have been friends for years now. So she decided to come on board as a co-producer, too. This will be the second venture under her banner." '83 is also being produced by Kabir himself, in collaboration with Madhu Mantena and Vishnu Induri, and will be presented by Reliance Entertainment. Now with Deepika joining them, it couldn't have gotten better, we say! 


deepveer again please happy ending!

RS as usual using his wife to promote his movie....nothing wrong there....has been beneficial for him thus far

Really?i am soooo haapy.if it is true news!!

I’m glad because we need more Deepika movies, lots and lots more. Although I can’t wait to see Ranveer & Katrina in a movie together, a comedy... lol, that would be awesome!

Producing next two movies, that’s odd? And what does producing mean for DP, throwing money at the film for a part. How’s that different from buying your way through?

I don’t understand why actresses lose roles when they marry but it’s cool for the guys? Wtf kind of double standard is that? That industry has so many archaic problems and needs to rid of these old school people once and for all. Open the doors to the 21st century already.

Deepika is not getting any movies now since she's married (same story as Anushka). Katrina wanted this movie since it's with Kabir Khan (her friend and director of Tiger..) That's the reason behind her recent friendship drama with Ranveer. But Ranveer definitely has a say since he's the hero..isliye Deeps full force mein..ab deepika sirf act nahi produce bhi karegi ye film.. lol

Deepika is shooting for her upcoming movie chhapak . Who says actoress don't get film after marriage. Karina has done 3 films after her marriage

I wish to see Ranveer and Kateina

Riding on hubby’s coattails once again after Bajirao and Padmaavat. Pathetic.

Interesting how Ranveer and Katrina have been pally pally lately, I think Kat was looking to bag the role... and DP was like “hell no, I’ll even invest in the movie” looooool. My wild imagination! I don’t think she should do 83, it’s not a good look for her. Also, there doesn’t seem to be many scripts at the moment by the sounds of things, that or, far too many actors. Demand v supply issue in the industry.

LAUT ke budhu ghar ko aaye

Rk + Dp = magic. I wonder how Kabir convinced her to do this. Rs using her starpower as usual

Lol iS he a good actor or is he always lusting after his wife ?!! If its the latter that's a good thing as it will keep the sizzle in their marriage.Good luck guys.

Smart girl ! BTW a very sensuous shot.

Hmmm, I wonder if this is actually true. They denied that she was playing his wife, and now suddenly she's back on board and co-producing it? Maybe it's just a PR story with no truth to it.

I highly doubt it's a "big role". Biopics are about the main character alone, their relationship with one other person maybe, like Sanju was mainly about his relationship with his father. But I've yet to see a biopic where the love interest, male or female, is really important and couldn't have been played by anybody. Anyway, I actually think DP is a good choice based on looks, which is half the casting for biopics.

Hahaha in your dreams... nobody cares drugbir now...she will do her husband's movie...get some rest .

I remember months ago her team said she's not doing the role as its too small and and she wants big important roles after padmaavat. Just shows she isn't being offered anything but small roles like this and luv ranjans film so she has to say yes.

No she will dump both this film and Ranveer so she can do Luv Ranjan's next opposite her all-time crush Ranbir Kapoor

I hope readers got your sarcasm. good one.

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