EXCLUSIVE: Sushant Singh Rajput is DATING this actress and it's not Sara Ali Khan

Whether it's his affair with Sara Ali Khan or his break-up with Kriti Sanon, Sushant Singh Rajput has been in constant news for his relationships in the last few months. But now, the Sonchiriya actor has moved on to someone else.
Not Sara Ali Khan, Sushant is in love with this Bollywood actress
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Relationships and link-ups are everyday news in Bollywood. Someone's breaking up and someone's finding a new partner everyday. And interestingly, there are murmurs in the industry about this new couple. We hear Sushant Singh Rajput has become close to another Bollywood heroine.

A source close to the actor reveals, "Sushant is currently seeing Rhea Chakraborty. They have known each other for a while and they hit it off really well in the last few weeks. In fact, things moved from one thing to the other quite quickly and now, they are already dating each other."

Previously, Sushant was in news for his closeness to his Kedarnath co-star Sara Ali Khan. Our source adds, "They did get really close during the promotions of the movie and had been together for a while. But that wasn't a relationship that would have lasted too long. They eventually parted ways amicably.

All of Sushant and Rhea's friends are aware of this new development. Sushant broke up with Ankita Lokhande two years ago and fell in love with Kriti Sanon, but even that didn't last for long. After that, he and Sara started seeing each other, and now, he's with Rhea. "Rhea and Sushant have been spending a lot of quality time nowadays. They are still calling each other 'good friends' but reality is that they are already seeing each other. When Sushant is not in town and chilling at his Lonavala house, Rhea also accompanies him sometimes. They are keeping their relationship hush-hush for now before taking it to the next level." But these are things that cannot be hidden from the prying eyes, anyway!

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The tone of this article is so disgusting and full of slut shaming for no damn reason. What is the crime in him dating? And what is the need to still talk about Ankita when it's been more than 3 years. Sushant has made it clear that they are over for life. So stop harassing him.

The tone of most of the media articles is so disgusting and full of slut shaming. What is the crime if he is dating???

Lol people think Kriti dumped SSR, it is a joke Kriti looked more heartbroken even she accepted it in kwk , thank God he broke up with that greedy and manly woman kriti.

Sara is just a fake aunty, she has crush or fan of people who she is going to work with.And who is this rhea? seriously sushant? He has gone mad after getting dumped by Kriti.

Y'all SSR fangirls are the worst human beings on the face of the earth. Ankita lives in your heads. Y'all can't breathe literally without mentioning her name. Get a life okay. Stop searching the internet to respond to dated tweets and linking news about SSR to her. Your behaviour is beyond abnormal. You need help the whole lot of you. Take your meds! GET A LIFE! SSR has moved on. Y'all should move on as well

His standards have gone down the drains ... that Rhea looks a wannabe and super irritating

After kriti,his standards really went down, two wannabes :sara and rhea


I think kareena is responsible for this break up, she said the advice she gives sara'not to date your first hero'.Anyway if you look at sara previous BFs,sushant is like Leo dicaprio hahah.

sara used kedarnath to promote herself instead of the film.

amrita the babita in sara's life would never let sara end up with someone like sushant..

He was doomed the day he left Ankita.

Hello Ankita...stop commenting and go marry your uncle boyfriend
..you are 35 already

He can never get Sara. her ambitious mother has great plans for her .

Sara is too good for Sushant anyways.

So??live and let live.

who cares who these small actors date or sleep with?

Keep calmn Sara PR.Nobody would have give a second look before , even after losing weight, her 50 year old amrita face can't make her desirable.even her step mom looks younger than her.

shut up bebo,forgot your time when you were sleeping with married men when you debuted!!

He's not a small actor. He has 4 releases this year all in a lead role. And regardless of the box office fate of these movies for any outsider to have 4 lead role movies in a year by merit alone is a massive accomplishment in and of itself given the rampant nepotism prevalent in the industry.

Good for him, Sara ali khan is just another fake girl in town using everyone for her own benefits.

he left a genuine soul like kriti. Sara treated him like co-star only while crushing on Karthik and recently varun as her next is with him.it serves him well.

According to some media reports, Kriti dumped him. Either way there's no need to shame him or anybody else. I just wish India journos would show some basic humanity and decency instead of being so filthy for no damn reason.

To the commentator below this article isn't from Sushant's PR. Look at the name of the person credited for writing it. It's a DNA reporter who happens to be close friends with Ankita and it was written with the intention of shaming and maligning Sushant to make her feel happy cuz she clearly isn't getting any work. They still can't leave him alone in peace.

This article was clearly written just to slut shame and demean him and nothing else. They can't even let him freaking date in peace and figure things out. Also there is no real proof of him and Sara ever dating. No photos and they was no slight flirting between then or anything unusual between them during Kedarnath promotions

How is this your freaking business anyway Nayandeep? Just let him date and figure things out in peace for crying out loud enough!

It's not my business I am a big fan of Sushant so I will support him no matter what and there's nothing u can do about it.

Good for him.Sara is too fake and will do anything to promote herself,either using kartik or every hero she will be pair opp in the future.

A time when people use to deny being in relationships as it affected your career. Now people get their PRs to spread news about who they are seeing.

This isn't Sushant's PR. He never dated Sara and when he unfollowed they quickly changed their stories to a "breakup". Also unless there is any real proof that they are seeing each other this shouldn't be taken seriously

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