How to Tell If a Guy Likes You over Text? 30 Signs to Look for

Ever wondered how to tell if a guy likes you over text? Here are 30 common texting behaviors of guys to look for that they show when they are interested in you.

Anubhuti Mishra
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How to Tell If a Guy Likes You over Text
How to Tell If a Guy Likes You over Text

So, you guys text almost every day, and every time your phone beeps with a text from him, your face instantly brightens up! Perhaps you already know you like him and would like to be more than friends. 

But, does he like you back? How to tell if a guy likes you over text? Well, it perhaps would’ve been easier to tell that if you met the guy in person. After all, the body language, tone, and facial expressions of a person speak a lot more than words alone. 

However, we urge you to pay more attention to his texts, as a lot is hiding in those left to be decoded! Even if you’re not much of a text person, if you like this guy, making this small effort would pay off in the future! 

Texting these days has become more animated and supportive of our complex emotions and communication strategies than they were ever before. A text is no longer just “text” — it comprises emojis, GIFs, stickers, voice notes, multimedia, etc. 

Moreover, these days if you have nothing significant to say but like the text you’ve received from someone, you can simply drop an emoji reaction to it, letting the other person know what you felt about their text. These texting elements are a gold mine of signs that he is interested in you — basically, they provide immense evidence as to where you guys stand romantically. 


To understand them better, we’ve listed 30 ways to interpret whether a guy is interested in you or not over text. Scroll away to check them out!


30 Ways How to Tell if a Guy Likes You Over Text

1. He Is Generous with Emojis:

How to Tell if a Guy Likes You Over Text

Anecdotally (and stereotypically) speaking, guys generally use fewer emojis than girls when texting, especially when it’s a platonic text sent to a friend. However, when a guy likes you, he’s more likely to feel strong emotions about you — perhaps he’s laughing too hard at a joke you said, smirking too much on winning a bet with you, or simply blushing as a reaction to a sweet message from you. 

Hence, even if the guy doesn’t want to make it too obvious that he likes you, chances are that he’ll end up using many emojis to express himself, especially when you two are in a flow of texting. 



2. He Texts You Often:

You may notice this guy texting you often, perhaps multiple times a day or week, depending on how well you two know each other and how much of a text person he is. The reason for this is very simple — we want to have more conversations with people we like as that makes us happy. So, if you didn’t realize this already, this is a subtle sign that he likes you.


3. He Is Quick to Reply:

When a text conversation with a person dies out too easily, people often lose the enthusiasm to text them again. And, when a guy likes you, he definitely wouldn’t want that to happen at any cost! Hence, you may notice that he quickly replies to your messages. 

Now, this may not seem significant if you two are already in the middle of an important conversation or are discussing something serious. However, if you notice that he sends quick replies to your no-so-important messages too, then that’s a definitive texting sign he likes you. 



4. He Sends You Memes/Videos Based on a Conversation You Had:

How to Tell if a Guy Likes You Over Text

Did you casually mention to this guy that you’re really into scuba diving? Well, brace yourself, because you may soon receive a meme from this guy about a random cat who also happens to be scuba diving! 

Keeping a conversation alive and engaging through videos and funny memes is the oldest texting trick in the book, and yet, it always works! After all, it makes the previous conversation you had more precious and memorable.


5. He Replies to Your Social Media Status/Stories:

Another texting trick that saves guys from sending you that awkward “Hi there, how are you?” message is simply replying to an Instagram/Facebook story or WhatsApp status that you may have uploaded. 

This keeps the conversation starter less forced and more natural and makes it easy for you to reply more quickly. If you really like when he texts you this way, then start using these social media features better to gauge his attention. 


6. He Keeps the Conversations Open-ended:

Imagine this text conversation between two people who are interested in each other: 

Person 1: “Hey, where are you?”

Person 2: “At work.”


Person 1: “How’s there whether in your city?”


Person 2: “Good.” 


Person 1: “Had lunch?”

Person 2: “Yes”


While the questions are awfully tiresome and generic, these one-word answers don’t do the conversation any favor either. This leaves no room for bringing up more interesting topics or taking the conversation in a different direction — something we only avoid when we’re not interested in the person on the other end, which is a bad sign.

To keep a conversation going, in a way, you both are enjoying each other’s company, it is a good idea to ask open-ended questions and leave room for some mystery and curiosity in the answers. Also, it is always worth it to send detailed texts to have an actual conversation, instead of chiming the other person’s phone for no reason. 

If you find him doing this, it is quite a positive sign that he is interested in talking to you!


7. He Sends Flirty Emoticons:

How to Tell if a Guy Likes You Over Text

Do you often find this guy using the smirk emoji, wink emoji, heart-eyes emoji, or kiss emoji when he’s texting you? Such flirty texts are a telltale sign that he likes you more than a friend, and wants to make it evident for you. 


8. He Seems Hot And Cold on Text:


Some guys become very conscious about the fact that they are texting their crush too often, thinking that would make them seem too eager or desperate. Hence, they want to restore their “cool and casual” image with you by pulling away from texting at times. 

So, if a guy’s texting pattern seems hot and cold like he cannot resist replying to your messages at one time and then simply shuns you at other times, it may be a texting sign that he likes you; however, this may also be a slight red flag as the guy might be a player or happens to be texting multiple girls at the same time. 

Hence, consider how much you know about this guy and whether he can be trusted before engaging further with him.


9. He Finds Reasons to Text You:

Does he send you reels on Instagram daily saying that “you have to watch this”? Or, does he pretend to pick a fight with you over something silly, so that it gives you two an excuse to text more? If this guy goes out of his way to find reasons to text you, or to maintain that constant flow of conversation that you two have, it is a definitive sign that he likes you.


10. He Sends Long Messages:

Most guys seldom put more effort into a text than a casual “Hey”, “Ssup”, or a “WBU”. Hence, when he sends long and elaborate messages, it immediately catches one’s attention. 

Now, if this happens only on occasion, it may mean that the guy was simply passionate about that one discussion that you two happened to have or typed a detailed text to explain something important. However, if this guy sends long text messages even for silly jokes or casual conversations, then it’s a strong indicator that he’s flirting through text. 


11. He Throws in References from Past Conversations:

How to Tell if a Guy Likes You Over Text

If he texts you about something that you may have casually mentioned to this guy but never really thought about, such as your favorite cartoon as a kid, or a book that you’ve been meaning to finish for a long time, it is a blatant sign that he likes you. 


12. He Texts First:

If this guy initiates conversations with you a lot, you can probably tell that every text reply from your end immediately puts a smile on his face! Sometimes, we cannot get enough of talking to our favorite person or someone we have a crush on. Hence, many guys don’t mind starting the conversation themselves most of the time. In fact, they love it if their crush responds well to it. 


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13. You Can Tell He’s Deliberate About Double-texting:

Does this guy double-text you often without letting his ego come in the way? Or, do you have a strong sense that he is deliberately, and rather anxiously refraining from double-texting to the extent that the text conversation starts to feel unnatural? 

Well, both instances can be strong signs that the guy likes you over text, as either the guy would be comfortable enough with you not to want to play games, or he would be very self-conscious about seeming too eager. In both cases, you should be clearly able to sense that he’s not being nonchalant in his texting style. 


14. He Tries to Make You Laugh:

Here’s an oldie, but a goodie! Very few experiences in the world delight us as much as laughing with your crush. And, if you laugh a lot at a joke that a guy who likes you said, then it would mean the world to him! 

Hence, to feel this joy more often, the guy would try to make you laugh a lot. However, this sign alone shouldn’t be analyzed too much as some people are simply jovial by nature and like making everyone laugh, even if they aren’t trying to flirt.


15.  Compliments Keep Coming Your Way:

How to Tell if a Guy Likes You Over Text

When a guy calls you beautiful over text, tells you how much he liked your Instagram post, or makes careful observations of your fine traits such as kindness or optimism, signs are that he’s flirting with you. 

Now, while some genuine guys would send genuine compliments to express their admiration for you, some guys may do this only on the surface to get your attention. So, it is important to distinguish between a real compliment and a fake one, and not get carried away with the latter.


16. He Hints At Making Plans Together:

Did he send you reels about this new cafe/brewery in your locality that has some great reviews? Or did he send you the link to this stand-up comedy show that’s two weeks away? While this shouldn’t be generalized, sometimes when a guy tries to make plans with you over text, it’s a sign he likes you and wants to ask you out.


17. He Asks You Questions About Yourself:

It’s a clear sign if the guy asks you genuine questions about yourself, such as your hobbies, career aspirations, childhood dreams, and what your family is like, that he likes you. After all, who wouldn’t want to get to know their crush better, right? However, if he’s asking you too many personal questions too soon, then you are absolutely right in getting alarmed!



18. He Tries Hard Not to Let the Conversation Die Away:

How to Tell if a Guy Likes You Over Text

If this guy cannot get enough of texting you, he will try hard to not let the conversation die away. Maybe, he continues sending half-cooked messages with a hook that would trigger curiosity in your mind, or perhaps he maintains suspense on something important that he is about to reveal. 

While this may get annoying at times, it is important to remind yourself that perhaps he loves texting you and doesn’t want it to stop. 


19. He Talks About How Cool He Is:

Guys try really hard to sell the idea to their crush that they are in simple words — cool and awesome! While girls may also have a similar end goal, guys are a lot less subtle in doing this. 

If this guy likes you, he won’t be coy about telling you how this one time he saved the day at work and was praised by his boss, or how he scared off a bunch of bullies in high school. So here’s a tip: if you’re truly impressed and interested in this guy, don’t refrain from showing him that! He would be overjoyed that he managed to impress you!

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20. He Also Likes Having Deeper Conversations:

While anecdotes of his own greatness might get a little shallow at times, if a guy genuinely likes you, he would also want to have deeper conversations with you. These conversations could be about anything from your feelings, life goals, or intellectual topics such as politics, history, and the environment. It’s a huge green flag if a guy is eager to know your perspective on these matters, even if you disagree with him. 


21. Those Cliched Good Morning/Good Night Texts Keep Coming Your Way:

Some guys believe that it is not necessary to have a particular topic to start a conversation and feel more comfortable sending you casual texts. If nothing, they may simply send you cute and silly “Good Morning” or “Good Night” texts. 


22. You Guys Tend to Fall Into a Texting Schedule:

How to Tell if a Guy Likes You Over Text

So you head to work at 9:00 AM, attend meetings, and respond to priority emails for the day, and you take a coffee break at 12:00 PM. 

In a Pavlovian fashion, you know that it’s time to check your phone to see whether this guy has texted you, and there it is — a hilarious dog/cat reel that cracks you up or a sweet “How is your day going” text that brightens your mood. 


When a guy likes you, and well, you like him back, it is common to fall into a regular texting schedule wherein you know when to expect a text from him. And, that becomes a delightful highlight of your day. 

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23. He May Ask for Your Advice on Things:

Once you two warm up to each other and move past the stage of having deep conversations, you’ll notice that the guy even gets vulnerable with you on occasion. If you find that he asks for your advice on little things, it’s a good sign that shows he trusts you and values your opinion, which indicates fondness.  


24. He Asks You If You’re Feeling Okay:

Vulnerability goes both ways when you’ve established comfort with a person. If the guy likes asking for your advice on things, he would also care about how things are with you and if there’s something you want to talk to him about. Just checking on someone from time to time is quite endearing, so if this guy does that, you should let him know how grateful you are.


25. He Sends Selfies to Give You a Glimpse of How His Day Is Going:

When a guy updates you about his day through selfies or snapshots of his desk, car, the window in his room, etc. it shows that he wants you to be a part of his day. This is a big flirting sign on Snapchat and similar social media platforms. 


26. He Asks You to Do the Same:

If the previous point is true, then chances are that he would also ask you to share selfies and pictures of how your day is going. It’s a positive sign as this shows the guy genuinely takes an interest in your life and wants to get to know you better.


27. He Starts Calling You Cute Nicknames:

How to Tell if a Guy Likes You Over Text

A lot of guys may resist doing this, but if a guy calls you cute nicknames or teases you with one, it’s a definitive sign that he’s into you. Some find this endearing, but if this sounds like a “cringe alert” to you, ensure you politely tell him so. 


28. He Texts You That He Misses You:

Another obvious one — unless you are really close friends with this guy, it is unlikely for him to text that he misses you, if not for a crush. If you miss him back, feel free to share the same with him.


29. He Sends Cheesy Pick-up Lines:

How to Tell if a Guy Likes You Over Text

“I hope you know CPR because you just took my breath away!”

“I was wondering if you’re an artist because you were so good at drawing me in.”

“Want a raisin? No? How about a date?”

Are some of his texts similar to these cliched cheesy pick-up lines? Well, that’s a blatant sign that this guy is flirting with you via text and is clearly trying too hard! 


30. He Informs You When He’s Busy:

This is a really important one! When a guy doesn’t just delay replying to your messages but lets you know when he’s genuinely caught up, it shows that he really doesn’t want you to misinterpret his unavailability as rudeness or a lack of interest in you. This also communicates that if he were available, he would definitely be there for you and that you can trust him — a big green flag! 

While the above-mentioned points are some ways to tell if a guy likes you over text, sometimes, it is impossible to interpret text messages accurately!


Why Is It Difficult to Read Someone’s Feelings Through Text?

1. You Can’t See Their Facial Expression:

No matter how many emojis, GIFs, stickers, Caps, and exclamation marks one uses in their text, it doesn’t communicate things as clearly as one’s expressions and body language. In fact, a lot of people don’t understand the meaning of some emojis very well and may use/interpret the text in the wrong way. 

This is why a lot of people we text say that they would prefer speaking on call or in person rather than texting. In such cases, interpreting whether a guy likes you or not over text isn’t a good idea. 


2. You Can’t Listen to Their Tone:

Like expressions, the tone of a person’s voice can make a massive difference in how things are said and interpreted. Maybe, they’re saying something plainly but their word choice and their inability can make you think that they are perhaps upset or angry at us! 


3. We’ve Been Conditioned to See Genuine Texts As Sarcastic:

Do you have a habit of taking immense offense if someone sends you a thumbs-up emoji or do you think that the plain smiley emoji is a definite slap in the face? Unfortunately, as a society, we’ve been convinced that most texts come from a place of sarcasm, wherein a person is taking enjoyment in belittling us. 

However, to be fair, not everyone is familiar with these negative notions about text messages and emojis, and may still use them very innocently. This further makes reading someone’s emotions all the more difficult. 

Sometimes, knowing how to tell if a guy likes you over text is not that challenging, because guys make it obvious. A lot of times, we instinctively know if someone’s interested in us and if that’s platonic or flirty, however, we don’t have much clarity or the confidence to take things further. This article helps reaffirm those instincts and even allows one to see signs that one might miss otherwise. 


How do guys drop hints that they like you?
When it comes to texting, guys certainly use a lot of emojis to drop hints that they are interested in you. Look for blush emojis, wink emojis, smirk emojis, etc., as they are less platonic than others may be, but also consider the context of the text before coming to a conclusion. In person, a flirty and playful body language would be a good indicator of their interest.

Is he interested or just being nice?
If you notice that the guy takes a lot of interest in your interests, makes a plan that involves only the two of you, plays along with a flirty joke, and appears to be trying really hard to impress you, chances are strong that he is interested and not simply being nice.

What should I text to get him to chase me?
Open-ended texts without giving away all the information are a good strategy to keep the guy interested. Other than that you can be a bit playful when texting him, flirt a bit, and challenge him in a light-hearted way, or entice him with a fun plan that he may be interested in to get him to chase you.

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