31 Most Promising Signs He Cares About You Deeply

Not sure how your guy really feels and thinks about you? Believe us, these subtle signs he cares for you will make it clear that he genuinely cares for you!

Aastha Pahadia
Written by Aastha Pahadia , Certified Relationship Coach
Updated on May 29, 2024 | 02:28 PM IST | 1.9M
Most Promising Signs He Cares About You Deeply
Most Promising Signs He Cares About You Deeply

We have all heard the saying "he cares about you deeply" at some point in our lives. It is a phrase people frequently use to describe how much someone cares for another person. However, it is not always easy to know if a guy likes you because men (often) do not exhibit their emotions very well and are notoriously difficult to read.

However, their actions and body language oftentimes speak louder than words and you can keep an eye out for signs he cares about you. For example, if he takes the time to listen to what you have to say, or tries to make your day better by doing things that may make you feel good (like buying flowers or taking you out for lunch), it is a good sign he cares about you and your feelings. Plus, you can tell how much a man cares about you by the way he looks at you.

Sometimes, the hints are visibly present, but other times they are simply lost in translation. Worry not; this article will help you figure out whether he cares about you or not. Scroll on!

1. He Is Honest with You

Honesty is indeed the best and often a critical policy in any relationship – be it a casual friendship or a romantic connection. Another sign your guy cares about you is when he risks everything but always strives to be honest with you about his nature or feelings.


2. He Communicates Openly with You

He Communicates Openly with You

Sincere and comprehensive communication is one of the biggest keys to a healthy relationship. The relationship gradually fades away when you do not voice out your concerns, feelings, emotions, or love. So, if your guy is openly communicating with you, he wants you to realize that he is genuine.

3. He Always Listens to What You Have to Say

Listening is one of the biggest signs he cares about you. A guy who really cares about you will take the time to listen and give his undivided attention to what you have to say. He will create that safe space for you to speak your mind and heart without the fear of judgment. Moreover, if required or asked, he will also share his thoughts and opinions on whatever you communicate.

4. He Does Little Things for You

 He Does Little Things for You

Doing things is yet another obvious sign he cares about you. This can be as simple as buying your favorite food or drink or ensuring your car is in good working order before it starts raining. It could also be as big as coming up with a thoughtful birthday present for a special occasion like your mom's birthday or taking care of something at work so it does not interfere with other plans.


5. He Talks About His Feelings

Talking about one's true feelings has to be a clear sign he cares about you. It is not easy for everyone to openly express their deep emotions or emotional connection. But a guy who cares profoundly about someone else will want to share his raw and genuine feelings with them on a much deeper level.

6. He Is Protective of You

Being protective is a subtle sign he cares about you. Your guy friend may 

even show possessive behavior if someone else tries to flirt with you or gets close to you. He may also always be in a defensive mode in case things go haywire and you get into a dangerous situation.

7. He Is Reliable

Reliability, dedication, and faithfulness are telltale signs he cares about you. No matter the difficult situations, bad times, or good days, he will make it a point to let you know that he is always there for you whenever you need him.


8. He Understands Your Boundaries

Understanding the concept of boundaries and personal space is highly underrated in any relationship. While he may enjoy being around you all the time, he will comprehend when things start to become a bit overbearing for you – may be due to work pressure or family tensions. And while he will give you some space to calm down, he will ensure you know he is right there by your side.

9. He Makes You Feel Important And Valued

Making you feel adored and treasured is a physical sign he cares about you. Notice subtle things like how his body language is different when you are around him (he may be more laid-back, at ease, less stressed, or more chirpy), how he becomes excited when you are excited, and how he treats you differently than others around you.

10. He Appreciates You

A little flattery and a lot of appreciation go a long way to win someone over. So, if he never backs down from showering compliments on you regardless of the occasion or reason, he does care about you and may want to be more than just friends.

11. He Smiles And Laughs More Around You

He Smiles And Laughs More Around You

Have you noticed that he smiles when you smile or laugh even if your joke is not good? This is one of the cutest signs he cares about you, your happiness, and your company more than he may ever admit.


12. He Is a Little Jealous

We understand irrational jealousy and dominance are major red flags in any relationship. However, a little jealousy and possessiveness reflect his care for you. He may not like it if he isn't getting your attention and someone else is, especially if that someone is another guy friend. He may show signs of fake anger or ignorance and can even get sulky to redirect your attention to him!

13. He Hints at Being Single

Does he often bring up the fact that he is single or casually talk to you about the common relationship goals or preferences? Revealing his relationship status is yet another loud and clear sign he cares about you and is interested in getting into a relationship with you.

14. He Is a Problem Solver

Every relationship has problems, fights, and disagreements. However, how the other person reacts to it makes all the difference and says a lot if they care about you or not. So, if he cares about you, he will either be an expert at conflict resolution or at least try to be one. Plus, he will never let you go to bed angry.

15. He Keeps in Touch

In today's era, keeping in touch is indeed a priceless act. Where everybody is busy and moving on with their lives, finding someone who worries about you or frequently communicates with you only to ask if you are okay is like finding a buried treasure. So, if he is putting in the effort to keep in touch or check in on you despite being busy, it indicates that he deeply cares about you.


16. He Remembers Things About You

Don't we all love it when someone remembers little details that we may have shared or casually mentioned in a conversation? Another subtle sign he cares about you is when he notices the little things and changes in you, and also makes it a point to discuss them (in case he sees that those are bothering you).

17. He Values Your Opinions

If two people want to be together, then asking questions and discussing opinions matter. It is equal to getting to know each other. You cannot simply think about yourself if you want to be in a relationship with someone. If you notice him never consulting you before making decisions and never thinking about how that decision may affect you, he does not care about you.

18. He Introduces You to Important People in His Life

A guy making an effort to include you in his life is a definite sign he cares about you. He will start including you in his circle of friends and gradually introduce you to his closest friends. With time, he will even introduce you to his family so that everyone starts getting along.

19. He Bonds with Your Friends And Family

Not only will he introduce you to his family, but he will also make extra efforts to gel well with all the people who are important to you, including your best friends and family. Because he understands that their point of view matters to you, he understands that winning them over is crucial.

20. He Loves to Spend Time with You

He Loves to Spend Time with You

You called/texted him to hang you only to find out that he already has other plans. But a few minutes later, he tells you that he is available. Sounds familiar? If he is ready to drop or change plans to meet you without making it feel like an obligation or a favor, he definitely cares about you and loves to spend quality time with you as much as possible.

21. He Does Not Try to Change or Fix You

We often meet people who try to fix us or change us according to their perception or to best fit their criteria of how people should be. However, that is not an unconditional relationship. No, we are not talking about bad behaviors, erratic manners, or unhealthy practices. But when he likes you for who you are and tells you if something needs adjustment, consider it a definite sign he cares about you and only means the best from his heart.


22. He Is Not Scared of Sacrifices

Every relationship requires some sacrifices, compromises, and efforts to make it work in every walk of life. It is not always rainbows and sunshine, as there are also bad days and struggles. If your guy friend understands this and is not afraid to make sacrifices as demanded by time, he genuinely cares about you.

23. He Is Not Terrified of Commitments

There is a difference between someone wanting to be with you and someone who only like the idea of spending time with you. While the latter will always avoid personal or relationship questions, the former will keep giving you hints to be in a relationship with you. For example, he may bring up conversations about his future with you in it. If you notice this in your friend, it is a sign he cares about you deeply.

24. He Tries to Connect over Things That Interest You

He Tries to Connect over Things That Interest You

Contrary to a popular belief, not every couple must share exactly similar interests or hobbies. However, when a person is trying to connect with you over your interests, you can see it in the way they try to find out what your interests are and then use them to build a connection with you. They might ask questions about your hobbies or suggest activities that you can do together. By taking the time to understand your interests and making an effort to connect over those topics, he is revealing his commitment and affection for you. This type of behavior shows that he is genuinely interested in getting to know you better and is a definitive sign he cares about you.

25. He Takes Your Side

No matter the situation, no matter whose mistake, he will always stand tall by your side. Maybe when you are alone, he may tell you if you were wrong, and that too only because he wants you to understand and become better. While taking your stand is primary, following it with making you understand things is equally significant. Taking your side and standing up for you socially is a serious sign he cares about you.

26. He Apologizes Sincerely

No person can be perfect, we all have flaws, and we all tend to make mistakes. So, it is important to acknowledge mistakes, apologize for them and back up apologies with suitable actions. If your man readily does all three, then it is a likely sign he cares about you more than just a friend and wants to build a strong and honorable relationship with you.


27. He Tries to Impress You

Wondering how you may have missed if a guy was trying to impress you? Well, not always the gestures are grand and bold. Sometimes, the gestures are as subtle as making eye contact, trying to tease you, making you smile on your bad days, bringing or ordering your favorite food when you feel low, and so forth. Many times, you may take these gestures for granted, but they hold a deeper meaning and are certainly a sign he cares about you.

28. He Posts About You on His Social Media

Social media is huge these days. Everybody's and everyone's lives are on social media. Now, you must understand that there is a fine line between showing off or revealing your personal life on social media and purposely hiding things so people do not know your reality. While the former is a choice, the latter makes a person's intentions doubtful. When a man truly adores you and genuinely wants you in his life, he will post about you. Not only to assure you about his feelings but also to let people know he is not available.

29. He Thinks About Your Future Together

Another definite sign he cares about you is when he deliberately brings up conversations about the possible future together. Or he may randomly ask you questions about the kind of lifestyle you would prefer in the future, how your dream house looks, the qualities you want in your dream man, kid preferences, and so on. Talking about the future with you is a sure sign he deeply cares about you and wishes to spend his life with you.

30. He Treats You Like a Teammate and Partner

In a long-lasting and caring relationship, a couple is always supposed to be a team! You go through tough times together, you celebrate together, you lift each other, you laugh together, and you cry together. And when he constantly reassures you, takes your side, schools you only when you are alone, and proves his loyalty, he surely does care about you and is genuinely interested in being more than just friends.

31. He Often Surprises You

Last but not least, gifts. Did you know giving gifts to people is also a significant love language? Yes, you read that right. When a guy strongly feels for you, he will send you little gifts and pop-ups, or cards, just to make you smile and let you know that he was thinking about you and wants you to think about him too! 



At times, it can be difficult and confusing to understand if a man cares about you. However, there are some subtle yet powerful signs and actions that can show he cares about you and is interested in your life. You can refer to the list of signs he cares about you deeply to get a clearer picture of what might be a budding romance with a friend. Men may not always be able to express it verbally, but their love shows in their eyes and through their actions. It is often up to women to read them and respond accordingly.

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When is a man protective of a woman?
A man is protective of a woman when he has certain feelings for her – either as a close friend or romantically. If he feels something for a woman and senses that she may be in danger, he will quickly become defensive and will try his best to protect her.

How do you test if someone cares about you?
To test if someone cares about you, notice how often they want to spend time with you, make sure you are safe, and want to know your opinion on things, no matter big or small.

How does a man act when he is in love?
When a man is in love, he will make sure you pick up on his signs and actions. For example, he will want to spend time with you and be around you as much as possible. He will want to know what is going on in your life and care about your opinions. He will try his best to ensure that he is taking care of your needs and wants. He will be honest with you and tell it like it is even when it may hurt your feelings or make him look bad. He will respect your opinion, even if he does not fully agree with it. Lastly, he will make sure to let you know that he is always thinking about you.

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