EXCLUSIVE: Manav Gohil on returning to TV with Shaadi Mubarak, why he was apprehensive and content on TV

In an exclusive chat with Pinkvilla, we asked Manav Gohil how are people reacting to Shaadi Mubarak, working with Rajshree Thakur and was he apprehensive about taking up the show. Read.

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EXCLUSIVE: Manav Gohil on returning to TV with Shaadi Mubarak, why he was apprehensive and content on TV
EXCLUSIVE: Manav Gohil on returning to TV with Shaadi Mubarak, why he was apprehensive and content on TV

Manav Gohil is back to the small screens with Shaadi Mubarak, also starring Rajshree Thakur. The show set in the heart of Rajasthan focuses on a matured relationship between two business partners, who might eventually find respect and love in each other. Manav has been juggling a lot between different projects across all platforms. He plays KT aka Keertan Tibrewal in Shaadi Mubarak, who is a man full of zeal and enthusiasm, careless but sensitive and yes, witty. In an exclusive chat, we asked Manav how are people reacting to the show and was he apprehensive about taking up the show. Over to him:

What has been the initial response that you have received from close friends and family? 

I think people are excited as they have not seen me like this before, for a long time, in fact. For the last one year, I was anyway off TV, and people are loving the nice and breezy love angle shown in the promo because it is a little unassuming if someone in 40 does a little romantic promo. As a matter of fact, people's appetite for watching authenticate and real love story is not over, I think. 

You had been away from TV for sometime and then of course, busy with other projects. When Shaadi Mubarak was offered to you, were you onboard instantly or you were apprehensive?


I did take a little time. I was off TV so I was not so keen, honestly. I was doing OTT and films. I was doing Baaghi 3 when I got the call for the role. This was around December, so I told them I am not very keen and that is what I was telling everybody mostly. Then, (producer) Sashi Ji asked me to hear it once and I did. One thing is that I have never worked with the production house before but I know they have the sensibilities of not going wrong with the pulse of the audience. That was my first point of conviction. When I met them, I realised this is a different character and also, Shweta (his wife) feels this is the right character for me to do right now. When I bounced the idea with her, she told me that she doesn't know how many people would be able to pull off the character and that I should do it and only I should do it. She asked me to considerate it. 

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So, we have Shweta to thank for? I ask. To that, he laughed! 

The role does seem very intriguing given the ease and likability it has, not many would be able to pull it off... 

I asked them why me? just out of curiosity, I asked and Sashi Ji told me from the lot that they had gone through, they realised that most of them have become hero, the quintessential ones with lots of attitude, but nobody was still boyish looking. So, to be in their 40s and still be boyish with a smile, I think that is what worked for them and the character. 

I feel that emotions are the same, the execution is perhaps different, today

Manav Gohil

Do you think TV has evolved with time? The problem with TV is it is highly TRP driven, sometimes the core of the show is lost in quest for TRP....


I feel that emotions are the same, the execution is perhaps different, today. The approach to portraying a particular emotion has evolved, which is great. I think we are still catering to the Indian TV audiences, I don't think that has changed drastically, but I am liking the approach to the show. I spoke to Sashi Ji also and asked her 'I am an actor and I am passionate about my work but will the show continue to show me the promise of delivering the kind of stuff we have spoken today?'. She assured me that they won't let the USP of the show go and I hope we are able to achieve that. 

How has it been working with Rajshree so far? 


This is not the first time, I worked briefly with Rajshree on a show called Agle Janam Mohe Bitiyaa Hi Kijo. It was a small patch but yes, we have worked before.

It's been great, I am working with Rajshree and Rajeshwari Sachdev, who is a friend. Rajshree is a very private person and speaks very little but we gel well. I like the fact that she will work as hard as any co-star, I like her basic attitude, I uniquely find this attitude in the lot that comes from 15 years ago, who are passionate to work for a number of hours and also give 100% to the scene but the entire team is very driven.

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