EXCLUSIVE: Naagin 5's Surbhi Chandna: My growth is ONLY when I risk it all; Can't keep playing bubbly roles

Updated on Aug 28, 2020 12:24 PM IST  |  2.1M
EXCLUSIVE: Naagin 5's Surbhi Chandna: My growth is ONLY when I risk it all; Can't keep playing bubbly roles
EXCLUSIVE: Naagin 5's Surbhi Chandna: My growth is ONLY when I risk it all; Can't keep playing bubbly roles

Surbhi Chandna has entered the fantasy world with Naagin 5 where she plays the most powerful shape shifting serpent. After enthralling us enough in Ishqbaaaz and Sanjivani, the actress is busy making us drool with her new stint. In a candid chat, Surbhi opens up on what made her say yes, the apprehensions, the moment when she decided, chemistry with Sharad Malhotra which is already being appreciated, offscreen bond with Mohit Sehgal and Malhotra, being prepared for trolls. Over to her:

How did you come on board for Naagin? What was your reaction like when they approached you for the role?

This happened about three months back when I got a call for the show. Balaji and I had been wanting to collaborate for a long time but things didn't work out. Then they called me for this and I told them that as an actor I would like to challenge myself and see how I can mould myself into this fantasy world. But, I don't know if I was ready for the comparisons that will naturally be made. Also, keeping that apart, it is a great responsibility, you have to live up to people's expectations, I didn't know if I was prepared for that. But then, they had the zeal to convince me. We did round of calls where they convinced me that I can do it, and now I am doing it. 

How exciting it is to enter the fantasy world finally? Challenges you faced because Naagin is not something you can draw many references from.

With God's grace, I was busy working, be it Ishqbaaaz and then Sanjivani, and hence, I missed watching stuff on OTT. Recently, during the lockdown, I watched Vampire Diaries, it was a crazy world, supernatural world. I thought the performances were top notch, even the execution. It was a tough show. That's where I thought supernatural or a fantasy world I would like to try next. I never thought I would do Naagin, I thought something on OTT might come and I will do something different but when this came, I thought, even this is different.  

This show needs a lot of convincing as an artist, convincing on the part of the actor. The artist has to believe in the subject they are given and flawlessly perform. 

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Being a part of a franchise comes with a lot of pressure. Are you feeling it?

Keeping the pressure I think I am good with now. But honestly, everyone has put their heart and soul in all the seasons. Be it from the first season to the last, everyone has done everything they can to make it a hit. Everybody has put their flavour in it and lived the pressure and done justice. I am not going to take anyone's credit there. My focus is to put a few nuances of me in Bani. I think if I can do that, I feel people will like it. 

One of the perils of associating with a superhit franchise is the amount of trolling it gets. Are you mentally prepared for it?

The audience we are catering to loves to watch it. For me, they are the ones who buy my ticket, who enjoy the show. As an artist, my job is to convincingly pull it off. People troll and put memes, but it is fun to watch. As long as people are having fun and laughing, I don't have a problem. I see it as a personal gain as I am growing as an artist and I want to do my best there.

What about the TRP... does the thought of it put pressure on you?

The person I am, the profession I have chosen, I can't be stagnant in life. If I am stagnant, it means I am not taking any risks. For me, My growth is only when I risk it all. If I only keep playing bubbly, I can't. I have to come out of my comfort zone and experiment. I had to break the image. I did achieve that with my previous show. Dr Ishani was not an easy character to pull off. Even with Bani, I am sure they will see a different side to me. I have to focus on my growth as an actor. Numbers and everything will follow, if they have to follow.