EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Nikitin Dheer on playing Raavan, 'I returned to Television for Shrimad Ramayan'

In an exclusive chat with Pinkvilla, Nikitin Dheer opened up on playing the role of Raavan in the mythological saga, Shrimad Ramayan. Read on!

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Nikitin Dheer
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Nikitin Dheer, the talented and versatile actor, is widely recognized in the entertainment industry and has a huge fan base due to his incredible action skills. He has showcased his talent in various languages and has always managed to win hearts wherever he appeared on screen. Currently, he is all set to portray the character of Raavan in the epic saga, Shrimad Ramayan. As he gears up to entertain the audience, Nikitin Dheer recently had an exclusive chat with Pinkvilla.

Nikitin Dheer shares his experience of playing Raavan:

In an exclusive chat with us, Nikitin Dheer spoke about his experience of playing the character of Raavan in Shrimad Ramayan. He said, "It's been a fantastic journey, to be very honest. I think it is every actor's dream to play a character like Raavan, one of the greatest in many ways. Along with the darkness and rage, there is a lot of devotion, grit, and determination so lot's to learn from him."

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He continued, "At the same time, there's no greater villain in our history than Raavan, yet revered. When you pray to Lord Shiva, we use Raavan's mantras. The dichotomy of this character sucks you in and there's so much to learn, read and understand about him."


Further, the Chennai Express fame expressed how enriching it is for an actor to play a monogamous character like Raavan. Nikitin also shared that the audience and Lord Shiva have been kind to him as he has received love and blessings from them. He said, "I'm very grateful. The journey has begun and long ways to go. I'm really excited about what's to happen with Raavan."

Nikitin Dheer talks about Shrimad Ramayan:

According to Nikitin, the writing of a character plays a vital role in Television. He shared how the writers have put together each aspect of Raavan's personality and the smallest intricacies have been shown to educate the generation. Nikitin explained the makers of Shrimad Ramayan aim to show the much earlier phase of Raavan as his life was very vast. He shed light on how mythologies like Ramayan and Mahabharata don't need interpretation and need to be shown as it is.

While discussing the importance of mediums, Nikitin expressed, "While I was preparing to become an actor, there were books that we used to read. There was a book where I read a very simple line 'No actor is greater than a medium' I have always stuck to that." The Shershaah actor shared that he is ready to explore all mediums and mentioned how he has been exploring all languages too. 

Nikitin stated, "I came back to Television for Ramayan because it was something that I really wanted to do." 

Nikitin Dheer reveals his father's advice:

Nikitin Dheer's father, Pankaj Dheer, has also been a renowned name in the entertainment world and had essayed the role of Karn in Mahabharata. When asked Nikitin if he took his father's advice, the actor shared that his father tells him to follow his gut and do what you want. He added, "When I started preparing for Raavan, he used to say 'You're playing Raavan, you're going to be compared and all' and I said 'Yes, I'm ready. Let's see what happens."

He continued, "I didn't share much with him. I think I just shared one picture with him before the release and I said 'The rest you see when it releases'. He saw the episode along with everybody else and I remember he was over the moon. He said something that will always stay with me. I think this was the first time my dad didn't have any criticism for me. He was really happy and said 'Tune toh mujse bhi acha kiya (You did much better than me)." Nikitin shared how this compliment from his father encouraged him and gave him inspiration to play the character.


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