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The Great Indian Family Review: Vicky Kaushal's dramedy delivers a strong message in the subtlest possible way

Vicky Kaushal and Manushi Chhillar led dramedy, The Great Indian Family, directed by Vijay Krishna Acharya, is a lovely, heart-warming film that successfully delivers a strong and pertinent message.

Published on Sep 22, 2023   |  03:59 PM IST  |  1.1M
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Vicky Kaushal, Manushi Chhillar

The Great Indian Family is a well-intentioned dramedy that warrants a family watch (Credit: Yash Raj Films)

Key Highlight

  • The Great Indian Family is a heart-warming family drama highlighting the rich diversity of India.
  • The Great Indian Family plays at a theatre near you.

Name: The Great Indian Family

Cast: Manushi Chhillar,Vicky Kaushal,Manoj Pahwa,Yashpal Sharma,Sadiya Siddiqui

Rating: 3


Ved Vyas Tripathi aka Bhajan Kumar (Vicky Kaushal) lives in Balrampur, in an orthodox Hindu family. Despite being a Pandit, he has a longing to live just a normal life, which he fulfills in the company of his friends. In an unexpected development, he falls in love with a Sikh lady (Manushi Chhillar). A fateful letter one fine night, reveals that Bhajan Kumar is not a Hindu but a Muslim by birth. Bhajan feels unhomely with the change in behaviour of almost everyone in his house towards him barring his Brahmin father who has gone on a pilgrimage, and decides to leave his house and convert into a Muslim for real. The story that follows, takes you on the journey of Bhajan towards knowing who he really is.

What works:

The Great Indian Family propagates religious harmony. At a time when religious extremism and religious intolerance is at it's peak, comes a film that really takes you by surprise in delivering a message so noble that you start doubting whether it's a dream or it's happening for real. The film is full of heart and the timing of its release couldn't have been any better. The Great Indian Family doesn't bicker much from its subject matter. After some pacing issues at the beginning, it really gets going and ends on a triumphant note. The family entertainer will leave you with a big wide smile and a tear in the eye, as you leave the auditorium.

What doesn't:

As stated earlier, the film lags a bit at the start and one may start to wonder where the film is headed at the half an hour mark, with three songs taking up a good part of the runtime, before it really gets going. The film may feel slightly dated when you watch it but again, one couldn't have asked for a better release time of the film, knowing the religious shackles our country still finds itself in. The film plays out like an Indian soap opera with a number of overdramatic, dialogue heavy sequences but a good part of it can be excused due to its soft landing.


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The Great Indian Family Star Performances:

It wouldn't be wrong to call Vicky Kaushal, Mr Dependable. His solid performance reiterates that there can be a bad Vicky Kaushal film but not a bad Vicky Kaushal performance. He aces his role of Bhajan Kumar and lifts the film on his able shoulders.
Manushi Chhillar doesn't get much scope to prove her mettle as an actor. She however looks glamorous in the songs and scenes that she's a part of.
Kumud Mishra as Bhajan Kumar's father is terrific and so is Manoj Pahwa, who essays the role of Bhajan's uncle.
Other supporting actors in the film lend very good support and only enhance the quality of film, further.

The Great Indian Family Final Verdict:

Vijay Krishna Acharya's The Great Indian Family is definitely recommended. It's a film that deserves to be watched along with the family. There is a hope that the strong messaging of the film will be able to create a larger overall impact. Go book your tickets.


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