EXCLUSIVE: Pooja Bhatt REVEALS Bipasha Basu and Sunny Leone were paid more than John, Randeep in Jism series

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EXCLUSIVE: Pooja Bhatt REVEALS Bipasha Basu and Sunny Leone were paid more than John, Randeep in Jism series

Pooja Bhatt has been a renowned actress turned producer/director who is known for giving some impressive movies to the audience. While she has headlined some powerful scripts as an actor, some of her productions also had female leads taking the charge of the movie on their shoulder. However, at a time when female producers often face budget hindrance especially for female led movies, Pooja believes it is the depth of the role that decides the pay in her movies.

Talking about the same in an exclusive conversation with Pinkvilla, Pooja revealed that she did have her share of struggles with the budget as a producer. “For me, I was competing trade with my uncle and father. Rather my father had kind of formulated a way for them to make movies in a certain budget. So, if they were making a movie in 10 crores, I had to make a movie in 7.5 crores as a producer. So, I had to deal with that first,” she added. Talking about deciding the remuneration for her stars, she emphasised that it was their role that decides that.

Explaining it further, Pooja revealed that Kajol was paid more than Sanjay Dutt for Dushman and so was the case with Bipasha Basu and Sunny Leone for Jism and Jism 2 respectively. She said, “When I made Dushman I cast Kajol first and she was paid more than Sanjay Dutt in that movie because it was her film. So, for me, it was always about the fact, that it is the role that decides how much somebody takes home. It’s not about a man or a woman in that sense. When I made Jism series, John was new, he was being launched, so Bipasha got paid a lot more than him. And even with Jism 2, while casting Sunny Leone, there was a sizeable amount of money that I gave her that Randeep Hooda till date cribs about.”

As of now, Pooja is looking forward to making a comeback in acting with her upcoming series Bombay Begum. Helmed by Alankrita Shrivastava, the show is set to release on OTT platforms next week.

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Anonymous : Yes for exposing. Pay equal or more to women for their acting not skin show
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Anonymous : she has aged badly..she used to be cute in 90s
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Anonymous : and your papaa took compensation
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Anonymous : Impressive! I think that's fair considering the amount of screen time the actress had (Kajol had to play twins in the film), the length of time in the industry (Bipasha) and the popularity of the actress (Sunny). I don't think others do this though
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