EXCLUSIVE: Sushant Singh Rajput starrer Drive getting pushed to 2020 now?

The Tarun Mansukhani directorial has been pushed quite a few times already and although its new release date (June 28) was announced earlier this year, as we all can see, it won't be meeting the date anymore.
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Sushant Singh Rajput and Jacqueline Fernandez starrer Drive has been in news because of the several date changes. The Tarun Mansukhani film, that revolves speed racing and car chases is supposed to introduce the fresh pair on screen. The film was initially supposed to hit screens in September 2018 but got delayed to this year. 

Then, it was announced that the movie will hit theatres only in June, 2019. But also, like we can all see, isn't happening for now. Says a source, "There are multiple reasons behind the film getting pushed so many times. There is huge VFX work involved on the film which needs to be complete. Plus, there might be a bit of patchwork or reshoot, depending on what the team decides on."

Apart from this, there's another major reason why the producers mutually decided to put a pause on the release. The source adds, "Sushant's last release Sonchiriya was a complete washout at the box office. He's coming right out of that into Drive. He has a big film Chhichhore lined up and early reports suggest that Nitesh Tiwari's film might become a turning point in his career. So the makers of Drive are patiently waiting for the release of Chhichhore in August. How that film fares will decide their next move on Drive."

While many are contemplating that the film might have a digital release only, that isn't something that has even been discussed at Dharma. Another source reveals, "They aren't getting a proper release window. It will definitely be a theatrical release and the digital rights will be sold to a platform like it happens for all films. But as of now, a release in 2019 seems unlikely, unless Chhichhore works exceedingly well at the box office and the team also gets a nice date to hit the marquee." 


All the films of Dharma are failing at the box office and to top it all there is Jackie who cannot act to save her life

first of all Jacqueline overact's and also nobody care's about this film

Karan's first priority is nepokids

Karan sir we are eagerly awaiting for the drive movie please release on January 2020

Quite unfair and disgusting to blame the fate of Chhichore entirely on Sushant. Conveniently chose to ignore it's still 1 of the top 5 best films made this year.

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