Veere Di Wedding co-producer Nikhil Dwivedi: With Kareena, Sonam, Swara, Shikha, it was a powerhouse of talent

Veere Di Wedding co-producer Nikhil Dwivedi opened up on why he decided to support VDW and his experience working with two female co-producer, Rhea Kapoor and Ekta Kapoor.
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Veere Di Wedding starring Kareena Kapoor Khan, Sonam Kapoor, Swara Bhasker and Shikha Talsania is on a roll. The movie has managed to collect around Rs 22.25 crores in just two days and is looking for a weekend collection of around Rs 32-35 crores. 

The film has been co-produced by Rhea Kapoor, Ekta Kapoor and actor-producer Nikhil Dwivedi of My Name is Anthony Gonsalves fame. Along with two female producers, Nikhil is the only male producer to have backed a film revolving around four female protagonists with no "hero" guaranteeing box office success. In a quick chat, Nikhil explained why he decided to back VDW and his experience of being associated with it. 

On why he decided to produce Veere Di Wedding, Nikhil said, "I think as a personality, I like challenges. I am also not a sucker for a convention. Even as an actor there were scripts that came to me but I never found producers backing those films because a few of my films did not work. It was not a safe project for them. I couldn't guarantee them the sale of tickets, hence I was replaced last moment by a more salable many-a-times. I have been through that process. One needs to have their belief in the creative team. If they are honest, passionate you need somebody to back them. Hence, with this film, I decided to follow my instinct. I thought it was a great script."

On working with Rhea and Ekta, he said, "About working with two female producers, I would say marriage helps. Marriage prepares you to just shut up and listen to your wife. So, that's exactly what I did here. I let them do their work and sometimes visited sets, that's it."

How was the atmosphere on sets given that the film starred four prominent actors from the industry? To this, Nikhil replied, "Actors are actors. They [female actors in this film] perhaps take a little more time to get ready which I think is alright. It is a powerhouse of talent and everyone was so so committed to their work and was so professional that it has been a great experience working with all of them."

Will the success of VDW motivate him to back more such female-oriented movies? "To be very honest, it is very heartening to see that we have received such a good response. God forbid had it not been so, I would have still like to go ahead and back good scripts and projects," Nikhil said and added, "I don't think I will be easily deterred by the box office. Having a good run at the box office is absolutely welcome, needed and as a producer would even pray for it but that is not the 'be all and end all' of making a good film."

He continued, "So I have said it earlier also that I don't want to be a media Mogul. I just want to be Shashi Kapoor in terms of being a producer. I think he was the finest producer this country has seen. He just backed good projects. He did the most hardcore commercial cinema as an actor and yet you see his body of work as a producer, you will just feel so overwhelmed."

Crediting Rhea solely for the film, Nikhil added, "The credit of making this film has to be given to Rhea Kapoor. This is her baby. We are more like the studios backing Rhea. I think if I can take any credit in any way, it was that I had tremendous belief in Rhea. But the credit for how the film is looking and made needs to be given to Rhea and director Shashank Ghosh. I wouldn't like to claim any credit for it."


Sonam is many things..but honestly, a powerhouse actress she is not! Like seriously ..however good a movie, you can bet it had more to do with the other cast and crew than her. She should be a model; she is incredibly beautiful and many designers would love to have her as a canvas for their designs

Laughed and cried in a hindi movie after so long. Such a brilliant theme and unlimited laughter. Appreciate Rhea Kapoor's guts! It takes a certain kind of bravado to take such a project. Hats off to you girls!!!!

Absolutely LOVED the movie. All 4 girls have done amazing job. It was a pure laughathon super entertaining. hoping for a sequel hopefully more insight on Avani and bhandari as couple they were so adorable haha.
and for Nikhil he's such a down earth also a good actor..hope he keep producing good movies!More Female Hero movies please Rhea Ekta!.cheers!!

I agree, Sonam should just start a fashion business, or Modelling, that all she can do, actinic not her cup of tea, even a film like Neerja, she could not act.. the whole national award was a sham, it was embrrassing to see her getting an award for such a horrible acting..

I saw veere di wedding yesterday.I was expecting some acting from sonam after her insane preparations for the film as she had mentioned.
But this lady hasn't improved a bit since sawariya days.her performance is the weakest link in the whole film.
One should accept gracefully that she's not meant to be an actress but these nepo kids shamelessly gets plenty of chances.
Wat a waste of an opportunity.

BET you haven't watched the film!!sour grapes lol

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