Happy Shin Hyun Been Day: Exploring actress’ best roles from Hospital Playlist to Tell Me That You Love Me and more

Shin Hyun Been celebrates her 37th birthday today. Let’s look at her best roles from Hospital Playlist to Tell Me That You Love Me and more.

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Shin Hyun Been; Image: YOOBORN Company
Shin Hyun Been; Image: YOOBORN Company

Shin Hyun Been, the South Korean actress who garnered immense love after playing the role of a doctor in Hospital Playlist turns 37 today. The actress has been wowing fans and audiences with her show-stopping performances in movies and dramas. Her acting has only risen with the days and years of her sterling career which spans over ten years. 

On Shin Hyun Been’s birthday, let’s explore her journey as an actress in K-dramas and movies while dissecting her best roles. 

Shin Hyun Been Day: Taking a stroll down her magnificent journey as an actress 

Shin Hyun Been’s beginnings as an actress

Shin Hyun Been, born Kwak Hyun Been, started her career as an actress by auditioning for various roles. Harboring a desire to become an actress from her teen days, Shin Hyun Been couldn't gather the courage to audition until after college. The actress subsequently landed two roles in a movie and in a K-drama. 

Shin Hyun Been made her acting debut with the black comedy film He’s on Duty. She played the role of a Vietnamese girl Jang Mi. In the movie, she struggles with workplace racism as a Vietnamese woman in South Korea. The other role that Shin Hyun Been landed was in Ji Chang Wook’s Warrior Baek Dong Soo. She played the role of Ji Chang Wook and Yoo Seung Ho’s love interest, Yoo Ji Sun in the historical K-drama.


It is interesting to note though comparatively new to the industry Shin Hyun Been still managed to star in main roles in her debut roles in movies and K-drama. Her roles earned her Best Actress award at the 47th Baeksang Arts Awards and mainstream recognition. Shin Hyun Been continued acting in movies like Confidential Assignment, Sunset in My Hometown, and Almost Che. Furthering her roles in dramas Queen of Mystery, Mimi, Mistress and more. 

Shin Hyun Been saw her popularity majorly change when she finally landed the role of a female lead in Confession alongside Lee Jun Ho. More towards her beginning breakthroughs, this role set her apart where she played a cold yet warm fellow worker of Lee Jun Ho. 

Surprising yet again with her role in Lee Soo Jin in the supernatural thriller Monstrous alongside Koo Kyo Hwan

Dissecting Shin Hyun Been’s best roles

1. Jang Gyeo Ul in Hospital Playlist


Shin Hyun Been shot to immense popularity with her role in the major hit medical K-drama Hospital Playlist. Hospital Playlist follows the story of five doctors who work together at the Yulje Medical Centre, they have been friends since medical school. Shin Hyun Been plays the much-in-demand Surgery resident, Jang Gyeo Ul.

Shin Hyun Been filled in the show as the only resident for general surgery. She is straightforward and blunt at times, but she takes her patient’s well-being as the most important in her life. She was looked upon by all specialist doctors for assistance when things were out of their hands. Shin Hyun Been’s acting touched the hearts of viewers as she navigated her stressful life as a surgeon and later the love interest of Ahn Jeong Won (Yoo Yeon Seok).

2. Seo Min Young in Reborn Rich 

Reborn Rich furthered Shin Hyun Been’s recognition not only in South Korea but internationally as well. Reborn Rich is based on a web novel of the same name, where a royal employee (Song Joong Ki) working for a chaebol Soonyang group is murdered by his employers for covering up their tax evasion crime. But the tables turn when he is reborn as the youngest grandson of the Soonyang family and seeing it as his only chance to exact revenge, he plots to usurp their power. 


Shin Hyun Been plays the sophisticated Seo Min Young, she is a prosecutor at the Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office. She later becomes the love interest of Song Joong Ki. Her role as a prosecutor and lover of Song Joong Ki was a treat to watch. She beautifully plays the overlapping emotions and duties that weigh heavy on her in this fantasy and revenge K-drama.

3. Jung Mo Eun in Tell Me That You Love Me

Shin Hyun Been’s latest role exhibits her in a new much softer and more romantic light than any other portrayals by her. Tell Me That You Love Me paints a beautiful love story between a hearing-impaired painter, Cha Jin Woo, and an aspiring actress, Jung Mo Eun who is known for speaking her heart out. The romantic K-drama is based on the award-winning Japanese drama Aishiteiru to Itte Kure and is directed by Our Beloved Summer director.  

Shin Hyun Been’s heart-fluttering portrayal of Jung Mo Eun as a proud, expressive woman who does not shy away from speaking her heart and aiming for her dreams and love. She is a warm figure in Cha Jin Woo’s life and she expresses her feelings without any hesitation, bringing them closer. Shin Hyun Been’s soft disposition with her loving aspects as Jung Mo Eun captivates fans with her heart-touching acting. 


Shin Hyun Been will soon be returning to the small screen with her lead role as Haa Yoon Seo in the upcoming drama Cinderella at 2AM alongside Moon Sang Min.

We wish Shin Hyun Been a heartiest happy birthday and wait to see her again soon as a splendid actress!

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