EXCLUSIVE: Niharika Konidela is one person who didn't interrupt my work REVEALS celeb makeup artist Sandeep

From must-have makeup products for beginners to wedding trend, celebrity makeup artist Sandeep Molugu reveals it all.
Makeup artist Sandeep Molugu interview EXCLUSIVE: Niharika Konidela is one person who didn't interrupt my work REVEALS celeb makeup artist Sandeep
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One of the most sought after makeup artists and the magician, Sandeep Molugu has worked with many celebs down South including Lakshmi Manchu, Regina Cassandra, Rakul Preet Singh, Samantha Akkineni and Kajal Aggarwal. Besides being a popular name in the modelling and film industry, the celebrity makeup artist, who is popularly known as Sandy, has worked on multiple successful projects as well. He has become a trusted name in the fashion industry. Recently, Sandeep Molugu spilled the beans on his journey to success, his go-to signature make-up look, skincare and more. 

We caught up with him recently and here is what he had to say about all things makeup: 

Tell us about your journey as a makeup artist? 

My journey has been incredible and ever since I was a kid, I was inclined with beauty. I used to do my sister's makeup by taking inspirations from actresses, models and I truly used to work like how they used to work on them. Be it wearing eyelashes, smokey eye, using deep lipsticks and whatever it was. I was drawn towards beauty and makeup. So that's how it all started. Then I was a part of Shamaik Dawar institute of performing arts and I was a dancer and a performer there. I was always used to see how my dancers and co-dancers are looking on the stage, in terms of costume designing, makeup or hair. So, everything used to go from me. If I said yes, they used to follow that but I never really thought of getting into makeup when I was also working for an MNC. But since I had that thing in my mind, I took my friends and worked on them. A couple of friends really liked it and I thought why not? I thought of trying it on my own as a profession... Though it all started as a hobby to be honest but at the same time hobby turned into the makeup profession. 

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Can you recall your first collaboration with a celebrity? 

My first celebrity was definitely Priya Anand in 2011. She was also starting as an actress then and we got along well. She really liked my work and that's how it all started. She literally dragged me into getting movies and I did take the privilege that she has chosen me to work as a makeup artist for English Vinglish movie. I'm glad that I did because it is one of the most beautiful movies with the late Sridevi Ji and I feel lucky to get associated with it. 

What is your signature make-up look like and what is it about your style that sets you apart from others? 

My signature makeup is more to do with minimalistic...I keep skin more natural, less makeup. I believe, if the skin is clear, I do not require to do much makeup unlike there is much pigmentation or marks and that's when a lot of makeup goes into it. I would recommend keeping very clear skin and apart from this, the signature looks that I do is smokey eyes with a nude lipstick or going nude eyes and bold lipstick. I keep it natural and minimal about it, so people like it. I do not do a lot of base and foundation...I keep it realistic like the person had worn the makeup on their own. 

One makeup beauty trend this wedding season that you are obsessed with? 

I really liked one of the makeup artists from London called Nikki and the way she draws eyeliner and eyelashes. I'm obsessed with the kind of makeup she does on the models and I inculcate the same more or less thing with our brides, the models I work with. 

Most outrageous makeup item you ever bought?

Well, I buy a lot of makeup to experiment first on myself and then do it on others. I usually stick to particular brands...as such, there is no bizarre makeup things that I have bought. 

Basic must-have makeup products for beginners. 

Basic stuff like moisturiser, primer, concealer, foundation and an eye-shadow palette, some brushes, lipsticks and of course, setting spray. 

Just go all out to make sure your skin is healthy.
Sandeep Molugu- Makeup Artist

One makeup and skincare tip you would like to share? 

Peep your skin clear, moisturise every day, use sunscreen to avoid UV RAYS and keep it cleaner. Just go all out to make sure your skin is healthy. Follow a good diet and supplements to take. Eat neat and drink a lot of water. 

Niharika's wedding looks were the talk of the town? How was your experience? 

Niharika's wedding was like a family wedding. I already did her cousin Sreeja's makeup before who is actor Chiranjeevi's daughter. It was an amazing experience...I was treated like a family there. I used to go to every occasion and it was like my own sister's wedding. I didn't get tired of working on Niharika even for a bit. Considering there was a time frame, I still put in my best and is evident from all the looks I have created. So Niharika was one person who didn't really interrupted or had any suggestions...she completely believed in me and the looks really turned out so good. 

Lastly, you have completed 10 years in the industry, how do you look at your journey?

The journey has been amazing because I got to work with a lot of actors, models, photographers and they finally became good friends. They keep the work going by appreciating each other's work. Clients became friends and been supportive all the time. It is pure gratitude. What I give is what I get. It is really worth it and I really enjoyed all these years.