Why watch The Auditors? 3 reasons to keep an eye on Shin Ha Kyun and Lee Jung Ha’s intriguing K-drama

The Auditors is an upcoming K-drama that will be released soon. Let’s explore the reasons why you should not give it a miss.

Updated on Jul 06, 2024  |  06:12 PM IST |  86.9K
The Auditors: tvN
The Auditors: tvN

The Auditors is an upcoming South Korean series directed by Kwon Young Il and Joo Sang Gyu and written by Choi Min Ho. Starring Shin Ha Kyun in the lead role, the plot of the story follows a talented audit team leader known for his dedication and precision. He joins his force with a young employee to uncover the truth behind the ongoing and rampant corruption widespread in the company.

The rest of the cast ensemble includes Lee Jung Ha, Jin Goo, Jo Aram, Jung Moon Sung, Jung Dong Hwan, Baek Hyun Jin, Oh Hee Joon, Hong In, Lee Ji Hyun, and more. The show is scheduled to premiere on July 6, 2024. 

Intriguing storyline

The show's plot unfolds the gripping tale of a gifted audit team leader and a fresh-faced new employee joining forces to expose extensive corruption within their company. The narrative kicks off with Shin Cha Il, who takes the lead of the audit team at JU Construction, a company steeped in corruption. Shin Cha Il is a man who lacks faith in others, has a cold demeanor, and has a knack for sharp judgment and decisive action in his work.

The audit team also welcomes rookie employee Gu Han Soo, who initially joins the team as a stepping stone to secure a transfer to JU Construction's Florida branch. However, his plan is complicated by Shin Cha Il. Unlike his boss, Gu Han Soo is kind-hearted and warm, and working alongside his new boss helps him grow as a member of the audit team.


Adding to the tension is Hwang Dae Woong, the vice president of JU Construction and the third son of the company's founder. Driven by ambition, he is determined to outshine his two older brothers and become the company's president.

Yoon Seo Jin, another rookie on the audit team, is an individualist with a drive for success. Her personality starkly contrasts with that of Gu Han Soo. Despite her longstanding acquaintance with Vice President Hwang Dae Woong from childhood, they maintain the facade of strangers at work, adding another layer of intrigue to the story.

Multi-layered writing

The story delves into a prominent issue that society struggles to overcome every day: corruption. Corruption not only leads an institution toward inefficiency but also deteriorates morale among workers and citizens, as their hard work yields no results due to a few rotten apples. 

Moreover, it leads to further complications that can have serious repercussions on a person's life. Addressing such an important topic in media is crucial, as it normalizes conversations about it in real life and enables meaningful discussions.


Additionally, the story touches on themes of brain drain, which occurs when countries lack the proper resources to meet their citizens' needs. It also portrays the dirty politics within a company, further affecting the organization.

Stellar cast

Led by the talented and legendary Shin Ha Kyun, this is enough reason for one to watch the show. The actor has previously appeared in multiple popular K-dramas such as Brain, Soul Mechanic, Beyond Evil, and the films Joint Security Area, Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance, Save the Green Planet!, Welcome to Dongmakgol, Empire of Lust, Less Than Evil, and more.

The actor is joined by Lee Jung Ha, an up-and-coming actor in the industry who has appeared in shows such as Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung, Run On, and Nevertheless. However, he gained worldwide recognition for his lead role in the critically acclaimed show Moving.

Joining them are talented cast members of The Auditors, which includes Lee Jung Ha, Jin Goo, Jo Aram, Jung Moon Sung, Jung Dong Hwan, Baek Hyun Jin, Oh Hee Joon, Hong In, Lee Ji Hyun, and more. The show is scheduled to premiere on July 6, 2024.


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