Anupamaa Written Update, June 12: Anupama’s love confession makes Anuj happy; Shruti gets restless

In today's (June 12) episode, Devika forces Anupama to share if she still loves Anuj. Meanwhile, Shruti learns about Anuj’s feelings for Anupama.

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Anupamaa, June 12, 2024 episode: The episode begins with Devika questioning Anupama about why she didn’t tell her about Gulat. Anupama responds that it was not important to her. Devika then compares Vanraj and Anuj, highlighting that while both are Anupama’s exes, Vanraj never misses a chance to insult Anupama, whereas Anuj always supports her. Devika then asks Anupama if she still harbors feelings for Anuj, leaving Anupama shocked.

Shruti gets to know about Anuj’s feelings for Anupama

Vanraj is looking for his phone and wonders where it has gone. He asks Ansh about it, but the kid says he hasn’t seen it. Kavya notices Vanraj’s possessiveness over his phone and suspects he doesn’t want anyone to see it. Mahi then comes and finds the phone for Vanraj, who takes it and leaves.

Devika continues to question Anupama, asking if she felt bad upon hearing about Anuj marrying Shruti. She accuses Anuj of easily moving on with his life and using Anupama solely to care for his daughter’s health condition. Devika doubts Anuj’s love for Anupama and suggests that he might actually be a bad person.

Anupama takes all the blame on herself, saying that it was her who left Anuj. She justifies Anuj asking her to look after Aadhya, explaining that he sees her as Aadhya’s mother. Devika tries to make Anupama confess that she still loves Anuj, but Anupama evades the question and tells Devika to hurry up for the wedding event. Meanwhile, Anuj decides to pick up Anupama and Devika and plans to discuss Gulati with Anupama.


Shruti, back in Anuj's room, opens his cupboard, takes out his shirt, and hugs it. As she does, his diary falls to the floor. Shruti finds a dry gajra in it and reads Anuj’s poetry, learning about his love for Anupama. She starts panicking and contemplates whether she should go to India or call Anuj and Aadhya back to the US.

Devika makes Anupama admit her love for Anuj

Devika gets adamant about knowing what is in Anupama’s heart. She makes Anupama swear on Samar and asks if she loves Anuj. Anupama finally professes her love for Anuj. Anuj overhears Anupama’s confession and gets elated.

Vanraj orders someone on the phone that he wants the evidence at any cost as he can’t let this marriage happen. Mahi hears him and asks whose marriage he was talking about. Vanraj makes excuses to convince Mahi. However, she gets suspicious of him. Vanraj then threatens to send her to the hostel if she attempts to tell anyone. Mahi says she won’t utter a word and goes.


Anupama expresses her love for Anuj but also acknowledges the fact that Anuj has now moved on with Shruti. She says that she does get sad seeing Anuj and Aadhya with Shruti. But Shruti is a perfect girl. Anupama shows her confidence in Shruti. Anuj keeps listening to Anupama.

Titu asks God to give him strength to say the truth. He worries about Dimpy’s reaction. Dimpy takes him aside and kisses him on the cheek for cooking tasty food. Titu gets astonished on seeing Dimpy’s romantic side. Dimpy is about to take Samar’s name but stops.

Anuj is in dilemma after hearing Anupama’s confession

Titu tells Dimpy not to hesitate while remembering Samar. Dimpy shares that Samar had many dreams about Ansh. Titu promises to fulfill all those dreams together. Dimpy asks Titu to say whatever he wanted to share. As Titu begins to talk about his past, he receives a call and gets stunned. He tells Dimpy that his friend has met with an accident and he will be home before the Sangeet. 


While pouring her heart out in front of Devika, Anupama says she never tried to get Anuj back—neither from Maya nor from Shruti. She recollects Shruti’s sacrifices and says she won’t get her wedding canceled. Anupama says she just wants to see Anuj and Aadhya happy. She hugs Devika and weeps. Anuj gets emotional on hearing all this.

Dimpy comes and applies spray on her injured leg. Kinjal sobs and opens up to Dimpy about feeling helpless. She says that she wants to be strong like Anupama and ignore Toshu’s taunts. Kinjal admits that her relationship with Toshu is lifeless as Toshu always demeans her. She says she wants to return to America, but now Toshu wants to stay in India. Kinjal gets concerned about her career and future. She decides to take a stand for herself like Anupama.

Anuj thinks about Anupama while sitting on the road. He says that he doesn’t know the fate of his relationship, but he deeply loves Anupama. Anuj cries. The episode ends here

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