Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update, June 15: Abhira gets excited to meet Armaan

In today's episode (June 15) of YRKKH, Abhira and Armaan talk to each other on the phone. Meanwhile, Ruhi frees Armaan of all the bonds they ever had.

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (PC: Hotstar)

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, June 15, 2024, episode: The episode begins with Abhira wondering why Armaan backed off from his marriage with Ruhi. She makes up her mind to meet him and learn the exact reason for his wedding getting canceled at the last moment. Madhav suggests that Abhira rest and get well first.

Armaan determined to bring Abhira back in his life

Armaan removes the flowers from his car and leaves. He calls himself the worst man, taking the blame for ruining Ruhi’s life and hurting his family. He checks the message he had sent to Abhira and realizes that it has not reached her yet. Armaan decides to call Abhira.

Abhira asks Madhav to give her a charger, as she left all her belongings on the bus. Madhav tells her that he will get a new charger. She gets worried about how she will contact Armaan if her mobile has no battery. Meanwhile, Armaan fails to connect with Abhira and thinks that she might have forgotten to charge her phone. Armaan asks Kriplin to inform him as soon as Abhira reaches the resort. He then gets concerned about Abhira’s safety and decides that he cannot wait for Kriplin’s call. Armaan decides to go to Mussoorie.


Abhira gets restless. She tells Madhav to come with her to get the charger. Madhav asks her to calm down and manage her expectations, as he can't bear to see her heart break again. He then leaves.

Meanwhile, Vidya gets stressed about Madhav. Sanjay accuses Armaan of spoiling the family's reputation. Manoj, Manisha, and the kids take Armaan’s side. Kaveri says they will become a subject of mockery for the entire city because of Armaan. Sanjay opines that they need to address the situation, or their firm might suffer losses.

Ruhi decides to move on

Abhira is lost in thought. Madhav advises her to rest. She asks him if he got the charger. Abhira puts her phone on charge, but the plug doesn’t work. Madhav checks for the fault. He asks Abhira if she is curious to talk to Armaan. Abhira replies that she just wants to learn why Armaan did not unite with Ruhi.


Kiara suggests they should tell Abhira about Armaan’s feelings for her. Kaveri shuts her up and warns that nobody should inform Abhira about the marriage getting called off.

At the temple, Manish calms down Ruhi and asks for happiness from God. Ruhi says Armaan was her happiness. Swarna says they will pray that Ruhi never faces the Poddar family again.

Ruhi imagines Charu coming to her. Charu hugs Ruhi and apologizes on Armaan’s behalf. As Charu begins to talk about Armaan’s love for Abhira, Ruhi covers her ears. She runs onto the road and comes in front of Armaan’s car.

Armaan asks if she is fine and shows concern for Ruhi. She condemns him. Armaan apologizes to her. Manish, Swarna, and Surekha also arrive. Ruhi removes the ring and states that she doesn’t need Armaan’s pity. She releases him from every relationship, love, and guilt. Ruhi says she was mad because she couldn’t see the truth. She talks about overlooking her family and self-respect for Armaan.


Ruhi asks Armaan to go to Abhira and confess his love, assuring him that she won’t come between them. Armaan says he is ashamed of his actions. Ruhi replies that she is also hurt and leaves with her family.

Armaan connects with Abhira on call

Charu arrives and informs Armaan that Kaveri is calling him home. Armaan apologizes to Kaveri and tells her that he is going to Mussoorie to bring Abhira back. He also requests her to accept their love. Manisha and the kids are happy to hear this. Armaan leaves, while Vidya and Kaveri get furious. 

Abhira’s phone finally switches on. She says she wants to talk to Armaan and know why he refused to marry Ruhi. Abhira wonders if Armaan also loves her.

Determined, Abhira makes up her mind to meet Armaan. Madhav stops her, prompting Abhira to question why he is doing so when he always wanted to see her and Armaan together. 

Just then, she receives a call from Armaan. Madhav asks her not to pick it up, but Abhira takes the call anyway. Armaan smiles upon hearing Abhira’s voice and learns that she didn’t go to Mussoorie. He tells her that he broke his marriage with Ruhi and is about to profess his love but decides to express his feelings in person instead. Armaan asks for Abhira’s current address and tells her to wait for him. Abhira senses that Armaan also loves her. Madhav then asks if Abhira believes Armaan can keep his promise. The episode ends here.


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