EXCLUSIVE: Bharat: Katrina Kaif's hair stylist praises the actress; Calls it his 'best experience so far'

Katrina Kaif's hair stylist for Bharat decodes her curly hair look as Kumud Raina. Read EXCLUSIVE details.
EXCLUSIVE: Bharat: Katrina Kaif's hair stylist praises the actress; Calls it his 'best experience so far'EXCLUSIVE: Bharat: Katrina Kaif's hair stylist praises the actress; Calls it his 'best experience so far'
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Shining bright in Salman Khan starrer Bharat trailer, Katrina Kaif dons a curly hair look as Kumud Raina, an employment consultant. That her looks for the movie has already got everyone smitten is not surprising. We are totally in love with those frizzy curls, aren't we? Hence, we got her hair stylist Amit Thakur to decode her look for Bharat in an exclusive chat. From walking on to the sets last moment (after Priyanka Chopra Jonas made a hasty exit) to creating this look, to Katrina's co-operation for the same, Amit shared a few details about what went behind creating Kumud's hair style. Over to him:

Katrina's curly hair look for Bharat chronicling around three decades has grabbed a lot of eyeballs. What was the brief given for the character Kumud Raina? 

Umm, this film came to me at the very last moment as there had been some major changes closer to the shoot date. Hence, I hardly had anytime to go through the script in this case, but I was very excited to be doing this film. The only thing I knew was that we had to make her look different from her previous films. Also, Bharat is a period film set in 3 different times from 1968 to 2010 so we needed something that added to the authenticity of the character and looks extremely natural.

What was Katrina's contribution in it? 

Katrina was so involved in everything when it comes to this film and I was happy to see that she was open to experimenting on her hair. We did try a few hair textures that would look really natural and would suit her character and at the same point of time make her look different, and finally, we locked down to the natural UNDONE CURLY HAIR  which we all fell in love with.

Was it a challenge to ensure that the look is different and at the same time relatable, given that the story is set in different timelines? 

Honestly, it wasn’t really a challenge, but I took it as a challenge and kept working on making the hair more and more natural looking in the first few days of shoot. Also since we have shown her at three different ages, I wanted to stick to the same hair texture to make it look more real. Given that the texture of the hair doesn’t really change with age, so even when I have tied her hair in the old age scenes I have kept the texture as curly. The whole idea was to convince people that Kumud has not so-set, perfectly styled curls but a lil frizzy, beautiful curls which most Indian women have. 

The movie was set at different places including the Gulf. Did the climatic change become a hindrance in ensuring the hair style doesn't differ or falter? 

About weather and climatic changes, ah yes it wasn't easy to maintain the texture just the way I did in an air conditioned indoor set. We were shooting in extremely hot weather in the Middle East where the temperature never went below 40 degree celsius, but we managed with the help of some anti humidity products and touching up the texture from time to time.

Now when you look at it, do you feel validated and satisfied with what has come out? 

Oh, of course, I love whatever I have seen till now. I am actually more than satisfied after seeing the trailer and also all the songs that have come out. In fact, I was overwhelmed by the response the look has got and how so many people are appreciating and loving the hair. I really want to thank Ali Abbas Zafar (the director) and Marcin Laskawiec (DOP) for making it all look so cinematically beautiful.

What is the best and worst part of being the person behind Katrina's Hairdo?

There are so many things. I mean I love how she has rocked and owned this curly hair. She looks so comfortable that it looks like it’s her own hair. Not for a single moment, I felt I shouldn’t have done this with her. It was actually one of my best film experiences so far. 

Bharat releases on June 5, 2019. 


Wth is wrong with people? This article is about her hairstyle in Bharat and everyone in the comments is discussing her skin colour?!? Doesn't matter WHAT her skin colour is - if you have a problem with it then don't watch the film but no need to insult her ._.

I wish the hair looks more soft and silky.it looks too rough n dry. Her original hair would look much better. This haistyle doesn't give her a different looks. madam Rekha's curly hair looks much much better..

Katrina you obviously mean so much to these haters that they are giving you so much importance. That’s a great salute to how you have made your mark in Bollywood. Keep being the person that you are.

This hairdo looks sooo fake on katrina..it just doesn't look natural,all made up..even PCs met gala hairdo looked more natural than this lol

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Just hope Katrina's expressions in film will also show some variation like her hair.

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Good Lord, now she needs to be praised for changing her hair for a character she's playing? How stupid

Good Lord, now she needs to be praised for changing her hair for a character she's playing? How stupid

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