EXCLUSIVE - John Abraham: We are hoping Parmanu will touch 100 days at the movies

It's not every day that John Abraham agrees to a telephonic interview. But the actor who rarely behaves like a star has a reason to celebrate and no it's not his upcoming film Satyamev Jayate. It's his last sleeper hit, Parmanu- The story of Pokhran instead.
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It's not every day that John Abraham agrees to a telephonic interview. But the actor who rarely behaves like a star has a reason to celebrate and no it's not his upcoming film Satyamev Jayate. It's his last sleeper hit, Parmanu- The story of Pokhran instead. The film that released 78 days ago is still running successfully in theatres. In between his on-going promotions for SMJ, the star takes a quick 10-minute break to share his thought on this latest feat Parmamnu has achieved.

Parmanu has in these 78 days earned approximately Rs 73 Crores plus worldwide and is still going strong. This week it does face competition from Kamal Haasan starrer Vishwaroopam 2 and next week Akshay Kumar's Gold and John's Sataymev Jayate. In spite of the upcoming big releases- one of them being his own - the actor seems relieved and happy with the unexpected response Parmanu has got. From talking about Parmanu becoming a sleeper hit to the film not earning Rs 150 Crores thanks to the bad co-producers that existed earlier. 
Read the excerpts from the interview below:
Pinkvilla: It is very uncommon for any film to run for a week let alone 78 days at the box office. How does it feel, you being the actor/producer of Parmanau?
John: Today is the 78th day and now we are hoping it will touch 100 days. It is uncommon for a film to last more than a week. I am grateful to the audience and the media for supporting this film. At the end of the day, the best promotion for the film is the film itself.
Pinkvilla: There are only 53 Fridays in a year and all big films eye for a perfect weekend release. In spite of the fight for screens every week, Parmanau has managed to stay strong in the theatres. Isn't this a feat all producers would want nowadays?
John: Think of the release date of Parmanu (25th May), we had only 5 days to promote the film. It released two weeks after a similar genre film, Raazi, one week before Veere Di Weeding. This film released on the semi-finals of IPL. The opening Sunday was the IPL. Parmanu released during Ramzan. I think everything that could have gone wrong with the release date of the film happened to the film. It still stood the test of time and hence, I am a strong believer of the fact that it is fine if the film doesn't open to Rs 100 crores on the first 3 days, I want to see if your film lasts on the fourth day. Parmanu actually has lasted 78 days now and counting" 


Pinkvilla: If Parmanu would have kept its original release date (8th December 2017), do you think the impact would have been different?

John: Had it released on a good weekend and if it had a requisite promotion and awareness, the trade says this film could have easily earned Rs 150 crores and the film would have been running. I feel with the bad co-producers that existed we lost a lot of traction. Notwithstanding that, the film found the feet with the audience, in fact, the audience found the film and it is still running. 

Pinkvilla: The film is also now available on Netflix, what kind of response do you expect for the Parmanu now that it is on the digital world?
John: The reaction is fantabulous. I think Parmanu released after 2 and a half months of its release on Netflix. The response I have got is very rare that the film is still running in the theatres and is running on the digital platform at the same time. The funny part is that Parmanu will be still running when Satyameva Jayate releases next week." 
Pinkvilla: Over the years, you have picked films that have a storyline with India and patriotism as its sentiment. Is this a conscious decision as it definitely creates an image in the mind of the movie-goers?
John:  I just concentrate on good content. Coincidently films like RAW, Batla House and Parmanu have all gravitated to me, they do have an element of India but the patriotism is not jingoistic. I  think  Parmanu has left such a strong mark in people's mind that they feel that I am going down that route but the fact is I want to do just good content.
John Abraham will be next seen in Satyamev Jayate which hits the screen on 15th August 2018. 


Whole family watched this great movie. Kids asked questions about the true facts & were interested. Well done John!!!

very happy for John and parmanu team..!! the movie is indeed a pure reflection of hard work and talents of everyone on the team.

very happy for john and the team... coincidentally diana's next film is also releasing this month.

It's on Netflix now. Didn't know it is still running in some theatres.

This movie will rock. You deserve this John!

What an amazing guy John is! No BS publicity stunts, just pure movies that are full of heart. Love him.

Well done John

AWESOME movie parmanu!! Well done john!!

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