SEVENTEEN 9th Anniversary: 10 hidden song treasures you didn’t know and ought to listen

SEVENTEEN is celebrating its 9th debut anniversary today. To mark the day, let’s look at 10 hidden song treasures by the boy group you didn’t know and ought to listen to.

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SEVENTEEN; Image: PLEDIS Entertainment
SEVENTEEN; Image: PLEDIS Entertainment

SEVENTEEN is the 13-member boy group that has established itself as one of the most influential and charismatic K-pop boy groups riding the Hallyu wave. SEVENTEEN began their journey 9 years ago today on May 26, 2015, by dropping their debut extended play 17 CARAT with the hit lead single Adore U. Since that day, the boy band has been creating memorable hist expanding over various genres and themes. 

SEVENTEEN is known for giving major hits like Super, MAESTRO, VERY NICE, HOT, God of Music, Fire, CHEERS, Shadow, Rock with You, and Left & Right among many others. Meanwhile, the sub-unit of SEVENTEEN, BSS, and songs released by the members as solo artists are another hidden treasure that every fan needs to indulge in. 

On the occasion of the boy band’s 9th debut anniversary, read about 10 hidden song treasures that you probably missed out on and ought to listen to. 

Happy SEVENTEEN Day: 10 hidden song treasures by the boy band you ought to listen

1. Shining Diamond

Shining Diamond is a song from SEVENTEEN’s debut album and is one of the hidden tracks that undoubtedly deserves way more attention. The song is a fast-paced pop track with drums, electric guitar, and bass background instrumental.

The sound of the Shining Diamond is amazingly addictive and defines their originality and musical style. Meanwhile, the song is captivatingly funky and features a robust style that sets it apart from other debut tracks or singles. 


2. Ready to Love

Ready to Love by SEVENTEEN from their eighth mini album Your Choice. Even being a lead single Ready to Love remains a hidden treasure and it needs to be listened to more.

The song is an R&B pop song with a beautiful fast-paced drum-laced score along with a synth base. The song sings of falling in love and confessing feelings to your beloved. It talks of running away and being a fool in love. 

3. Lie Again

Lie Again is a beautiful ballad song from SEVETEEN’s third album An Ode. Lie Again captures the heart-wrenching pains of love. In the throes of being in love even when it becomes hard, we say bitter words just to make it easier when in reality the feelings are the opposite.

The song sings of letting go so the pain subsides when in reality they want their beloved to stay and see it through. The song with sweet background instrumentals and falsetto beats combined with melancholic and melodious vocals, is an indispensable buried treasure.


4. Bittersweet

Bittersweet was released by Wonwoo and Mingyu as a kickstart to SEVENTEEN’s Power of Love project which was soon followed by the mini album Your Choice. Bittersweet is a true buried treasure in the discography of SEVENTEEN that needs to be unraveled and listened to no matter what. 

Bittersweet sings of being caught in a love triangle overlapping the threads of friendship and love. The song with guitar and piano-laced instrumentals and Wonwoo and Mingyu’s vocals become a melodious treasure. 

5. Falling For U

Falling For U is a beautiful melody from SEVENTEEN’s special album DIRECTOR’S CUT and brings about a calm enthralling experience with it. Falling For U is a song with a jazz base and subtle pop strides in it, with a beautiful melody.

It is a soothing, calm, and dreamy song that sings of finding a person to share your life with, sharing the smallest and the biggest happiness of life. The song captures the slow yet sweet process of falling in love. 


6. 247

247 is a big treasure in SEVENTEEN’s discography and needs to be experienced, by the Performance team of the boy band. 247 is a romantic song with a sweet popping tune.

It sings of being with one’s beloved 24/7 without any end. It is a song sung from a love-struck perspective and sings like an addictive melody. 

7. Love Letter

Love Letter is a light-hearted pop song with a beautiful melody that sings about writing a love letter. The song sings of the feeling when one fails at putting words to their feelings so they try to pen it down but even then it is hard.

They write their feelings in the letter and throw it in the sky so that they embrace them in a hug of love. Love Letter is a heartfelt romantic song reminding us of the sweet restlessness and fear of being rejected when confessing feelings.

8. Let me hear you say

Let me hear you say remains a hidden B-side track treasure that needs to be enjoyed more. The song is a beautiful message to SEVENTEEN’s fans who they endearingly call chocolates. The song is a beautiful romantic melody with a synth, electric guitar, and drums-laced background score that makes it even more captivating. 


Let me hear you say is a romantic track that sings of romantic bliss when love completes one while telling one's beloved that they are only what they need and desire. 

9. Pinwheel

Pinwheel is one of the most underrated songs by the boy band SEVENTEEN and needs to be listened to much more. The song is a heartwarming ethereal piece of music sung by the Vocal unit of SEVENTEEN. 

The song features a beautiful and captivating piano background score laced with percussion and strings creating a moving atmosphere that connects deeply with listeners. Pinwheel sings of separation and loss but finds reasons to still hold on to each other. 



HOME;RUN is a fun high-energy pop track by SEVENTEEN which needs to be on your playlist. HOME;RUN is the title song of their mini album ;[Semicolon] and deserves more attention from you.

The track brings back the swing music with a hyper-energetic twist, brass sounds, a jazzy bass, piano, and cheerful beats. The song sings to the youth and gives them energy telling them to keep their head up and hit home runs along with a special message to take breaks. 

So, get aboard the SEVENTEEN train and get ready to indulge in these buried treasures and more.


Listen to SEVENTEEN hidden underrated song treasures and celebrate the 9th anniversary of their debut. 

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