Who is Lee Seung Hyub? Meet N.Flying member and rising actor from K-dramas Lovely Runner, Shooting Stars and more

Lee Seung Hyub is gaining popularity thanks to his role in Lovely Runner but he has also starred in numerous other projects and is a K-pop group member. Let’s take a look!

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Lee Seung Hyub (Image Credits-FNC Entertainment, tvN)
Lee Seung Hyub (Image Credits-FNC Entertainment, tvN)

Lee Seung Hyub, born on October 31, 1992, is a multifaceted South Korean artist. He's known as a rapper, singer, instrumentalist, songwriter, and actor. Lee made his official debut in 2013 and gained recognition as the leader of the South Korean band N.Flying. Besides his musical endeavors, he has ventured into acting, starring in several K-dramas, establishing himself as a promising talent in both the music and acting industries.

Lee Seung Hyub: A rising actor

Lee Seung Hyub, also recognized as J.Don, is a versatile South Korean artist managed by FNC Entertainment. Beyond his roles as a rapper, singer, instrumentalist, songwriter, and actor, Lee has left his mark on various platforms. In 2016, he made a notable cameo appearance in the South Korean drama Entertainer. Additionally, he ventured into web dramas, making his debut in the series All the Love in the World: Season 3, portraying the character of Dr. Lee Seung Hyub. He has also starred in numerous other K-dramas

Must You Go?

This web series follows the journey of Min Yoo Jung (Park Jung Yeon), a 25-year-old aspiring pop musician who spends her evenings busking on the streets, yearning for her musical dreams to come true. Her life takes a bizarre turn when Park Yeon (SF9’s Chani), a talented musician from the Joseon Dynasty, is transported to the present day. Park Yeon offers to help Min Yoo Jung on her musical journey.


But Park Yeon isn't the only unexpected visitor from the past. Lee Won (played by Lee Seung Hyub), a gifted vocalist, also travels through time and crosses paths with Min Yoo Jung. The plot thickens when Jung Do Young (Ji An), an entertainment industry professional, utilizes her own abilities to go into the past and uncover Park Yeon's secrets.


In spite of their differences, an uncertain romance blossoms between Yoo Nabi (Han So Hee), a woman scarred by heartbreak and skepticism towards love, and Park Jae Eon (Song Kang), a charming man afraid of commitment. 

In this role, Lee Seung Hyub portrays Jung Joo Hyuk, a character smitten with Yoon Sol (played by Lee Ho Jung) from the moment he lays eyes on her. Seung Hyub's portrayal of Joo Hyuk captivates audiences, his chemistry with Lee Ho Jung has sparked joy and excitement among viewers as they watch him pursue her.


Shooting Stars

Shooting Stars follows the roller coaster romance and comedy story of A-list celebrity Gong Tae Sung (Kim Young Dae) and Oh Han Byul (Lee Sung Kyung), the head of PR at Starforce Entertainment, as they navigate a love-hate dynamic. Lee Seung Hyub takes on the role of Kang Si Deok, a humble restaurant owner of Sidokine, a renowned soup spot in Daegu.

His life takes an unexpected turn when he's scouted and transforms into the budding actor, all thanks to his determined manager Park Ho Young. Embracing his new identity, Kang Si Deok embarks on a journey into the world of acting under the stage name Kang Yoo Sung.

Lovely Runner

Lovely Runner is the talk of the town, captivating audiences with its compelling plot. It tells the story of Im Sol (Kim Hye Yoon), a die-hard fan of idol Ryu Sun Jae (Byeon Woo Seok). When tragedy strikes and Ryu Sun Jae dies unexpectedly, Im Sol journeys back in time, determined to change fate and save him.


Viewers couldn't help but fall head over heels for the enchanting chemistry between Kim Hye Yoon and Byeon Woo Seok as they brought Im Sol and Ryu Sun Jae's destined romance to life. However, amidst the stellar performances, Lee Seung Hyub too truly stood out, stealing the spotlight with his portrayal of Baek In Hyuk, the loyal best friend of Ryu Sun Jae

Baek In Hyuk is a sweet, friendly and approachable guy, effortlessly winning over everyone he meets. As Sun Jae's closest friend and the charismatic leader and guitarist of the renowned fictional band ECLIPSE, he's a central figure in the series. Right from the beginning, his striking looks and comedic charm captured the hearts of Lovely Runner fans. Lee Seung Hyub, with his background as an idol, skillfully embodied this character.

Lee Seung Hyub upcoming project

Mom’s Friend’s Son presents a fresh take on romantic comedy, revolving around Bae Seok Ryu (Jung So Min), a woman striving to rebuild her life, and Choi Seung Hyo (Jung Hae In), the son of her mother's friend who represents a past she's eager to leave behind. The series is helmed by director Yoo Je Won and writer Shin Ha Eun, known for their work on Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha. Lee Seung Hyub will take on the role of Bae Dong Jin, the younger brother of Baek Seok Ryu, who aspires to become a fitness trainer.


Lee Seung Hyub as N.Flying member

Lee Seung Hyub is not only a talented actor but also a prominent member of the K-pop group N.Flying since 2013, where he serves as the leader. In addition to his leadership role, he contributes his skills in writing, composing, rapping, singing, and playing various musical instruments like the guitar and piano. N.Flying also sang many OSTs for Seung Hyub’s recent K-drama Lovely Runner; with Seung Hyub participating in many of them like Star and more.

Seung Hyub officially debuted with N.Flying in South Korea on May 20, 2015. He also goes by the name J.Don as a soloist. His solo debut happened on February 22, 2021, with the single album On The Track featuring the lead single Clicker. Additionally, he made his first solo appearance on an original soundtrack for the South Korean drama Tomorrow with the track Red Light, which he also wrote the lyrics for.

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