101 Brother Jokes: Strengthening Connections Through Fun And Laughter

Here are some of the best hilarious brother jokes to share with your sibling and get him rolling with laughter.

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Most Hilarious Brother Jokes to Share with Your Sibling
Most Hilarious Brother Jokes to Share with Your Sibling

Siblings share a unique bond — they pull each other’s legs, tease each other, and complain about each other to their parents, but when the time comes, they know they have each other’s back. This bittersweet relationship is always special and must be celebrated — and what could be better than humor to strengthen the bond you share with your brother? Here are some hilarious jokes to lighten up the mood and tickle your brother’s funny bones. So don’t wait anymore and dive into these funny jokes for your brother to make him laugh and also annoy him a bit. 

Funniest Brother Jokes to Make Your Sibling Laugh

Funniest Brother Jokes to Make Your Sibling Laugh

1. Why did the brother bring string to the bar? He wanted to tie one on!

2. My twin brother called me from prison. He said, “So you know how we finish each others’ sentences?”

3. What do you call rats who are brothers? Bro-dents.

4. My twin brothers dressed up as birds this Halloween, guess what they said? Trick or tweet.

5. Have you heard of the blind Cyclops brothers? Neither have an eye.

6. What did Abel yell to his brother when he noticed a storm coming? Hurry, Cain.

7. I bought my brother a fridge for his birthday. I can’t wait to see his face light up when he opens it.

8. My brother wanted a dinosaur as a gift for his birthday. Then I told him, “They’re all extinct.” Hearing that, he said, “No, I don’t want a stinky dinosaur.”


9. Bruce Lee was fast, but he had an even faster brother…Sudden Lee.

10. Why did the brother sit on the clock? He wanted to be on “bro-time“!

11. When I was a child I had a condition where I had to eat mud three times a day in order to survive. It’s lucky my older brother told me about it, really.

12. What happened when the twin brothers got arrested? They finished each other's sentences.

13. Did you see Thor put some subtle eye shadow on his brother? It was pretty Loki.

14. My brother and I had an argument as to which is the most important vowel. I won.

15. My brother is a baker, but he can’t make good bread. He kneads to work on his dough skills.

16. What did one brother say to the other after stealing his cereal? “Hope you’re not too ‘cereal-ous’ about it!”

17. My brother who has a stutter is in prison. It’s just heartbreaking knowing he will never finish his sentence. 

18. What is Bruce Lee’s vegetarian brother called? Brocco Lee.

19. Why did the brother wear his baseball cap to bed? He wanted to hit the dream league!

20. My brother and I laugh at how competitive we were as kids. But I laugh more.

21. Which Brothers were correct about being able to fly? The Wright brothers.

22. My brother is addicted to breakdancing. I guess you could say he’s spinning out of control.

23. How do you know if your brother is planning to read your diary? The decoy diary you left out is full of glitter!

24. Few people know that Albert Einstein had a brother who was an evil scientist who created a monster from body parts. His name was Frank.

25. How many brothers do robots have? None. They only have transistors.

26. Why is a German sausage like a little brother? They can both be brats.

27. My brother asked me if I knew any good jokes about sodium. I was like, “Na.”

28. My brother and I are on a tight deadline to make a bunch of Dracula action figures. I have to make every second Count.


29. Did you know Aaron Burr had a brother who was constantly falling over? His name was Tim.

30. My brother is a chef, but he can’t make a good omelet. He always cracks under the pressure.

Brother Jokes from Sisters

Brother Jokes from Sisters

31. My twin brother likes to take the stairs, but I always prefer the elevator. I guess we are raised differently.

32. My brother and I got so bored, that we started throwing spice jars at each other. Then the thyme really flew.

33. My brother has a fear of Santa. I guess he’s got Claustrophobia.

34. My brother threw a carton of milk at me. How dairy!

35. My brother threw a sock at me. It hurt my sole.

36. My brother started a band with his friends, but they were all electricians. I guess you could say they had good connections.

37. I ran into my brother’s vegetarian girlfriend. She recognized me but I had never met herbivores, so it was a little awkward.

38. My brother said science is better than mathematics. I said, "prove it".

39. My brother told me he could print money with his 3D printer. I told him that’s illegal, he replied, “It’s just too solid not to.”

40. What do you call a brother who never farts? A bro-breeze!

41. My brother couldn’t pay his water bill. So I sent him a “Get well soon” card.

42. While there are many great things about having a brother, one of the best is having somebody else to pin the blame on.

43. My brother started a band with his friends, but they were all electricians. I guess you could say they had good connections.

44. My brother is my partner in crime. Until we get caught. Then, he did it.

45. My brother works at an orange juice factory. He can concentrate really well.

46. I was painting my room with my brother when I realized. He’s not a very good brush.

47. My brother played tennis against a wall once. He said it was his toughest opponent yet.

48. Why did the brother bring a ladder to the bar? He heard drinks were on the house!


49. A brother and sister were arguing about oars in their boat. They were having a row.

50. How do you make your little brother disappear? Ask him to fold a fitted sheet!

51. My brother is an immigration officer. He and I disagree on almost every topic. But he usually sees where I’m coming from.

52. My brother bought a boat and named it “Its-a-Boat-Time.” He’s really into puns.

53. What did the little broccoli say to its brother? “You look green, bro!”

54. My brother couldn't decide what sweater he wanted to buy. I felt that he was being too knit-picky.

55. My brother opened a suntan lotion store, but it went out of business. I guess it just didn’t have enough SPF.

56. Why do brothers always carry a pen? In case they need to draw a sibling rivalry!

57. My brother doesn't like brown rice. He's a rice-ist.

58. My brother has a way of playing with fire and getting burned in more ways than one.

59. How do you know your brother ate the leftover pizza? The guilty pepperoni trail on his shirt!

60. My brother is my best friend until he tells on me. Then, he's my worst enemy.

61. My brother told me he built a ladder to success, but it seems like he misplaced the first rung.

62. My brother’s favorite type of music is heavy metal… and not helping me move furniture.

63. What did one wall say to the other? “I’ll meet you at the bro-corner!”

64. My brother’s cooking skills are on fire… but only when he sets off the smoke alarm.

65. How do you scare your older brother? Say, “Mom said it’s your turn to do the dishes!”

66. My brother told his son to take the crayon out of his mouth unless he wanted the Crayola Virus.

67. My brother is a master of disguise… when it comes to avoiding doing his laundry.

68. My brother is a math whiz… but he can’t seem to figure out how to use his turn signal.

69. Why did the brother put his bed in the freezer? He wanted to have cool dreams!


70. What are Dwayne Johnson's brothers called? Paper and Scissors.

One Liners Brother Jokes

One Liners Brother Jokes

71. What do you call a ninja with 8 older brothers? A Nine-ja.

72. My brother is a real bookworm… only when he’s trying to avoid yard work.

73. Why did the brother go to art school? He wanted to draw some bro-ttention!

74. What do you call a camel that ate its brother? Camelbalism.

75. My brother is a smooth talker… as long as it’s about video games.

76. How do you make your brother sound like a cat? Borrow his favorite shirt and wait!

77. My brother is a gym enthusiast… until it’s time to lift a finger around the house.

78. When my brother became a baker, he was the “yeast” of my problems.

79. My brother is a fashion-forward guy… but only when it comes to wearing mismatched socks.

80. I told my brother he was bad at directions. Now he’s lost, bro-adly speaking.

81. My brother is a fashion-forward guy… but only when it comes to wearing mismatched socks.

82. I’d tell a joke about my lazy brother, but he hasn’t finished it yet.

83. My brother is a top-notch driver… if we’re talking about playing Mario Kart.

84. When my brother became a sailor, it was a bro-at of confidence for him.

85. My brother is a real charmer… when he’s trying to get out of cleaning the bathroom.

86. Is my brother a good secret keeper? Bro-bably not.

87. My brother is an expert at giving advice… except when it comes to his own life.

88. Is my brother a good secret keeper? Bro-bably not.

89. My brother is a tech savant… except when it comes to setting up the Wi-Fi router.

90. My brother’s diet is full of bro-teins.

91. My brother is a fitness guru… but his diet consists mostly of pizza and burgers.

92. My bro always has time for mushrooms; he’s a fun-guy.

93. My brother is a daredevil… except when it comes to going on roller coasters.

94. My brother? He’s my parent’s second favorite.


95. My brother is a great skateboarder… when it comes to accidentally knocking things over.

96. Brothers: Nature’s way of ensuring you never get bored.

97. My brother is a real brainiac… except when it comes to remembering birthdays.

98. With a brother, every day is April Fool’s Day.

99. My brother’s password for everything? “SiblingRivalry123”.

100. My brother is a social butterfly… that quickly lands back on the couch with his phone.

101. Having a brother is like having a built-in best friend… or archenemy.

102. My brother is a wizard in the kitchen… but his secret ingredient is always takeout.

103. Mom said, “Share with your brother!” So I did… my cold.

104. My brother’s motto? “Borrow from siblings, return to others.”

105. Behind every little sister is a big brother with a threat.


We hope our list of funny brother jokes tickled your bones and made your day happier. These jokes for your brother would definitely bring a smile to his face and strengthen your bond. After all, no matter how much our brothers fight with us, they always protect us and love us a lot. So don’t wait for any special occasion to make your sibling feel loved and adored — share these silly jokes with your bro now to have your brother in stitches and spread happiness and laughter.

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