How to Make Your Girlfriend Happy: 31 Tips to Make Her Feel Special

It's not difficult to find a solution to the question “How to make your girlfriend happy.” Here are some sweet ways to fill your woman's heart with romance.

Anubhuti Mishra
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How to Make Your Girlfriend Happy and Strengthen Your Bond
How to Make Your Girlfriend Happy and Strengthen Your Bond

A happy and fulfilling relationship requires love and care between a couple. Many men believe that women are complex beings and it’s complicated to understand what they want. However, the answer to the question  “How to make your girlfriend happy” is not that tricky. 

Although every relationship is unique — there are a few universal aspects like showing appreciation, complimenting, and motivating your partner that work wonderfully in making your girlfriend feel adored. 

In relationships, all a woman wants is her partner’s loyalty, support, encouragement, and some TLC. Once you know the way to a woman's heart, everything will seem easy-peasy. Read on to learn about tips on how to please a girlfriend and build a healthy relationship with the apple of your eye. 


How to Make Your Girlfriend Happy: Tricks That Work

1. Cook for Her

How to Make Your Girlfriend Happy

The way through a woman's heart is through her stomach. Yes, you read that right! Cooking a hearty meal is one of the best things to make your girlfriend happy. If you want to surprise your girl, make a delicious breakfast for her. Don't worry if you are a novice at cooking; even making her a simple breakfast of eggs and toast, oatmeal, or any basic meal that you can think of, that she would like will mean a lot to her. 


2. Motivate Her to Pursue Her Ambitions


Every woman has dreams and wants to leave no stone unturned to achieve them. Encourage your girlfriend to take part in her hobbies and fulfill her dreams. Nothing makes a woman happier than a man who supports her dreams. Push her to work hard and achieve her goals. She will be pleased she has a man by her side who wants to see her succeed. 


3. Give Her Compliments

How to Make Your Girlfriend Happy

Humans have a need to be admired and acknowledged. We want recognition and praise for what we do; it boosts our morale. Your girlfriend will feel happy and appreciated if you shower her with compliments. 

You don't need to wait for a big thing to happen to compliment your girlfriend; praise her for her smile, beauty, nature, and the little things she does for you. She will feel on top of the world when she sees her efforts are being recognized. 


4. Leave Notes for Her 


How to Make Your Girlfriend Happy

This might sound cheesy, but it's not! Girls love it when boys do cute things for them. Write something special for your girl and leave cute notes all over the places you know she'll find. You can write simple things like “You are my world” or “You bring a smile to my face.” You can hide the notes under her pillow, on her desk, etc. When she reads these romantic notes, she will be delighted for sure.  


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5. Be Loyal to Her 

In this age and era, loyalty is a virtue getting lost in people. A relationship survives when a couple is deeply committed to each other. Make your girlfriend secure and tell her she is the only one you love. You can do this by holding her hands publically and treating her with love and care.


6. Say How Much You Love Her


How to Make Your Girlfriend Happy

One can never get enough of hearing the three magical words “I love you” from their significant other. These three words can make your partner blush anytime and make her day special. Express your love for her with these three words and make her happy. 


7. Give Her a Bouquet of Her Favorite Flowers

How to Make Your Girlfriend Happy

Happiness lies in small things, and women, in particular, find joy in little surprises. If your woman is fond of flowers, you can send her a bouquet of her favorite flowers without having to wait for a special occasion to do so. In fact, the more out of the blue it is, the more it will make her blush! 

If lilies and roses are her favorite flowers, get a bouquet of these flowers and drop by her workplace or home to surprise her. If you are in a long-distance relationship, you can send her flowers online too. This is an easy way to make your girlfriend happy and strengthen your emotional connection. 


8. Tell Her Jokes

How to Make Your Girlfriend Happy

There is no medicine better than laughter! In the daily hustle and bustle of life, sometimes we tend to take everything too seriously and don’t enjoy the moment. For many women, having a good sense of humor is a quality they look for in their partners. 


You don't need to be Chandler Bing and crack jokes all the time. You can engage in a conversation and incorporate something funny to make her laugh. Or you can create inside jokes to lighten up the mood and keep the relationship exciting. 


9. Express Gratitude

When people make efforts to make others feel loved, deep down in their hearts, they want appreciation for the same. Nobody likes being taken for granted! Appreciate the little things your girlfriend does for you. Tell her you are grateful for all her efforts to keep the relationship happy. 


10. Pay Attention to What She Is Saying

How to Make Your Girlfriend Happy

When women share their problems, they most often don't need a solution but someone to listen to what they are saying. Even when there is no problem at hand, women generally love it when their partners are attentively listening to them. Maybe she wants to have a casual conversation or rant about something — whatever it is, give your undivided attention to her. 


11. Build a Good Rapport with Her Friends And Family

For many people, friends and family are their backbones. Hence, it is important that you build relations with the people she loves! She will feel lovely if you call her family members or send an online gift on special occasions. These little gestures go a long way in making a girl happy. 



12. Give Her Time

How to Make Your Girlfriend Happy

Your time is one of the best gifts you can give your girlfriend and make her feel special. In today's modern time, everyone has a busy schedule, but that doesn't mean we stop making time for the people we love. Call your girlfriend, and make plans to meet her. Spend as much quality time with her as possible to create special memories together. 


13. Hug Her

How to Make Your Girlfriend Happy

It's said that when we hug our loved one, our body releases feel-good hormones that put our mind at ease. Hugging is a lovable act that brings two people closer together, improves mood, and relaxes you. Hug your girlfriend to let her know you are there for her always. 


14. Send Her a Cute Text

Send her a sweet message telling her love and miss her. Her eyes will twinkle with joy when she reads the text, and her happiness will have no bounds. Sharing a sweet good night or good morning message is one of the easiest things to do to make your girlfriend happy. 


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15. Shower Her with Kisses

A kiss on the forehead makes a woman feel safe and secure. Hold her tight and smother her with kisses. This will make her feel adored and loved. 


16. Ask for Her Opinion While Making a Decision

How to Make Your Girlfriend Happy

A couple should make decisions together. There is no 'I' in a couple; there is 'Us,' so make sure to ask for your girlfriend's opinion whenever making a decision. This act shows you value her ideas and that she means a lot to you. 


17. Be Willing to Make Adjustments for Her

A relationship where two people don't adjust or make any compromises for each other will break into crumbles sooner or later. Make compromises for her to let her know she means the world to you. 

For example, if you want to go out on a weekend but she wants to stay back home and watch a movie, give in to her wishes. Make these little adjustments for her, and she'll know her likes and dislikes are important to you.


18. Ask Your Girlfriend About Her Day

How to Make Your Girlfriend Happy

Want a simple tip on how to make your girlfriend happy? Here's one: ask her about how her day went. Also, tell her about your day. From little things like what you had for lunch to what you did at the office, you can share anything with her. When you are open with her, she will trust you more.



19. Help Her

When we help our significant other, it makes them feel important and lets them know that we care for them. You can do kind things like taking her pet for a walk, motivating her when she is down, carrying her luggage, helping her with chores, etc. Lend her a helping hand to make her feel valued. She will feel grateful that she has an understanding man with him. 


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20. Take a Trip Together

How to Make Your Girlfriend Happy

Trips are always adventurous, and when you travel with your beloved, it becomes even more memorable. You can rekindle romance, unwind, and get closer together by taking a trip together. When on a trip, click pictures, hold each other’s hands, enjoy delicious treats, and talk to each other to build romance in your committed relationship. 


21. Read Her Favorite Story 

We all have stories we heard in our childhood that are etched in our hearts. Bring your girlfriend's inner child back to life by reading her favorite story before she sleeps. This will make her remember all her great childhood memories and feel special. 


22. Take Interest in Her Hobbies

How to Make Your Girlfriend Happy

Take an interest in her hobbies and do things together to level up your romantic connection. Get to know her better by asking her about her hobbies and showing enthusiasm when she talks about them. Most importantly, actively participate in her interests to make her feel appreciated. 

For instance, if she tells you that she loves watching rom-com movies, you can plan a movie date night and watch her favorite movie together. 


23. Bring Her a Gift

You don't need to wait for a special occasion to buy gifts for your special one. You can give her a gift anytime you wish to, and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Remember, when it comes to gifts, the intention matters, not the money spent on buying them. You can get her simple gifts like a box of chocolates, flowers, or even personalized gifts for special occasions. 


24. Stay Truthful

How to Make Your Girlfriend Happy

Actions always speak louder than words! Saying that you love her won't mean much if you don't act on your words. Let your beautiful girl know you love her by doing small actions like taking care of her, apologizing to her when you have made a mistake, spending time with her, and respecting her. Be true to your words and never lie to her. This will fill her heart with joy and make her thank the stars she got you as a partner. 



25. Be Polite to Her

It often happens that we vent our anger or frustration on our loved ones, but that isn't the right thing to do. Even if you had a tough day at work, you mustn't vent your anger on your girlfriend. Also, be polite even if you two are having a fight or a disagreement. This will make her feel respected and will also resolve the fight without hurting each other’s sentiments. 


26. Be Enthusiastic 

How to Make Your Girlfriend Happy

You don't need things like a trip or big news to be enthusiastic with your partner. Happiness lies in small things; let her know you are excited to have dinner with her or spend a cozy night with her. Every moment you spend together should be cherished. Show enthusiasm about the little things you do together to deepen your bond. 


27. Throw a Surprise Party for Her

Maybe it's your girlfriend's birthday, or she has been promoted; make her feel happier by throwing a surprise party for her. To make it more enjoyable, invite her friends and family. She will be on cloud nine with this adorable gesture. 


28. Take Her on a Long Drive

How to Make Your Girlfriend Happy

Long drives can help a couple relax and rejuvenate themselves. Go for a long drive, listen to music, and engage in long conversations to create beautiful memories. 


29. Be There for Her Always

Couples should be there for each other through thick and thin — this builds trust and commitment in a relationship. Pay undivided attention to your beloved to make her feel truly special. 

If she has had a bad day at work, cheer her up. Or maybe you are at a party where she doesn't know anyone; don't be shy to hold her hands and introduce herself to others. Make sure she feels comfortable and doesn't feel lonely. 


30. Embrace Her Flaws

How to Make Your Girlfriend Happy

Everyone has flaws, but that doesn't mean those flaws should be mocked. If you want your girlfriend to be happy, love her for the fantastic person she is. Don't humiliate her for her weaknesses. Instead, encourage her to work on her strengths. Don't try to change anything, and accept her as she is. 


31. Share Everything with Her

Do not hide anything from your beloved partner, especially significant things that she should know. That will create a sense of security in her, and the trust between you two will increase.

Love is life; it makes you feel alive! Every moment that is spent loving someone is a blessing. In today's modern times, many people are busy trying to find love, while others are occupied with finding ways to make their lover happy. Love is not at all complicated, and it doesn't take many things to make a woman happy. 


So, the next time you are wondering how to make your girlfriend happy, don't feel confused at all. Trust your partner, support her, take out time to get to know her better, and be loyal to her. Trust, loyalty, care, and understanding are four essential pillars of a relationship. When these are strong, nothing can shake the foundation of your love. Take note of these small things and make your girlfriend realize she is the luckiest person in this world. 


How do I make her feel special?
Treat her with care, compassion, and respect. Devote time to her and do things she likes. This will make her feel special.

How do I show my girlfriend I love her?
Send her a text saying 'I love you,' take her out for a date night, and motivate her to pursue her dreams.

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