Box Office Report: Shahid-Alia's 'Shaandaar' disappoints, crashes on Day 4!

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Shahid Kapoor and Alia Bhatt's 'Shaandaar', which was managed to fare Rs. 13 crores on day 1, failed to pick up on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, giving it only a Rs. 30 crores collections in four days (extended weekend).
According to Box Office India, 'Shaandaar' earned Rs.7 cr, Rs. 6.50 cr and Rs. 5.25 crores on Friday, Saturday and Sunday respectively. Despite an extended four days weekend, the film couldn't manage to earn big numbers, thanks to its negative word of mouth and critics reviews!
With the film already crashing in initial four days, one wonders how will it score on Monday. 
Meanwhile, 'Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2' is scoring well on the box office. The movie has earned Rs. 45 crores in 10 days and will continue to do well since 'Shaandaar' has been a huge dud. PKP 2 will have a great run at the BO with no other biggie releasing right upto November 12, when 'Prem Ratan Dhan Payo' releases.


Alia , please don't be another Kareena Kapoor who is talented but never cares what the script is.

Kapoor and Sons & Shuddhi will join Shaandar soon lmao

Heard Shahid is angry with Karan and Vikas for coming up with such a script . Really immature , nobody forced him to sign the film

Lmao , love it when nepotism fails

I watched Shaandaar and I regret it! It is beyond HORRIBLE! No story, bad songs, very childish and load. Shahid's acting is really bad and Alia...less said the better.

The movie was total pathetic..waste of time and money.
Well good for Alia she may learn something after the failure.

Hey I saw public review on YouTube. Everybody is praising. It's not a biography that everyone's looking for some plot. A movie can also be based on a situation and incidences related to it. It's a fun movie. Light on your mood. Why it has to be heavy?

Megastar Shahid

Shahid has never really had a strong star power. He needs a good script to back him up. He had gotten so sonbish after Haider (even though the movie performed average at the box office). Hope this gives him a reality check.

Alia Lacks range as an actress. Plays the girl next door in all her films

Alia acts like a kid on screen- last time I watch her Rom cons. Felt like I was watching a kiddie flick

It's funny how even though Alia had a flop- people still praise her, but when parineeti chopra faced her first flop- people were trying to write her off so quickly. The industry is unfair. The only person I feel bad for is shahid.

LOL @ Karan Johar, Vikas Bahl and Anurag Kashyap - OVERRATED FILM MAKERS!

I agree with K.Jo. but its not fair to label other 2 as flops just because they they do well on a couple of projects.

It it Shaandaar NOT QUEEN PART -2....Everybody!

No one believed it to be but no one expected Vikas to make such a bad film either. Can you really tell me after the film that there was an actual script there or that even half the actors there were needed at all. I was surprised to see that the girl in the light blue dress who managed to impress me in the song shaam shandaar wasn't even introduced instead we just saw glimpses of her so what was the need for her at all. This was a film I expected from Sajid or Farah not Vikas

Jazbaa was a big failure, but all sites and twitter wrote that the film is gorgeous and it is very well at the box office. Strange huh? though in fact the film is not even close to the budget, but has put status "above average" And about Shandaar write only criticism , bad movie charges and it flops. any bias and hypocrisy

Jazbaa not pay advertisers, we did everything themselves, and even the rupee from oyuschey profits went into a plus!
How to pay for the advertising creators Shandaar?
Apparently, therefore, in the red, although I sadly (

In any case Jazbaa failure, if the budget is 30 CZK collected 25 crore, of which the "plus" can we talk?

Good! Both Shahid and Alia were acting really arrogant during the interviews. Shahid especially after Haider released. And hopefully this is enough to break Karan Johar's narcissistic qualities.

Alia deserves this

Im happy Karan Johars films are flopping , BV , Brothers now Shaandaar . He thinks he can make any film and cast his nepotism kids Alia Sid in them and they will sell .

Still no one is blaming Shahid for the disaster. In case of BV people blasted RK left ,right and center. In fact , Shahid , Imran , Arjun Kapoor , Ranveer Singh , Ajay Devgan and even Amitabh Bachan have delivered duds in last few years . But no one seems to mind them.Strange isn't it ?

Shahid & Alia cannot be blamed for this disaster, because the director doesn't know to use an actor like Shahid, in fact R...Rajkumar got more negatives responses from critics, but it sustained in box office....really sad for Shahid.... he is giving his heart and soul, but these directors are raping him like anything with bad scripts and screenplays... Anurag Kashyap is not the commercial director, so obviously expectations will go on Ranbir, because, he was considered as Super star in current generation, but his movie tanked, though Shahid has huge fan following, he was not considered as super star for his continuous flops. Shahid is believing every one, that's the problem. Shahid should take break atleast for a while, then he should choose some wise project.

Imran got blamed so much his career is almost done , he has done only one film since GTPM 2 years ago thats Katti Batti , that too flopped .

You could tell from the trailer, that this was the kind of movie only a 15-year old would enjoy. -_-

Lmao, knew this would happen the day I saw the trailer , weird characters dressed all in gold . Wtf was that

Never saw such honest headline for Jazbaa - it was SO hyped but tanked when compared to the expectations but all I saw was - it's doing okay, it's better than nh10 etc. etc. no honest headline saying Jazbaa was also a HUGE disappointment.

Good directors need to stop adapting their style to KJOs. It spells disaster for them. Agneepath was made under KJOs banner but the director stuck to his style and it was a great movie.

Shahid after 14 years in the industry still doesnt have script sense, he chooses all the wrong scripts . Alia should stop doing Dharma movies and move on . Vikas got overconfident after Queen and thought audience will like what ever he makes . Audience these days are not stupid, there is social media to let everyone know how good or bad a film is .

lol...big b had 4 decades of experience when he did the worst movie of them all RGV ki AAG...none of the actors knows how the movie will pan out when they sign it.....otherwise actors more experienced than shahid like saif would not have signed humshakals...ajay himmatwala..action jackson...etc

(12 years not 14 ;P) I think Shahid did this movie only because he was really impressed with Vikas Bahl's Queen (and this was his first chance to work in K.Jo movie which he never got till now). If he didn't have a good script sense then he wouldn't have done Kaminey or Haider. Personally I think he has done some good movies when he was still a newcomer (like Fida). He definitely shines in challenging roles and in our industry you don't get these roles every year. Do you think SRK, Salman and Akshay have good script sense. most of their movies are "stupid" to say the least but audiences love them in these roles. But if better actors like Shahid and Ranbir try to do such movies (Shaandaar/Besharam) people don't want to see that. These guys are made for much more meaningful roles.

Shaandaar was the strangest movie I ever seen. Like they were all on drugs I think....

alia u got your answeres

im tired of the Goofy faces they put in all Shandaar posters...

Whatever credibility Shahid earned with Haider just flew out the window with this nonsensical film . Watched it over the weekend, cant describe how bad it was , just random scenes bunched together with songs , no story . The worst movie I have ever seen

Shows nothing is bigger than story of the film : star cast , lavish sets , good songs , famous stars and director none of these even matter

I am afraid for Kapoor and sons now since its Dharma production

Let the blame game begin , I am sure Vikas will get all the blame just like Anurag did for Bombay Velvet debacle

Eye opener for Alia : She should stop signing every film KJo brings her , her talent is under utilized and shes getting typecasted . Eyeopener for Shahid : If only 13 crores is his highest opening ever , it says a lot about his star and audience drawing power . Eye opener for Vikas and other film makers : Stay away from Karan Johar who will commercialize every script to the point of making it unwatchable

Shahid Kapoor is Ranbir Kapoor 2.0

I am glad nepotism is failing on all rounds , RK , Arjun , that pancholi kid, Alia

Karan Johar is also to blame, he takes over hot directors films tempting them with money and then ruining everything . Alia too should not sign every dharma film, step out of KJos sphere

I think its the director to blame for this fiasco... had it even had an average storyline the movie wud have been super hit as the cast, music, location was all very good!!! MR VIKAS please get ur act together!!!


this is another bombay velvet. the budget was 80 crores!!

Good. They over marketed the film and were really annoying

So glad that PKP2 is doing so well, the first part was so good, waiting to watch the second

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