Box Office Report: Ranbir-Deepika's Tamasha crosses 50 crores!

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Imtiaz Ali's Tamasha, starring Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone that hit the screens last week, has successfully crossed the 50 crores mark!

Tamasha had the 8th biggest weekend of 2015 and collected 38.23 crores in its first weekend itself! But from Monday, the figures at the Box Office started falling slightly. The film collected Rs.3.32 crore on Wednesday and Rs.2.77 crores on Thursday.

In week 1, the movie, that has garnered mixed responses both from audiences and critics has managed to successfully collect a total amount of 53.46 crores.

With the release of two movies today, Vishal Pandya's Hate Story 3 and Pan Nalin's Angry Indian Godesses, the business of Tamasha on its 2nd Friday will get divided. However, since the other two releases are adult genre, Tamasha has an advantage with the family audience.


RS and PC performance more than RK and DP

And this is the beginning of DP's downfall in BW... . Next flop arrives on Dec 18. Hang in there friends!

The movie cose 100 crore to make , so even 75 crores is not enough ( india + abroad ) collections is not enough to save it

getting closer to the finish line. maybe it will be declared a hit before Bajirao Mastani releases. will have to wait and watch.

If that is the case, DDD is 100 crore hit, but NO, that is not how it is... Indian distributors have not earned any profit still with this movie...

DDD has done 80cr in india while tamasha only 50cr with ranbir and deepika ahhhh ,,,ranveer singhs performence was far better than ranbirs get a life

But google says the budget is 75 crores, so they still have a long way to go. Why do these films waste money filming in exotic locations. I don't think audience will go to watch a film just because it was filmed abroad, there are enough travel shows on TV and youtube .

It was the worst movie i hav ever watched
I was such big fan of ranbir n deepika
Real disappointment :(

Today hate story collected same as Tamasha's first they collection. Daisy and Zareen are bigger star than Ranbir Kapoor

Tamasha is not for everybody, and alot of people prefers sunny leones type pf movie.. So yea

Hate story has got a better opening than tamasha!! 10cr first day!

People apparently prefer vulgar which they are missing at home obviously. FYI tamasha made almost 11 cr on the first day.

People are conveniently reminding us worldwide collections. In that case DDD also entered the 100 crores club :)

Worldwide collection is 80 + crores. Seems that the overseas audience has a better appetite for this type of film.

Overseas audience are more intelligent and have a taste for good performance and good cinema...unlike the domestic audience, who just talk big and nothing more! It is true and it is a fact. Just like Anushka Sharma said in her interview. Everyone is happy with mediocre so anyone becomes a star!

I am going to watch this movie again! Those who have loved this movie and stand by Tamasha being a movie with a good message, please go watch it again and help with the weekend collections! I hope it goes up again this weekend. Enough of people comparing good cinema with "notes" only!

A 50cr hit??humshakals was 65cr!how was it not a hit?#justasking

this slow torturous collection reporting is even worse than their excruciating promotions. the budget was 60-70 crores! (30 crores of that was probably ranbirs paycheck!) can't we just declare it a flop and get it over with?

just watched it last night, wonderful wonderful movie both did fantastic job. ranbiryou are so brilliant, you can give 1000 flops but no one can take away acting from you you were born to act. deepika and ranbir chemistry is wonderful

Most people making comments on PV are showing double standard. You repeatedly say you want good cinema and meaningful cinema, but go on harping about how much money it made to measure the success of the movie. Tamasha has touched so many souls and has literally changed people's minds. It may not have made the chamkaa dhamkaa money the masala movie makes by showing regressive roles for women and having the men as heros. Wake up! leave the number game behind and give credit where it is due. Tamasha is a soulful movie and not for those with NO soul.

So quickly!!?


It cost 70cr to make it. Until it crosses 70cr it is a loss and a flop.

50cr is only India's collections, if you take in worldwide collections and the rights sold they have already crossed 70cr

If that is the case, DDD is 100 crore hit, but NO, that is not how it is... Indian distributors have not earned any profit still with this movie...

Just goes to show am an expert on BW!!

Ok then!!

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