BTS' Jin first live post military discharge: Achievements in army, soldiers' messages, FESTA plans and more highlights

BTS’ Jin has finally returned after completing his military service and he came live soon after to discuss achievements in the army, soldiers’ messages and more. Check highlights here.

Updated on Jun 12, 2024  |  05:01 PM IST |  96.9K
BTS after Jin's military discharge; Image: BTS' Twitter
BTS after Jin's military discharge; Image: BTS' Twitter

Jin has finally been discharged from the military on June 12, 2024, marking a momentous day for BTS and their fans worldwide. 

Soon after returning, the K-pop idol went live for the first time in 18 months, which drew over 2 million views in just 10 minutes. He talked about his army achievements, soldiers’ messages, and more. 

BTS’ Jin comes live for the first time in 18 months after military discharge; talks about achievements in the army and soldiers' messages

On June 12, 2024, Jin, the oldest member of the boy band BTS was discharged from the military, marking a big moment for the group and their fans worldwide. It was a joyous moment. 

Soon after his discharge, Jin came live on Weverse to greet his fans everywhere. The live session was his first in 18 months of his military service. Interestingly, the special moment was abrupt when the platform crashed due to such a huge amount of traffic, which was understandable given Jin's return. His live recorded over 2 million views in just 10 minutes. The Astronaut singer began his life by doing the iconic BTS greeting and saying his name. 

Jin noted that he looks ‘more handsome’ (in a funny way) but since he cried on his discharge a while ago, he was a bit puffy. He went on to share how everyone at the HYBE building greeted him and even showed him the huge flower bouquet he was gifted.


Sharing his fellow soldiers’ messages, Jin noted that he asked them to cry, but while saying goodbye to everyone, including him, they shed tears. Jin then shared about his achievements in the army and went on to show his award for completing his military service. He also added about the letters he received from his military friends, noting that he was a bit embarrassed as he was famous among them. He went on to read the posters made by them.

One note said, ‘The time with you (Jin) was memorable,' wishing him health and happiness and saying that they would see him on TV. 

Jin shares about FESTA ‘hug’ event

Jin then talked about the FESTA ‘hug’ event happening tomorrow, June 13 KST. To be candid, the K-pop star shared that he had given many ideas but not all were taken and he had discussed plans back in October or November with the FESTA director. 


When he shared the idea to do free hugs, his idea was initially rejected due to the fear of rush and people getting hurt. Jin added that he kept on urging for the ‘hug’ idea as he wanted to hug those who waited for him for so long. 

Afterward, Jin was suggested by the company that the ‘hug’ event should be done indoors. Talking about the number of hugs, he was suggested to do only 50 since it would be only his second day of return. Jin still argued for 3000, and after a bit of discussion, they landed on 1000 hugs. Jin also added that he really wanted to give hugs at the FESTA and on his return.

Jin shares his performance plans

Jin also noted towards the end of the live session that he has not prepared much, but he plans to do something. The K-pop star noted he had not sung for more than a year and while coming in the car with bandmate Jimin they both talked about being out of practice. 


On June 13, at the BTS FESTA event, there will be a second session, ‘Message from Jin', where 3000 plus 1000 hug-winning fans will be able to see him talk and perform; nothing is confirmed. 

Jin ended his live by promising that since he is now a free civilian, he will come and see his fans more often. Additionally, he has asked that cameras be allowed at the event so he hopes everyone should take a lot of photos.

Jin left by saying, ‘I’ll see you tomorrow, I love you ARMY, bye bye bye’. 

Now that Jin of BTS has returned, fans are eagerly waiting for his updates, music, and more.

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