EXCLUSIVE: "I am very happy she is working with Karan Johar, he is brilliant with newcomers": Saif confirms daughter Sara's debut

Saif Ali Khan just confirmed that his daughter Sara will be debuting with Karan Johar.
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Saif Ali Khan's daughter Sara Ali Khan's Bollywood debut has been a topic of discussion for quite a few months now. Speculations around her debut film refuse to die down.

The last we heard was that the young girl was prepping up for a film under Karan Johar's banner Dharma Productions' film.

Reports suggested that Sara would be making a debut opposite Hrithik Roshan in Karan Malhotra's next. However there has been no official confirmation about the same.

Today, when we interviewed Saif Ali Khan for his upcoming period drama Rangoon, we couldn't help but ask the daddy dearest about his daughter's much talked about Bollywood debut. 

When quizzed, Saif admitted, "I am very happy to see Sara doing whatever she has her heart set on. We talk constantly and she discusses whatever she wants to and I give her my advice. But eventually it is her decision."

Probe him if she is going to debut under KJo's banner and he confirms, "I think she is going to. I am very happy she is working with Karan Johar because I think he is brilliant with newcomers and he will launch her correctly. He is a very intelligent and a passionate filmmaker and he understands films. I am very pleased that she is with him."

Well, now this is indeed some great news for all. And we can barely wait to see the gorgeous Sara Ali Khan on the big screen.

How about you?!




Karan can't patron two competing heroines. This is setting Sara up for failure.

Finally shes doing Another no brainer, bubbly, 20 year old but 4 year old mentally character. As always in KJo film

Why do people keep saying he didn't parent and bring up Rosa? He spent maximum 2 years with her prior to that he was a father to them and after that he was a father to them. Even during it he sought to be but was shut out because Amrita was burning. End of the day Amrita didn't pay for her Ivy League education or her designer wear.

Karan won't repeat the alia bhatt episode this time with sara he'll be extra careful this time...

Alia Bhatt 2 in the making. But then what will happen to Alia Bhatt #1? Will she become irrelevant? lol Bollywood is a sad place. All these desperate star kids trying to grab a limelight.

Another Alia Bhatt in the making, this will make her less likable.

She's way better than any star kids... she's better off without Karan... I hate karans movies.


Damage Control.

Lol Karan hasn't made any good films recently. SOTY- what even was that? Ae dil hai mushkil- write a crap story and put a bit of kal ho na ho in the end, and ask all my famous friends to be a part of the cast, easy 100 crores. Seriously man i cant even.......

these are the effects of biwi ki scolding lol

Ok I guess she does want to be like Alia bhatt, never minddd.

SORRY! But this is just wrong. It's not his place to make the announcement, especially if Amrita and Sara have not confirmed it. He's so far been a father in name only. Amrita did all the heavy lifting especially in his Rosa days.
Thanks to his interference they can't make a discreet decision now.

Good job saif...karan is fab with newcomers

Hi Kareena! We don't agree.

Haha - this coterie is so predictably filmy!

I think kareena bashed him left ,right ,back and front !!!! LOL

Bebo got to him

What the heck?! I don't understand. I take back my heart, Saif Ali Khan. Ugh. I thought you were an intelligent person - I guess not.

I take back my yesterday's comment on him. :)

It is useful sometimes to open your eyes)

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