EXCLUSIVE: Deepika Padukone was the first choice to play Roop opposite Varun Dhawan in Kalank?

Deepika Padukone was reportedly the first choice to play Roop's character in Kalank. Read exclusive details.
EXCLUSIVE: Deepika Padukone was the first choice to play Roop opposite Varun Dhawan in Kalank?EXCLUSIVE: Deepika Padukone was the first choice to play Roop opposite Varun Dhawan in Kalank?
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Kalank starring Varun Dhawan, Alia Bhatt, Sonakshi Sinha, Aditya Roy Kapur, Sanjay Dutt, Madhuri Dixit, and Kunal Kemmu has finally released in the theatres and has managed to do a decent business at the box office. However, did you know that not Alia, Deepika Padukone was the first choice to play Roop in the movie? 

Sources close to Pinkvilla have revealed that the production house had first approached Deepika to play Roop opposite Varun Dhawan but she turned it down. Hence, the role went to Alia who looks every bit beautiful in each frame of the movie. While the reason for Deepika turning down the offer is unknown, it would have been the first time the duo would have come together onscreen.

Deepika took a break post Padmaavat, where she played the role of Rani Padmaavati, to concentrate more on her personal life. The actress then got married to Ranveer Singh in November, 2018 in what can be called a high profile wedding. After her much-need break, she is now busy shooting for Meghna Gulzar's Chhapaak, where she stars alongside Vikrant Massey. Chhapaak will also see Deepika turn producer for the first time. No wonder, Deepika has been making some wise decisions over the years. 

Alia, on the other hand, not only shot for Kalank but also completed Raazi, Gully Boy, Brahmastra among others in the last one year. In Brahmastra, Alia will be seen alongside Ranbir Kapoor. The movie releases later this year. Alia has received a lot of accolades for her role as Safeena in Gully Boy. 

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Piece of writing writing is also a excitement, if you be acquainted with afterward you can write or else it is complex to write.

Haters disappear, DPS is a legend, she doesn't need cheap PR to be in the news, after ABSr, the line starts from where my beautiful Deepika stands!!!!! Too bad she doesn't do more laid back movies, we are waiting Deepika patiently.

wtf is this. im a deepika fan. i dont understand whats going on. is deepika fraud then? i thought she was a great actress...so this is kJo PR? or deepika PR? i hope its not deepika PR i thought deepika is a very genuine nice person & no she's not overhyped by her PR!! please! what about ram leela? omg i do not want to face this duuuuuuude deepika is still queen right? im an alia fan too ...

Yeah. DP is still the queen

Wow kjos pr machinery on the works to save Alia! Its not just deepika that has PR, every actress does INCLUDING alia. This is her PR trying to pull deepika down!!

So glad she didnt do this movie.

DP doesnt have looks or acting ability, she is over hyped by PR nothing more

Every film this one is offered! Everyone of them and she rejects all of them .more so dharma films! Such a LIAR. Her only credible films are Ramleela and Piku and cocktail and rest she is strictly below average. She would suck in kalank becoz she can’t dance as she is too tall

Deepika looks like a tall man in Indian attire . Fact.

Deepika's good performances are piku( 2015), ramleela(2013), yjhd(2013). All these performances happened quite some time before. On the other hand alia shined with films like raazi, udta Punjab and dear Zindagi. If we compare the 3 best films of both the actress than alia has an upper hand and with her youth years in her hand alia is bound to rise while Deepika can't rise any further.

Kareena is just an item girl ok don't compare her with deepika. Singham return, BB, udta punjab are all supporting roles. Ki & Ka and veere di wedding are similar types of roles. And even before marriage she used to do shitty roles in khan's films. Yeah she tried to do something different in heroine but was let down by bad script. Aishwarya had only delivered flops in this decade. Deepika is doing a brave film like chapaak after marriage.

Stop dreaming as kareena has done chameli yuva jab we met dev omkara kurbaan n more such riveting roles which deepika wouldnt have performed like bebo did

Listen to the interviews and varun and alia did about their roles and its obvious they were both first choice for the roles and the director approached them a long time ago

i agree alia is mediocre in kalank but lol like dp would be beteer! answer is no! she's an average actress she survives inly thanks to her look. it will become obvious when chappak will be out.

Deepika is NOT average! She was amazing in movies like YJHD, Ramleela, Cocktail, Bajirao Mastani and Piku. I even loved her in Finding Fanny. She's talented, beautiful and versatile. Not the same monotone acting. There's a limit to bashing. She carried the entire film Piku on her shoulders. I'm sure she'll do great in Chapaak.

She is a one dimensional actress with average looks.

Why this news after film's release ? Definitely it's not alia or Kjo pr. Why Deepika is pitting herself against alia. She used to be compared with Priyanka, Katrina and kangana. Alia is way too younger than her. Alia should be compared with the likes of Shraddha, parineeti,Disha, Kriti, sara, jhanvi, annanya, Tara etc. She is younger than Deepika by 8 years, after 8 years alia will still be a leading lady while Deepika will be having 3 kids with that horny ranveer Singh.

Well! After 8 yrs alia will b leading lady what a joke. Stealing every other actress chances and hyped as top notch actress in kwk segment means nothing people are smart come on nepo gang game is off. After 8 yrs alia and rk will b married but will have affairs with others that's what both are capable of bcakstabber and gamer.. Pv post it

Deepika was never ever offered dhoom 3. They wanted to cast a known international face but yrf couldn't afford a Hollywood heroine then they wanted to cast a debutant who could actually pull off those complex stunts but they didnt get a good face. So they decided to go with a Bollywood actress. At that time kat, pc and bebo were the top actress. Kat and pc were yrf favourites esp kat. Mbkd was a hit and then yrf decided to cast kat. It doesn't makes any sense for yrf to cast deepika who hadn't proved her dancing mettle( nagada and lahu muh lag gya happened afterwards) at all for the role of that dancer. Also she would have looked a bit immature to romance Aamir khan back then. But I hope too see her in dhoom 4 opposite Salman. With Aishwarya and Katrina becoming dhoom girls at the peak of their career and youth, the next dhoom girl has to be Deepika.

Bollywood actresses used to be at least one of the two things. Pretty or talented. Alia is neither. She has no personality or gravitas esp for roles like this. Maybe girl next door type of roles. Her eyes are different in size and weird shaped. I’m baffled

Deepika you saved yourself.. You go girl.

Thank you deepika for making public realised that alia bhatt is just mediocre and kalank was needed to bring her down as she has been unfairly snatching others opportunities, and the most underserving overrated in history.in fact she just lower standards of bollywood.now every xyz daughter with zero acting skills are being shove down our throats.

Well good for Deepika because she dodged a bullet.

Ha ha Alia beautiful in every frame? Trump like pr in action say enough times, dummies will believe. Luckily majority of Bollywood fans are not so dumb. So obvious it is Kjo pr. Alia is prettyish but not beautiful. Think of all the beautiful women in Bollywood history and then picture her face. She doesn’t even have a personality or intelligence like her sister Pooja bhatt who was prettyish too.

Deepika should not go the kareena and aishwarya way after marriage. They have done irrelevant films and roles esp Aishwarya. Kareena is finally doing some good films now. Deepika is a married woman now and girl next door type of roles wont suit her well esp opposite a younger and also quite shorter guy like Varun.

Kareena and Aishwarya have done more relevant films and roles than Deepika.

Glad its a flop. bad script, ott acting, shitty movie deserves to flop. alia n kjo need a reality check. enough shoving mediocre actors!!

Deepika or not, Alia has admitted she begged for Kalank, along with multiple upcoming movies. So if articles start coming out that other actresses were first choices for these roles, it's not shocking. Alia ousts them before they even know anything about the movie.

Article (blind) about Kat obsessing over "nepo gang vicky" , blind about anushka sharma seeking spiritual advice or she's not stable like that, then blind abt pc and dp that they owe dues to sabya. Cornering everyother actress and stealing chances of other younger actress you're failing big time kjo and gang. People have lost interest in you and your PR trashes. Pv post it

Deepika is such a PR created fraud! Work on your acting, honey. It’s abysmal if Bajirao and Padmaavat are anything to go by. Beautiful movies and you were the weakest link in both. For shame.

I hope Brahmastra flunks too.

if it is karan PR, one can say it is to save kalank, but if it is deepika PR, she is instigating a fan war and probably giving that puppet a reality check she just sucks as she desperately copied everything she does.

She is meant for roles like piku, yjhd, cocktail . For these calm and composed roles Aishwarya, Priyanka are excellent. They do carry Indian attire very gracefully

Lol ! now kj stirring things up between PC Dp and ash. Take a break bro you have two sweeties to take care of.

See they were wooing dp's & rs's fans by all their shenanigans during award season but if a movie is bad its bad. The current audience is quite intelligent and Pr will only get you so far. And please do not try to start a fan war with Deepika's fans. They are a well honed army and you will not win lol !

She’s starting again to attach her name to every movie, flop or hit like she used to do until until Kangana called her out. Probably because she can’t drag Ranbir’s name in the mud any longer.....sigh.

She is still doing the same she used to do with Katrina and Anushka. She said that she was offered jthj and dhoom 3 and sultan and zero.

She was definitely offered those last three movies though. There's significant proof of that (though she was ousted from Dhoom 3 when Break Ke Baad tanked). And why would Deepika want her name to be associated with a flop film like Kalank now? This is KJo's PR, most likely.

Hey KJ your divide and rule strategy will not work this time around. The ladies have seen you for what you are.

Leave deepika alone

Goddess !

They want to save the movie by speading this rumor now poor Kjo pr .Good decision Dp

I dont believe.. Deepika dear apko maloom tou haina ya film Karan johar ki hai or Alia ka as planet earth pay zinda hony kay ba-wa-jood apko ya film offer ho as ho hi nhi sakta ...plz apni PR team change karen q k inki akal glass charny gea hai.

Let alone Deepika even katrina can do better thsn aalia ....in any role

kjo has been planting anti dp news since last year! this is too obvious where the source is, leave her far away from dharma nonsense

hahah shitty movie deserve shitty actress.well done deepika.

Varun has no stardom

Film will be more boring ... she was terrible in padmaavat

that's why it's now becoming a flop o sorry disester.I'm sure if dp played the character she would have done better than chipku

Hey Alia focus on kalank and bra...whatever, PAdmavaat made Money and more money. Also keep and eye on starboy less he runs away from you as well.

Deepika escaped the mess.

So if Deepika didn't do it then they got this sasti and gareebon ki deepika.

Roop was written for a girl who was very beautiful but unhappy in her life. She was a good singer and good dancer as well. She was fierce and vulnerable at the same time. Unfortunately alia looked too immature for her role like she did in highway and dear Zindagi. I don't know why steals the works and roles written for 30+ actresses. Imtiaz wanted priyanka for highway, Gauri shinde was supposed to work with Katrina and now kalank with Deepika. Intact salmman wanted anushka in Inshallah. She too will be 30 plusone day for sure and then she can work in this type of films till then don't snatch the work of these outsiders by asking your nepo dad to foul play I casting. You sold be ashamed of yourself alia that you are eating away the work oglf these outsiders actresses.

I thought DP's PR had stopped to attach her to every movie. Now they are even doing it to movies that didn't fare well lol

Maybe its kj's people trying to find a way to bash deepika and take the attention away from the soty girl and the current debacle that is kalank.. Deepika is intuitive and if in fact she was offered and refused then she made the right choice.


oh please! Mataji would have looked like Varun's mom.

Well he and alia suit each other. They are the same height .

I wonder where all these comments are when the Khans come with actresses who are more than 20 years younger than them. What's even more sick is Madhuri who's younger than all 3 of them is playing Varun's mother. Double standards.

Leave Deepika out of this mess.

Varun would have reached her waist

Now that the movie is out, we all know why Deepika refused to do the movie

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