EXCLUSIVE: Kangana Ranaut on Bollywood not standing up for her: This is a very strange sort of a racket

Kangana Ranaut, in an EXCLUSIVE interview with Pinkvilla, spoke about how Bollywood has always ignored her and never stood by her. She called it as a 'racket'.
EXCLUSIVE: Kangana Ranaut on Bollywood not standing up for her: This is a very strange sort of a racketEXCLUSIVE: Kangana Ranaut on Bollywood not standing up for her: This is a very strange sort of a racket
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During several media interactions, Kangana Ranaut has been talking about the Bollywood industry not standing up for her and not supporting her work as such. In the year 2014, the actor was applauded for her stupendous performance as Rani in Queen, for which she was even bestowed with National Film Awards. The talented actor was loved by the whole nation and even several Bollywood celebrities showered love on her. Moreover, even Amitabh Bachchan wrote a handwritten note to Kangana.

In an EXCLUSIVE interview with Pinkvilla, when the talented actor was quizzed about the same, she stated, "In 2014, I don't think all the accolades were for me, it was for Phantom who was coming up and there were having screenings after screenings for people of Vikas and Anurag Kashyap. They had a lot of friends, so they used to come. I have always been absolutely ignored. After Tanu Weds Manu also I have had so many trials, they would just not come. But when it comes to them, they call me shamelessly, I even sort of cancel my shoots and make sure I attend them. Now, I have stopped because it's getting too much."

Kangana further spoke about her contemporaries and how they have sent her trailers of their upcoming film. She said, "These girls send me their trailers like Alia (Bhatt) sent me the trailer of Raazi and said, 'Please watch it'. For me, it was not a Karan Johar film or Alia film, for me, it was a film on Sehmat Khan, the girl who has given her everything to the country." 


How do these people become so petty? How do these people look at a film, like for an individual, "Arre yaar, iska na kuch ho jaye, main chup baithta hoon!" How do they do that? How does it even work? For me, this is a revelation that this film, what Rani Laxmibai has done, is this freedom only mine? Doesn't it belong to anybody else?" Kangana hit back at the celebs who did not speak anything about Manikarkina.

Ms Ranaut added, "When Aamir called me for Dangal, Secret Superstar, I went all the way to Ambani's house. Dangal, for me, was a film about women empowerment. But they don't have time for any of my trails. I have two-three films coming up, but I don't expect people to write about them."

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When we asked Kangana, if, like other actors, she too has reached out to them, she replied, "I have reached out to them. When I saw Raazi trailer, I called Alia and Meghna, I spoke to each one of them for half an hour. But no response from anyone. This is a very strange sort of a racket. I don't know what they are threatened by."


Psycho. This word describe her.

Kangana slays and how! Most women in movies are puppets in the hands of men. It works for the women and the men both.

Not defending them for not supporting her and I am a fan of her work but u have to admit she's completely confused individual.. on one side she says she doesn't care about this industry and has no respect for it or its people, she's fought with almost everyone (wether she's right or wrong that's another topic) but on one side she keeps crying for being ignored by them.. u can't be on both sides.. if u have no respect for them then don't expect them to support u because u shouldn't care about their support in the first place.. just focus on ur work and stop all those pr games and just keep moving forward.. and this is coming from an admirer of ur work..ur personal life is for urself, ur work is for everyone else so focus on that. pv please post my comment.

talent and hard work along with attitude makes a person successful, which she lacks. for any person in the world imagine ur own colleague who does amazing work but horrible attitude no one can stand its as simple as that, i wonder how her family is taking her attitude, guess money keeps family calm

looks like too many posts by KR and her sister on this page

First put others down, talk bad about them, steal their work, blame them and call them
Words and then say they don’t support you. Lol

So many people qho support kangana they cant even digest someone who mean to then but support kangana Endlessly

Completely love you Kangana. We have got our support and don’t worry about the industry.

She was the keep of Aditya Pancholi, who she used as a stepping stone to Bollywood. Stay humble, you have a very dark past.

I love Kangana to death,her talent is electrifying and out of this world but for how long can she keep going on and on about Bollywood and the politics in that industry,yes we get it Kangs but I think it's time she reigns it in, concentrate on her career, one person cannot take on an Industry that has been surviving on the structure it has created for a very long time. Did she think she will create all these bad blood and they will not strike back unfortunately there will be brutal back lash and it has started, I am sad she has alienated so many people with her constant fighting,even her well wishers will get worn out her with all this controversy surrounding her every time. Kangana enough.

She can, and she has. She has single-handedly taken on the nepotism brigade and the Khan brigade. All the people speaking about her are not very well known. The big timers are scared of saying anything about her. Shes done it alone, and will continue to do so.

" She has single-handedly taken on the nepotism brigade and the Khan brigade."
Oh, really? On what planet? I see Kangana's fans are as delusional as her.

Beautiful movie!! Visual treat !! What a women Laxshmi Bai was !! We all can learn..especially the pseudo superstars..

Kangana is alternately a victim and a backstabber. This is how her personal and professional life has advanced.

Bollywood is a mafia no doubt. And star kids rule. But Kangana is no saint either. If she continues to do good work and stops picking fights she’ll be earn respect and more power. She’s definitely messed up in the head but she’s pointing to a genuine problem in Bollywood. Literally everyone ignored Manikarnika as though they were threatened by someone or something.

silence and ignorance is the best reply for all her nonsense and unwanted drama.

Star kids are miffed with her and outsiders are scared to support her openely because they are dying to work with karan Johar

This woman should zip her mouth. She talks utter rubbish. It’s the actors and directors that bring a character to life, without them a persons story wouldn’t even be known. And why will they support her? She goes around parading her intelligence unnecessarily and keeps putting others down as and when it suits her. She should quit Bollywood and get in politics

None of her colleagues on the films she’s working on now said a word or showed any support, that speaks volumes

Yay...kangana is back with juicy nonsense...
She didn't go for aamir or other screenings,anushka and sonam wedding to please them she went to prove that she is here they couldn't boycott her and they support her against hrithik...and they invited her to prove that they didn't gang up against her...
Kjo used her rising the trp for kwk and other show with rohit shetty...to promote raazi and alia as number one actress...and kangana uses kjo,hrithik,alia,deepika(who totally avoids her)names to seek the attention...it's a fair game...but kjo is so cunning...who thought he will shamelessly use kangana like this...at first I thought she praising alia bc she is mahish bhatt's daughter...

No matter what kangana says she is welling to be close to kjo and the khans...why she praised alia and talked to meghna while she refused to support deepika during padmavati promotion?...why she appeared in one of kjo's show after her fight with him and I am sure she would go to kwk of he invited her ...why she went to aamir screenings and calling Salman her friend?!...why she doesn't blame anushka or pc for not promoting her movie?...but I love that she exposed the manipulative kjo...obviously you hate her and won't work with her why you make alia send her raazi trailer?!...kjo using everyone to his advantage...not just kangana but even ranveer and deepika...and they are dying to be in god gang...

You are such a talented, successful and brave girl Kangana.kudos to you for talking against nepotism in Bollywood.

The only racket here comes from Kangana and her constant lies.

Yet another piece of BS from Ranaut. Google her pics from film premieres and parties - she can be seen posing with tons of BW people, from the few genuine outsiders such as Rekha or Madhuri (who went to several of Ranaut's premieres but somehow Ranaut never supported hers) to insiders. Ranaut is either manipulative or delusional, or both. Spare us her nonsense.

You don’t need them. Your fans love you and your talent can’t be ignored by anyone, especially your haters. That’s why they burn.

Don't insult yourself by putting you and alia in the same line.Kahan alia, an average looking performer aur kahan aap,a super talented actress.

She’s a good actress but maybe not such a good person and Bollywood sees what we don’t so they know what she’s exactly about

And Bollywood is full of saints.

The thing is you rubbed them the wrong way Kangana. Literally everyone you mentioned is a product of nepotism. Even Amir Khan is planning to launch his son. Hence they are not comfortable in associating with you. You are the only one to have achieved super stardom without the help of dharma, yrf, khans or kapoors and that's absolutely unfathomable to the industry.

It's true, this time the ENTIRE fraternity ignored her so blatantly, it was glaringly obvious and embarrassing! Ekta Kapoor is producing an upcoming film with her. Even she didn't utter a word. WTF!

So true, I wondered same thing, how come ekta didn’t give her support? It’s so obvious! Sad sad state of Bollywood. Outsiders are such a big threat to their nepo lifestyle

She is delusional to think she will get the same support from alia who survives on dharma productions.

I bet her enemies must have decided in advance to ignore Manikarnika. In politics it’s modi vs. all other parties and in Bollywood it’s kangana vs. entire bollywood. Amazing how one woman can give them sleepless nights.

PV please post! When you have a problem with everyone, chances are pretty high that the problem lies with you. Do some self introspection and improve from within Kangu. You are nasty, rude, entitled, hypocritical, and aways playing the victim card - quite honesty, people don't like you and feel no need to support you. If anyone is still sending you invites etc. it must be just out of industry courtesy nothing else. Hard to digest I know but you are just not liked because you are unpleasant and opportunistic.

Bollywood is a feudal & petty place. You have to bow down to bullies to survive and manipulate your way through. People like Kangana who are straight-forward, talented, multi-faceted and successful are ignored.

You are Awesome kangna.keep it up...

pretty sure my comment will not get published, but if the whole world is avoiding you - may be the world might not be wrong sometimes.

i hate her pr - used to love her for acting and now her constant pr articles followed by comments from pr - turned me off

Aww. Love her to the core. You go girl, we’re with you.

People whose mentors are actively conspiring against you will never speak about you. It is conspiracy of silence.

Manikarnika is a flop!. It's a business. Industry doesn't talk about flops. Have you seen the movie? Her dialogue delivery, diction and Hindi accent are pathetic.

You don't need these jerks.You are one man army.you have openly praised alia despite your equation with KJO, if she is too narrow minded to consider that thing and not praise you back, then let it be.we all know she's a toy whose controller is in KJO hands.

Well there are only two choices, either be part of the group and stay friendly or be yourself and keep working in your films. It doesn’t sound good to pull everyone around you into this. They may have their reasons for not doing so, just accept and keep going with ur work.

Completely agree with you Kangana. But trust in your self and do your best. God will support you. You don’t need nepo kids support. We are with you.

This is so true. I noticed that Manikarnika were totally ignored by film fraternity. Even kangana didn’t make appreance In super dancer 3 and kapil dharma show. I find that very strange. Ignoring her personal life, this woman is one man army. She spoke truth and give it right back to them on their face and they can’t handle it. But this time it was too much. Bollywood can be cruel place for outsiders. PV please post my message.

Kangana Kudos to tour guts for speaking the truth. There are a bunch of two-faced, insecure people in Bollywood. More power to you!!!!

She s so strong. Love her or hate her. you cannot ignore her. I'm so confused myself if i admire her or think its all a gimmick

I love her guts....wht a strong lady..hats off to u kangana


This woman speaks 100 percent truth!!

U have the support of your fans Kangana, hard work always pays. You have reached where u are today, on your own. You don't need the Khans and Johars. U are totally worth it my strong lady.

I dont agree with her personal choices in life (and it's not my place to do so) but you have to admit... the has the guts that 99% of Bollywood lacks. Kudos to her.

Whats the problem?

Its a popularity contest.. happens everywhere...

do not even expect that in ur dreams . birds of a feather flock together !u r one man army and thats enof.

As they say, mediocrity is threatened by talent. Which is why they don’t support you. Don’t worry though, because the public supports you. Love you

The talent of manipulation and being over smart

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