Kangana Ranaut shares she'd like to do a film with Ranbir Kapoor, Ranveer Singh; Already has 2 stories in mind

Kangana Ranaut recently opened up about working with Ranveer Singh, Ranbir Kapoor and Aamir Khan. The actress revealed she already has three roles in mind for the stars.
EXCLUSIVE: Kangana Ranaut eager to work with Ranveer Singh, Ranbir Kapoor; Already has two stories in mindKangana Ranaut shares she'd like to do a film with Ranbir Kapoor, Ranveer Singh; Already has 2 stories in mind

Kangana Ranaut is a self-made star. The actress never needed an actor to help her shoulder a movie and run the show. Manikarnika: Queen of Jhansi served as a great example of this. She has always vehemently declined to play meager parts to her male counterparts. Is there anyone from the Gen-Y heroes she would like to pair up on the screen? When a user asked her about the same, she revealed she would like to do a film with Ranbir Kapoor or Ranveer Singh but only on one condition. 

"I am really meaning to work with Ranveer Singh and Ranbir Kapoor, both, provided we have an equal chance," she said. The actress confessed she doesn't want the movie to be one of those cliche love stories where the boy saves the damsel in distress. Instead, she wants to work on something like Abhimaan with Ranbir. While she has the perfect pick for Ranveer. The Manikarnika star wants to recreate something like A Star Is Born, which featured Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper in the lead, with Ranveer. "Ranveer's energy is too volatile. Ranveer and I can do something like that," Kangana said, adding that his restless energy would perfectly fit the character. 

If that wasn't enough, Kangana has also envisioned a movie with Aamir Khan. The actress confessed she wants to bring Dilip Kumar and Madhubala's love story to life. She admitted she would love to play the role of Madhubala in the movie whereas she visions Aamir as the perfect Dilip. What do you think of her picks? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Stay tuned to Pinkvilla for more updates. 

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Pinkvilla is Paidvilla. All comments by Kangana's PR.

All her statements come straight from her heart, she's pure fire! Inspite of being such a marvelous talent, she isnt desperate for success and does what is right.

Kangana's interview was refreshing in this dull period. She answers with clarity and conviction.

Ranbir n her had a fling

First post, then use rangoli's name and then slander more. YAWN! I mean a fling maybe very consequential for an adulterous married person, but for Kangana or Ranbir - not really. They dont sissy around over sanitized PR image building.

In her vivid imagination lol

No Rangoli , Ranbir didn't have a fling with her. Though she wanted him desperately and her email is the proof.
Truth should be posted pv

Even if they did, they are consenting adults so what? Better than married men and women having flings.

Saw her interview, it was brilliant as usual. She spoke spontaneously and answered honestly. So much insecurity about who she works and should not work with :D She is one woman army.

Something about her that makes her look like waheeda & madhubala - she cant do justice because of her rawness. Most girls either look manly or too plastic or too urbane to pull of Indian roles.

Kangana & ranveer will be magic combo

Kangana has already achieved more in her life and career than both Ranbir and Ranveer. This whole argument of people with failed self-worth that she is trying to do PR is so lame. She just responded to a question, stop hyperventilating.

Kangana in some films has serious waheeda rehman vibes. She can easily do a classic with both these guys. They will add to their filmography if they work with Kangana.

Ranveer Singh & Kangana can do a classic. 500 cr guaranteed. They are physically matched.

I dont think she could care a fig if they worked or not. She answered a spontaneous question. Men are used to women simpering and fawning over them. Kangana is confident and more talented. Needs no man to prove her worth.

Kangana stop stalking married man please. Ranveer is not interested in working with you.

Kangana and Ranveer will set the silver screen on fire. They should work. Ranbir is a oldie now after ranveer hit superstardom. He does not come close to Singh.

She looks very beautiful if styled well. SLB can make madhubala with her.

Nepo sister is here barking.

Lol psycho Kangana is not a top star. Rangoli stop being delusional. You have no identity of yours. So shows who is wannabes .That self made outsider woman is successful and have her own identity. Shame on you to call her sasti. This is what your mom teaches you. Cheap mindset.
Pinkvilla post this be fair to woman.

Sasti arrived here too - top stars like Kangana, Ranbir, Ranveer, Deepika are being discussed here. No place for PR wannabes!

Nepo sister is here barking.

Psycho stalker is obsessed with a self made outsider.

Aww psycho stalker is jealous and shameless to call a self made outsider sasti .

Pv be fair to woman and post

Aww sasti on prowl

Aww so obsessed with Tapsee. Atleast she is not a nepo kid or sister like Rangoli. She has her own identity.
Pv post

Flap Flap Flopsee braying

Getting work through anurag daddyji is also nepotism

Work with Ranveer, ranbore kapoor is a finished man. Both Ranveer & Kangana are most versatile.

Puppet women writing nasty comments with fear

Sorry KR PR , Ranveer is not interested so stop stalking a married man. DO remember what have you done to his wife just because you are jealous.

Kangana has more achievements and success than most of her contemporary male actors. At par at least without working with any big directors like raju hirani and SLB. She was answering a question so please calm down!

These sisters calling a beautiful and self made outsider woman sasti shows how jealous and insecure they are!also their upbringing and thier mom thinking. That woman last film made more money than flop panga. Nepo sister Rangoli should go and see a doctor. Pv be fair to post.

She just responded to a question but fragile female egos and bloated male egos of Bollywood started crying :D

What's new?? Everything she says matters so deeply to people of low self worth

Kangana looks sooo gorgeous here. Masaba?

Kangana will make a great paid with both as she replied when asked. Sasti & nepo girl PR hysterical below :DD

It has become less about a question she was asked but more about the insecurities and fragility of bollywood women. See how PR teams try hard to inflate already bloated egos of men.

Nepo sister its pair not paid. Shame on you to call a self made outsider woman sasti. This shows your upbringing and mom thinking.

See how nervous some people get when Kangana talks of working with male actors - she was ASKED a question to which she responded. Women like sasti and nepo girls can be ready to be doormats to men. Their PRs writing vile below.

Aww she is so desperate to work with nepo kids. Well ,kangana is herself a torch bearer of nepotism.

After insulting them unnecessarily out of jealousy and insecurity this flop wants to work with them. Slow claps.

If it was so easy to get national awards by money and backdoor tactics then ranbir would have been bharat ratna by now :D Nobody can beat him in that.

3 times national award winner is not a superstar and lacks ettiqutes. Lol most number of solo hits? She has 3 hits out of which only one is sold rest 2 has Mahadhavan . As far as padmashri is concerned its paid by her like Kjo paid for his. So chill.
Truth should be posted pv plz

What is there to be jealous of a 3 times national award winner, padma shri and most number of solo hits female actor to upcoming male stars? RK is past his prime and Ranveer is good. Slow spanks.

She has achieved wayyyy more than both ranveer and ranbir despite being a outsider and a woman - the system being lopsided against her. See how these men are cajoled in the industry and given things on a platter.

Kangana still badger married man. Lol. God save Rk and Rs from this psycho.

Ok Aloobai ranbirwali

yaar please producers, someone cast ranveer with her. im dying to seem this pair together. and i know ranveer will, but his wife will never let this happen.

She and Ranveer = Fire and blockbuster

Kangana has wronged his wife and defame her out of jealousy and insecurity. It's his wife's right to keep him away from negative person especially the one who stalks married men and want them.

so true....kangana very toxic full of finding faults in others.

Kangna n Rangoli's tweets has essence of over confidence.

Tere ko mirchi lagi to Kangana kya kare??

She n her sister has spoken so much I'll n toxic about them.I am sure they never work with Kangana. She n her sis really put a filter while posting tweets.

Where RK ridiculed her? Provide proofs instead of lying and accusing him. It was said y her nepo sister. Did he said on tv, on social media or in a press conference? No . It's a lie by her. Every one makes fun of her fake horse given her lie was exposed. Didnt she ridicule Tiger, Tapsee, Bhumi etc? Pinkvilla post this

RK ridiculed her for using the horse crutch for close up shots in manikarnika because he could not sit on a horse himself. Sissy! She gives back to men with interest and does not feign inferiority which bollywood men love.

why talk about Kanganaand make our lives more difficult , lets not waste a moment on her

They wont work with her. She is toxic. She speak bad about everyone.

She wants to work with them. But unfortunately, they don’t

Let's not forget both ladyloves , doubt Alia or Deepika will want their man next to this woman

Wah! What patriarchal conditioning!! In the same sentence there is -- lady love (for showpiece wives and puppet GF), this woman (for Kangana like she is some kind of poison) and their man (for men in bollywood who are generally womanizers). Bollywood people are BLINDED by misogyny. PV post pl

Does she think they will work with her after what she did to their spouses? No.

Bhago ranveer ranbir churel se !!

Ok bhoot

After insulting Ranbir Kapoor, she says she wants to work with him hahahhaahhahahahahah

if she’s in it, people will definitely not watch it. some people are so toxic, no one wants them

Ranbir is history . forget him .

True, Ranbir became a has been long time ago. Surviving on crumbs of KJO and PR.

lady doesnt have any work, so pr work going on by her sister

Better than other people's sisters who are writing cr*p books or doing b-grade ventures. She resurrected her sister's life following acid attack. Shame!

A star is born has already been done in Hindi by ARK & Shraddha Kapoor.

no please. leave hem alone kangna.

Unlike in the west, Male actors here feel emasculated working with a woman like Kangana. Dare them to work on a level playing field - it will be magic to say the least.

kangana is overrated and has zero audience pull. i can see her with aamir but ranveer and ranbir know better than to have anything to do with her.

Yeah Ranbir has shown great audience pull - all flops besides sanju which was hirani show all the way. Ranveer does big directors only where PR, trade and bollywood armies support him.

Not sure being a loyal KJO puppet, RK will never dare to work with her. Aamir like to be the center of every film, so forget about equal time onscreen.You and Ranveer in a SLB movie will be a visual treat to the eyes.

hehe...dream on. i dont think any of these actors will work with u. no one wants such negativity

haha, keep frothing. She has achieved more than both of them. If they work together fine else she was only answering a question. Now go and fall at their feet for a chance to suck up.

Kangana and Ranbir in an intense love story and kangana and Ranveerb in a crazy love story.

Kangana is the most talented actress of the bollywood I hate her for her personality but when I am watching her films I forget about it. She completely transforms into the character.

Kangana,keep speaking and lashing out at bollywood hypocrisy.Your fellows contemporaries are now contributing for coronavirus.

For once,she spoke good about them. Ranveer and she will set fire onscreen.

I want Dilip Kumar/Madhubala's love story & Aamir/kangana playing lead!

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