EXCLUSIVE: Karan Johar's Takht NOT being shelved, to go on floors by December-January

Amid rumours of Takht being shelved, we hear that the film is rolling out by December this year or January next year. Read all exclusive deets inside.
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Karan Johar is usually synonymous with his unique take on different kinds of love and relationships. As a producer and more so as a director, he has brought out several facets of romance that exist between individuals. After his last directorial hit Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, the filmmaker has decided to completely change course and take up a subject that's not-so-conventional Karan, at all!

KJo announced his next - a magnum opus - titled Takht - a period drama which will revolve around the Mughal era and features an ensemble cast with the likes of Ranveer Singh, Alia Bhatt, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Anil Kapoor, Vicky Kaushal, Bhumi Pednekar and Janhvi Kapoor. Recently, there were a few reports that claimed that Takht has been temporarily shelved, after Dharma Productions received a huge setback due to the failure of Kalank. 

But we can assure you that the film is definitely on track. A source working on Takht, assures us, "The team is currently working rigorously to get the research material and everything in place. There's a separate room in Dharma, where they brainstorm and look out for pictures to set up the scenario from the Mughal era, that the film is based on. How the houses were, how the warfare looked like - all of it is being properly looked upon. A huge set will be built in Mumbai and work on that will also begin soon. As of now, Takht will roll out by the end of 2019 or early next year around January 2020." 


Kareena will ditch Karan in December cause she will be shagging in dec and pregnant in jan. Karan go with another heroine don’t trust her. Plse just don’t do it

At least this cast is better than Kalank

Don’t do it Karan. It will be a disaster. Next thing we know you will be begging SRK and Kajol for KKHH part 2 to revive your failed attempts at ever making a well made movie

Kjo you live in LA LA land called bollywood. Today an average moviegoer is smarter than you think. If voters rejected dynastic rule in politics, so movies would be dealt with the same fate. Grow up and give others a fair chance. Alia is an overhyped actor.

If Kareena really did sign some new show, I do think she is pregnant. I said 2-3 years is the best age difference between two kids, otherwise they have trouble playing and relating, Taimur is 2 and Kareena is almost 40. If she wants natural kids without surrogacy, now is the only time she can have any.

It would be in everyone's (Kjo & the cast) best interest if this film never happened

praying that the film gods stop this film from ever being made

It seems that even after the disaster that is Kalank, Karan still does not want to give up on Takht. So instead of shelving it, they're spending more time on building the set. I hope he realises that it is just not worth his time and money, and should rather focus on Brahamastra. I hope Takht is shelved soon.

Hope it is shelved. And the money donated to a good cause. Time for dharma to accumulate good karma.

If Karan makes this movie it would end up being the story of kuch kuch hota hai set in the Mughal era lol. Karan likes to tell the same old story and use the same old characters in all of this movies.

The only actress in this world that worked through her pregnancy...kareena vapid kapoor. LOL! Now she is reduced to judging dance shows. Married a royal but behaves like a reality star! Trash kapoors!

So true. Not to mention her only friends are dumbo Arora sisters - makes me wonder how on earth the Pautaudis interact with these twits who stand around pouting like lemons outside the gym!

I still hope it somehow gets shelved. The few non nepos don't need this movie in their filmography

I think Kriti, Disha, Anushka and Warina Hussain fits the bell. They all are beautiful and much more talented than this envious short average Alia

Why KJo always signs Alia..?Whats the problem bro, grow up.. There are many other actresses too that would fit into the character like shraddha, kriti.. Let Alia do for herself... stop feeding her...

Kjo Alia acts so good... Why are u ruining her talent

Fed up of seeing Alia face everywhere she is not even pretty hope the movie flops

If this was a modern day family drama by KJo I’d be looking forward to it, but Mughal ? No thanks not from Dharma

Someone needs to be looking out for Alia that she doesn’t face stress and burnout.

Alia is probably the cause of the delay with signing 10 films this year in parallel. Everyone else’s schedule suffered.

Makes sense why everyone has taken different gigs in the meantime, because Takht wasn’t ready to start until later.

There’s still time, there’s a shelf with your name on it KJo

Looks like it’s shelved as RS signed a new movie out of the blue and Kareena has agreed to judge a Dance reality show which proves she officially has no movie offers!

Lol if that helps you sleep at night.she just shot for good news and is abt to start angrezi medium.but go off.

lol! Pivotal extended cameos.

Exactly - Bebo will be winning an Oscar for her two minute roles in La la land

. Remove Bebo and Alia.. enough of these Nepo kids.

Best comment

dumbbb...Hope it flops, sounds like it anyway..The focus of his movies is entirely on dumb starkids and trying to make their ugly faces look better..He loses the essense, the soul of the film, and hence it never touches the heart.

toh ?? Wese bhi flop he honi hai .Karan aur uske short below average ugly man alia ka time khtm

Hope this film gets Shuddhi’s faith. A vile person like Karan can never be good to others except for his gang and kids.

Why pay historians or give them credit, when we can do it ourselves? All we need to do is find pictures of the Mughal era online - isn't that what Google is for?

"There's a separate room in Dharma, where they brainstorm and look out for pictures to set up the scenario from the Mughal era, that the film is based on. How the houses were, how the warfare looked like."


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