EXCLUSIVE: Karan Johar's Takht script has NOT been altered

Amid rumours that KJo has tweaked the script to increase Vicky's role in Takht, a source reveals that nothing of sort has happened. In fact, the story has not been altered since the time it was drafted.
No change in Karan Johar's Takht script
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Last year, Karan Johar made the biggest announcement about his next directorial venture. The prolific director changed course and will now be helming an epic period drama set in the Mughal era. Titled Takht, the film will trace the journey of Shah Jahan's sons Dara Shikoh and Aurganzeb's tumultuous feud and sibling rivalry. 

The film features a huge ensemble, including the likes of Ranveer Singh, Vicky Kaushal, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Alia Bhatt, Bhumi Pednekar, Anil Kapoor and Janhvi Kapoor. The movie is expected to be mounted on a lavish budget and will go on floors around January next year. But before that happens, there are several speculations surrounding Takht.

Recently, there were murmurs that Karan has reduced the budget of Takht, following the fate of Kalank at the ticket windows. Also, now a portal reported that Karan has also altered his script and increased Vicky's role. The story claims that owing to Vicky's meteoric rise post Uri, KJo decided to give him equal screen time with Ranveer. But a source close to the development called this 'baseless' and 'untrue'. The informer tells us, "Nothing of that sort has happened. Karan's script has not changed even once since it was planned. No such alterations have been made to the narrative. Each actor has received the same script and has been informed about their roles. Everyone has an important part to play and contribute to the plot. There's no confusion and people shouldn't create trouble when there's none." Hopefully this will put all such rumours to rest now!


What about ranbhumi isn't that too a period drama film as and another dharma production film as well who does it stars pv?

Kjo stop your banner for your favourite star kids -alia, bla bla; and see where they land, give yourself a break and also a break to the audience..

Kjo take a break for a few decades

Sibling rivalry !! kjo style!!!! Lolzzzz

Kjo kept comparing alia, shraddha, parineeti..but giving roles to alia only, to prove them all wrong who didn't heap praises on alia..

O God! one more nepotorture !#nepotismrocks

these comments are far more interesting than kjo's nepokids and their rantings about their non existing struggles....shoutout to you guys(us guys;)

Takht already has flop written all over it. I hope RS drops out of this sooner!

Yes hope RS and vicky drop out of this' k3g in mughal era' :-pthen kjo will resort to his nepo kids again, and another flop again.....

Capital F, Capital L, Capital O, Capital P... clearly I have time today.

Not sure why Karan hasn’t teamed up with RajShri to make a movie yet, that’s more up his street.

VIcky Kaushal is much,much better than that clown called Ranveer Singh, this is coming from Switzerland, I am nobody's PR

By the time this movie releases KJo would hv directed the RK-Alia breakup!

When RS signed this movie, Vicky was still a side actor and Kjo was still minting money. But now, Kjo has had back to back duds and Vicky is a huge hit. I agree with people here, RS likes all the attention. Let the circus unfold..lol.

Dharma production and Karan Johar should hire SLB to direct Takht. SLB is the master filmmaker of period movies. I also liked Ashutosh Gawarekar’s direction in Jodha Akbar. Karan should stick to kavi khushi kavi gham type of movies if he does not want to loose money.

can anyone tell me whats rat face Alia role in this movie??

Karan dint even wish Madhuri today on her birthday

Honestly, I hope this movie gets shelved. It would most likely be crappy anyway, given that Karan's directing it. What's worse, there will be so much of negativity surrounding the film owing just to Ranveer and Vicky being leads. People and the media will pit them against each other and we'll end up in a PR war between Ranveer and Kjo-Vicky. Karan should just find some other movie to cast his favorite nepokids, Alia, Vicky and Jahnvi and his friend Kareena.

How was the previous article Ranveer's PR when the article clearly praised and hyped Vicky and his "meteoric rise"? This is no doubt Vicky's PR trying to hype him.

aunty karan needs to sell some of his jackets on therealreal to make money for this flopastra and takth..



Everything can be altered in editing. His favorites will shine and others wont.

Any movie or ad or anything with Ranveer always has his dirty PR attached to it. No wonder he's called PR Singh. First he was targeting much bigger stars than him like SRK. Now he's going after the new ones like Vicky.

Ranvir's PR is demonising Vicky. Just like they demonised Shahid.


Isn't it obvious??? This isn't the first time that Ranvir's PR has stooped down to this level... Padmaavat remember?

Maybe he SHOULD alter it. I actually went to see that goddamn ADHM in theaters and it ruined one of my favorite movies Rockstar for me with how much it sponged. There's no way Takht is original. At the very least he can alter it so we can watch the good actors. For example, Vicky just gave a hit, Alia a flop... hint hint.

Lol! Vicky's PR on hype!
How they misleaded about that news on Ranveer.
Vicky is not even Toenail of Ranveer..

It's the other way around... Ranveer is not even toenail of Vicky...

I still can’t get over how deceiving that KALANK trailer was... using SLB effect and all. I actually bought a bloody ticket and had to endure one of the worst cinema experiences ever! Dharma should leave this genre well alone, stay clear, it’s not for you. Karan makes good comedies and emotional modern dramas, just get a good storyline man and make that happen. Would Hirani ever make a period drama based on historical events and replicate another filmmakers aesthetics? No right. Ok rant over.

This is PR Singh's PR..not Vicky's

If you will play dirty with Ranveer you better cancel the project not interested to watch another khilji

Plz this project should get cancelled. Don't torture us Karan. We know you won't give significant role to anyone else other than overactor Alia and Kareena. And we aren't interested in watching them anymore. For God sake. Postpone it.

Don't watch it then. Is there anyone putting a gun to your head?

Kalank #DUD, Soty #DUD, Brahmasastra #DUD, Takht #DUD... keep it coming

Vicky should stop his pr

Ranvir's PR is playing these games, just like Padmaavat.

This is Ranveer's PR.

He should, but he won't. He's in kjo gang now, so it won't stop. kjo and vickey have teamed up and will continue releasing articles

Ranveer PR released the previous article to defame Vicky.

What rubbish *read comment in KJo’s voice for effect*

With his snort laughter at the end

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