EXCLUSIVE: Vidya Balan opens up about casting couch experience: This director kept asking me to go to the room

Looking beyond the pomp and the glamour, there is a side to the industry that remains masked more often than not. In our new series, actors share their unspoken journey. Here, Vidya Balan talks about her Untold Story which has almost everything - fatshaming, rejection, humiliation and sexual proposition - and how she braved past it.
EXCLUSIVE: Vidya Balan's SHOCKING Untold Story: This director kept asking me to go to the room
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For bystanders, an actor's life might just get reduced to the pomp and glamour. But everyone has a story to tell - sometimes unspoken, most times untold. We all know of Vidya Balan as a consort battleship in her own way - she's strong, has her own voice and is always making a difference with the choices she makes in professional as well as personal lives. 

Here, we got her to share a story that not many know of, something that's horrific, shocking and every bit emotional. From talking about the multiple rejections she faced to the kind of body shaming she received at the hands of people, Vidya discusses the several struggles she battled before and after becoming a heroine. Not only that, she also reveals how a director once tried to act smart with her. 

Watch the video right here:

Speaking about an incident where a director tried to act smart with her, Vidya revealed, "One day I remember I was in Chennai and this director came to meet me. I said let's sit in the coffee shop and he kept insisting that he wants to talk to me and that we should go to the room. I left the door of my room open and he left within five minutes. This incident suddenly struck me today when I'm talking about this." 

She also recalled an incident that 'scarred her'. "Someone wrote that 'Dress like this, she has no business of getting out, she should stay indoors'. That had affected me so much that for the longest time, I would get dreams of it and get really angry. Today, I don't let the noise get to me." 


Oh I have seen her Coffee With Karan interview and the kind of double meaning answers she gave says a lot about her.

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