SWOT for Kareena Kapoor: Identifying the Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats for Bebo

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SWOT for Kareena Kapoor: Identifying the Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats for Bebo

Over the years, SWOT analysis has been conventionally used to identify and analyze the Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats of an organization in the business world. It is among the most accepted principals, alongside PESTLE analysis, used in making a holistic business decision by the stakeholders. As a method, SWOT can be applied in all mediums of work, and in a first, we at Pinkvilla now bring this methodology to application for the top male and female stars of Bollywood. We take this segment forward with Kareena Kapoor, and here’s decoding the factors that have worked in favour of, gone against as also, the opportunities waiting to be explored by bypassing the threats for Bebo.



If there is one person who has made this industry a better place for the women, it’s to be Kareena Kapoor. While some are heroes in reel life, she was among the ones in real life for all the actresses, as she broke the age-old convention that married women don’t have a career in Bollywood by ensuring a successful stint as an actress post marriage as also post pregnancy. She is among the first actresses to maintain a work-life balance, and the results are in the industry for everyone to see. In terms of longevity of career, she is a lone warrior standing and making her presence felt every single day with her work as well as personal life. Some more years in here, and she would topple the all-time greats in terms of longevity as a lead actor in the film industry. It’s been 21 years of Kareena Kapoor and the actress is still among the most bankable and credible names of the industry. Rather than being stuck to the time, kudos to her to evolve with it and get better like a wine.

Terrific actor

Kareena Kapoor’s graph as an actor is remarkable. The actress transitioned from being termed a non-actor by many in the 2000s to becoming a versatile talent, who aces in the emotional space like no-one else. In-fact, she is among the rare actresses, who has a great knack in the comic space too, and this is indeed the most difficult task for an actor. Geet is iconic and it’s not just for the character that it was, but also for the way Kareena portrayed it. In today’s time, there isn’t a role that she can’t ace – be it high on glamour or the intense ones or of course, the comic ones. Her emotional outburst in the second half of Good Newwz spoke volumes about her evolution as an actor, and we would love to see her do more in that space.


Doesn’t utilize the potential

Despite the two-decade experience, she has a lot more to offer on the acting front, which speaks volumes about her potential. In 2018, she spoke about how she decided to not do a superstar film because the role wasn’t meaty enough. That’s the norm that she should follow in the post pandemic world, and let go for films that don’t do justice to her legacy and potential. Bebo should reserve this phase for the best film of her career, taking up author backed roles, and not belittle herself playing some important characters. Relevance to the script should be the key to her game plan from here on, even in the commercial films as we are slowly entertaining the era where author backed roles are being written for the female counterparts too.


The right mix

Bebo is in that phase of her career where she is at the liberty to pick and choose on the stuff that she wants to associate herself with. So far, some films riding on her shoulders, like Heroine, We Are Family, Gori Tere Pyaar Mein among others, have gone wrong on the execution front, so there’s a need to be a little cautious by picking up the right script in this space and leaving a mark. The Hansal Mehta film that’s in the pipeline for her seems to be “the film” that changes the tide for her in the right direction. As far as the quintessential commercial space is concerned, she’s on the right track by stepping away from the “masala space” and moving on to the cinema with substance and character sketches that appeals to a wider section of audience – be it Good Newwz, Udta Punjab, Bajrangi Bhaijaan or the soon to be released, Laal Singh Chaddha. 


Script Selection

In today’s time and age, no one is above the script. The rule is uniform for the men and women, as the right script can cross all barriers and get noticed, whereas the bad films will fall like a pack of cards. It’s going to be the script selection and quality of work that’s going to keep things moving at the right pace for Kareena and keep her in the game. This norm applies to every actor in the industry. Given her stardom, reach, credibility and influential value, working with the right set of people will do wonders for Bebo, keeping her in the race, whereas wrong choices would just cut short the run. There’s no internal threat as there can be just one Kareena Kapoor, and no one can compete with her. The factors which can pull her down or push her even further from the position that she is in are the scripts, script and just scripts. 

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